Lose Weight Safely and Effectively with Diet Pills that Actually Work

The diet pill market represents a multi-million industry with a bad reputation. Unscrupulous companies cash in on people’s insecurities, promising revolutionary and spectacular solutions to their body weight issues. Sadly, most such products don’t work and were never meant to.

Others only function in people who only need to tweak their habits a little in order to experience weight loss. What can the seriously overweight do, when they’ve tried everything to no avail? Diet pills that actually work are hard to come by but they’re not nonexistent. In our quests so far, we have found only two that were proven to deserve attention.

The bad kind of diet pills

 Some individuals achieved spectacular weight loss for the short term, only to see the fat return later on. They credit this to slimming pills but they are not aware of the mechanism behind their weight loss. Many such pills rely in fact on diuretics – substances that make you excrete more water.

While water weight is frequently a cause of pounds in excess, it almost never solves the real issue. By eliminating more water, you can look slimmer, but will eventually put the weight back on. In addition, diuretics can lead to serious dehydration. Not only that this has terrible effects on the body, but it is often mistaken as hunger and therefore prompts one to overeat.

Other kinds of pills are based on stimulants like caffeine. They boost your energy for a while, only to cause a serious crash a few hours later, leaving you drained and craving for sugary treats.

With other types of diet pills the issue is different: they simply do not contain concentrated extracts and thus are not enough to ensure the potency needed for a weight loss effect. This is the problem with most over-the-counter supplements for slimming. If you want diet pills that actually work, you need to look into the pharmaceutical range – that’s where the stronger concoctions are found.

PhenQ – What it is and how you can lose weight with it rapidly

 PhenQ is based on the highly potent In-Phentermine-Q ingredient, similar to the infamous Phentermine stimulant, but without the same side effects. In fact, this one is legal. Its “pharmacy strength” makes it one of the most attractive options on the weight loss pills market.

Its main action is on the nervous system, lowering the hunger sensation and triggering satiety sooner. Along with its other ingredients (L-carnitine fumarate, Nopal cactus extract etc., Calcium carbonate, Chromium picolinate and more), it increases thermogenesis and lean muscle production, boosts the metabolism and starts melting the fat you’ve stored so far.

Phen Q also gets your energy levels up high, thus helping you stay active and engaging in vigorous exercise for superior weight loss. The product is, in fact, a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients – a unique formulation which has its secrets; this is why it’s getting the attention of many, usually providing quick and stunning results.

It’s a single pill with several effects, thus being able to replace hormone products, stimulants and muscle building/fat burning supplements. You’ll see its lasting effect on the metabolism if you commit to it.

Because Phen Q is a powerful product, some people may experience side effects. These are nothing to worry about, however. In any case, consumers are happy to count this among the diet pills that actually work, as they claim that they never get to experience the really bad symptoms of usual diets: deprivation, starvation, cravings, nutrient deficiencies.

Phen375 – Losing weight in more than one way, at once

 Phen375 is yet another product based on the effectiveness of Phentermine. This is an affordable fat burning supplement packed with concentrated natural ingredients. It stimulates norepinephrine production, suppresses the appetite and disrupts excessive fat storage. If you’re having a sluggish or imbalanced fat metabolism, norepinephrine stimulates it and your cells start burning fat more effectively, converting it to energy.

The product is ideal for those who did not succeed in losing weight while on a diet. The great about taking Phen375 is that you don’t have to avoid certain foods; on the contrary, you can have everything you like. The ingredients in it will help you feel full sooner and limit your food intake, so that’s how you’ll be losing weight.

Just like PhenQ, this supplement also boasts with a multi-angled approach: it helps one keep in check all the factors that contribute to weight gain – appetite, cravings, slow metabolism, low energy production, lipid processing. Its blend of ingredients includes capsaicin, caffeine powder anhydrous, Citrus aurantium, Dymethil-Pentylamine and L-Carnitine. The average consumer gets to lose about 5 pound of extra fat per week while using this formulation.

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Why it works: the science behind Phentermine pills

The Yonsei Medical Journal published a study on the effects of short-term administration of Phentermine to obese adults in Korea. The researchers confirmed the substance to be an appetite suppressant in a randomized study.

Also, it concluded that the waist circumference as well as the overall weight showed a notable increase in treated patients, as compared to the placebo group. The weight reduction was between 5% and 10%. While there were no blood pressure modifications, the subjects reported insomnia and mouth dryness as side effects.

Also, a 2014 study by Susan Z. Yanovski, M.D. and Jack a. Yanovki, PhD, observed that Phentermine administrated in top doses to obese individuals led to a spectacular decrease in body weight. The range was a rather broad one, however, depending on the lifestyle changed made by each person.

Currently, Phentermine is considered a medication for obesity and is the most frequent one prescribed in the US for the said issue. It’s been long approved for short-term use and now is also proven as safe for periods of 6 months or longer.

The most relevant studies used Phentermine doses between 15 and 30 mg. The longest study (36 weeks) revealed that the substance is effective when given continuously, as well as intermittently. A 2003 trial determined its efficacy against obesity when paired with a low calorie diet. A 7.4% weight loss was observed when the compound was administrated all by itself. In different formulations, it increased the percentage to 8.7%.

How to make sure these supplements work for you

 The pills mentioned above belong to a special group thanks to their specific action; these get to diminish hunger and speed up your metabolism within a short period of time, so you’ll be eating less and burning more fat naturally.

Normally, you don’t need to stress yourself with counting the calories, limiting your portions and avoiding any treat you may crave. Still, some say that it is best to do a little bit of portion control yourself, before the effect kicks in. Also, as the studies have revealed, although, these work well on their own, the more lifestyle changes one makes, the better Phentermine pills will perform.

An even more important aspect is that of exercise. Thanks to their stimulant action, these weight loss pills will make you more focused, more alert and energetic. Take advantage of this and start running, dancing, swimming, roller blading, cycling and going to the gym, to lift weights or do aerobics. Sports are extremely important in any weight loss attempt and will make sure you burn hundreds of additional calories day by day.

Apart from all this, you also need to make sure you’re getting original, high-quality supplements. On the weight loss supplements market, many claim to sell the best known brands but in most cases, such claims are untrue.

While the package mimics the original product, what’s inside has nothing of the standard formulation. This will make it inefficient at the best and downright harmful in the worst-case scenario. For this reason, it’s vital to purchase your slimming pills straight from the original manufacturer or on its website.