CitriTherm – Sinetrol Reviews – Is It Worth It?

If there is one thing that you hate when looking at the mirror, it is the flab that protrudes out from various parts of your body. Inevitably, it invokes feelings like depression, frustration and all kinds of paranoid feelings.

You realize that you need to shed weight but the worst part is how to lose the flab? Failure seems to be the name of the game. Fortunately, the chances of your success gets considerably increased to almost verge on the guarantee level with a new diet pill that is taking the weight loss industry by storm-The CitriTherm. Let’s explore its various aspects to understand it to a great extent.

What is CitriTherm?

Manufactured and marketed by Evolution Slimming, CitriTherm is a citrus based diet formula that is formulated to work as a ‘high strength fat burner’ by encouraging the synergy of bio-active polyphenols to induce weight loss.

Citrus fruits have long been touted for their weight loss properties.

Taking a blend of citrus extracts from fruits like, grapefruit, orange and red orange, a natural ingredient, Sinetrol has been patented and used in this diet pill. The ingredient has been proven scientifically as a fat burning ingredient with no apparent health hazards.

CitriTherm ingredients

The recommended dosage is of 2 capsules. Ingredients and their amount in two capsules are –

  • Sinetrol (900mg) – It is the predominant and the key patented ingredient crafted from a blend of Mediterranean citrus extracts like those of grapefruit, sweet orange, red orange, and gurarana. The mixture is used since each of these fruits is noteworthy for their ability to bring about the complete breakdown of the triglycerides, a major component of stored fats. Guruana also has adequate caffeine content.
  • Green Tea Extract (50mg) – It is another spectacular ingredient whose super rich antioxidants are simply terrific for the body and helps really speed up the metabolism process. However, because of it, some amount of caffeine is present on the diet pill which must be taken into account.
  • Zinc (10mg)It is a vital mineral required by our body which has no direct bearing on weight loss. However, its presence boosts the production of testosterone in our body leading to its being present in high amount. This improves out body’s capability of burning fat as well as developing more lean muscles thereby leading to a healthier you.
  • Chromium (40ug) – Ever since the 1950s, chromium has proved its ability to burn fat and even help in balancing the body blood sugar levels. Dubbed as “the glucose factor”, it has remained a very popular ingredient in the weight loss as well as diet supplement industry.

How does CitriTherm work?citritherm-sinetrol

Like any other weight loss formulations, CitriTherm has been formulated to boost the metabolism to such levels that it makes the body calorie deficient and the body tries to meet the growing demand by turning stored fats back into energy.

The combination of its ingredients together works towards increasing the energy levels and boosting the body’s fat burning capability.

It does so by inhibiting the production of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 4, or PDE-4. Its reduced amount triggers the lipolysis process which induces breakdown of the triglycerides of the stored fat cells and leading to the release of free fatty acids and glycerol to be converted into energy. Simultaneously, the body environment becomes unsuitable for production of new fat cells as well.

Thus new addition of flab gets obstructed. It has been seen that if this supplement is taken for a 12-week period along with 30 minutes per week of exercise, it helps reduce the body fat by about 10 percent.

Benefits of CitriTherm

CitriTherm offers many benefits like –

  • Scientifically tested and proven fat burner – All the ingredients have been scientifically established as burning fat real fast and boosting both metabolism and energy of your body. Thus it results in loss of accumulated fats from the abdomen, waist, hips, thoughts and all other problematic areas of the body. Simultaneously, it also blocks deposition of new fats which again helps in realizing your weight loss goals. Its major ingredient Sinetrol has been scientifically established as a major fat burner. Clinical trials of the weight supplement have shown comprehensive results off any person losing from 10 to 22 percent of body fat in just about three months of use.
  • Completely natural ingredients – Normally, diet pills may have some chemical or synthetic substances to repress hunger and interfere with the body’s workings, thereby causing harmful side effects. However, being composed of completely natural ingredients, it lacks any of the harmful side-effects.
  • Completely vegan – Made only of natural substances; it is completely vegan and can be used by all.

What about the CitriTherm Side effects?

CitriTherm has been formulated from FDA approved ingredients in a GMP standard meeting facility. Thos ensures its quality and safety to be used by all. However, it is not recommended for people below 18 years or pregnant and nursing mothers.

Those suffering from any medical conditions should ideally seek medical advice before taking this diet pill. Additionally, the weight loss poll does have a small amount of caffeine. Thus those allergic to it must exercise caution and should not take it if it shows uneasy signs.

Where to buy?

CitriTherm can be directly purchased from the official website of Evolution Slimming as well as other online shops though process may differ. Its cheapest pricing are offered at its official website. This supplement can be purchased on retail shops as unavailable there.

CitriTherm review summary

Manufactured by a credible and reputed brand and containing scientifically proven blend of ingredients, CitriTherm is definitely one of the most convincing weight loss supplement available in the market today.

Its scientific proof and money back guarantee if ineffective adds feathers to its cap. Being completely safe and devoid of any side-effects makes it easy to make it a part of your life. Already well received by millions and with some great reviews, it gets our top recommendation and a must try weight pill.





  • Effectiveness - 9/10
  • Safety - 8.5/10
  • User Feedback - 8/10
  • Price - 9.5/10
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