Numerology Diet Review

The Numerology Diet offers a unique, and out of this world perspective on how you can improve your physical and spiritual being by understanding your diet through the concept of numerology, select ideal food options and come up with a unique meal plan that  does not only improve your physical well-being but also your spiritual well-being.

The Numerology Diet is a unique approach to eating with a focus on improving a person’s spiritual balance with the physical.

The concept of Numerology Diet is based on the idea of providing a comprehensive, more ideal approach in using numerology by applying concepts of nutrition in the equation and discovering the perfect set of high vibrational and low vibrational foods.

By focusing on high-vibe foods, the person can optimize not only his physical condition (address weight and body shape issues or other deficiency problems) and promote a healthier spiritual perspective without limiting the diet options of that individual. This way, the person can easily move forward to a healthier and more ideal diet plan.

The Numerology Diet was written by Trent Tyler and Andrea Albright with Melissa Madigan.  They are experts in the field of numerology but also are well versed in nutrition, enabling them to create a simple yet highly accurate strategy to mixing food with numerology and effectively create a solid diet plan tailored to each individual.

Numerology Diet Basics

So what does the Numerology Diet stand for? The Numerology Diet is actually an easy 3-step plan. By following this plan conscientiously, you can easily enjoy the benefits of the diet as you have hoped it would do.

  • The first strategy for the Numerology Diet is to understand the person’s unique Universal Number. In numerology, there are so-called life path numbers. These numbers are acquired by means of adding your birth date numbers until you come up with the final number which is corresponds to a different personality. The Universal number comes from that premise but is limited only to 9 single numbers instead of 11.
  • The second strategy of Numerology Diet is to embrace spiritual eating wholeheartedly. According to the book, spiritual eating has been practiced by different cultures as early as 5000 years ago. The diets are based on beliefs, traditions and some form of guesswork. According to the book, there is actually no exact method to doing spiritual eating but the ultimate goal is apparent in all methods: the achievement of spiritual alignment or universal vibration.
  • The third and final strategy for the Numerology Diet is accepting the blessing of a coach or teacher.

Numerology Diet review

The Numerology Diet aims to realign the person’s food and dining priorities by addressing which foods are deemed high vibrational or low vibrational. They seem to be more focused on the spiritual aspect of eating and that is why they do not make claims that these foods can heal any diseases or alleviate any conditions.

Nevertheless, having spiritual and physical balance could mean improved weight management, increased physical energy and a deep sense of sensory and mental awareness as well as peace of mind.

Recommended Foods

Based on the claims that they make, the Numerology Diet seems to allow any food to an individual since food is deemed alive, but may or may not be ideal for all people. Therefore, they are more focused on high and low vibrational foods based on a person’s universal number. High vibrational foods are said to resonate greatly based on your universal number.

The high vibe foods prevent too much universal static that could lead to a slow down or inactivity. According to our Numerology Diet review, we find a person should take 80% to 90% of high vibe foods.

Based one example, even healthy foods like broccoli may be high or low vibe depending on the person’s universal number. Low vibe foods on the other hand clash with the person’s universal life path so they cause a rift or halt. They are not to be avoided but should be taken minutely.

The Numerology Diet does not prevent any person from eating a particular kind of food, but in hindsight, it limits some of the options of the person especially with more complex meals that include several types of food items that might clash with each other.

Pros / Likes

  • The book is attractive especially for the niche of people who may be interested in spiritual eating and numerology. While this ebook was presumably designed for all, no matter what their age or health condition may be, this may not be beneficial for everybody.
  • The Numerology Diet program offer simple strategies to eliminate the confusion and frustration in adopting numerology and spiritual eating.
  • The book aims to give a person a more personal experience in eating, maybe help them appreciate food and not look at it as a commodity but also an aspect of life they have to take with some level of understanding.

Cons / Dislikes

  • The extent of numerology is not too comprehensive to address the needs of people with heart ailments, cancers, diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions. If 2 people are born the same dates, but one has a heart problem, how can he or she benefit from the Numerology Diet?

Numerology Diet Review Conclusion

The Numerology Diet is a unique diet strategy that may sound too crazy for some people, but definitely offers some interesting arguments and strategies.

Nevertheless, for those with preexisting conditions and other health risks, it might be necessary to ask a doctor to look at your high vibe and low vibe food selections before entering the program.

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Roger Kruger
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