The 30 Day Ab Challenge: Can You Really Lose Weight in One Month ?

Can you obtain killer abs in just one month? Fitness experts say it’s possible, given that you don’t skip core training.

When done with the right frequency, this can help you tone your abdominals like never before.

What is this all about? It has a name and it’s getting viral – it’s the 30 Day Ab Challenge for fat loss and abdominal definition.

What is the 30 Day Ab Challenge?30 day ab challenge

The 30 Day Ab Challenge represents a type of strength training focused on the big abdominal big muscle groups.

It refers to a 30 day workout plan for flat abs and core strength, consisting of uncomplicated exercises and a gradually increasing effort. You need to download the exercises chart and consult it every day, to do exactly what is scheduled.

There in the chart, you will see how many times you will have to repeat the same exercise. No equipment is needed, just proper clothing to give you the flexibility required.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the challenge includes resting days for proper recovery. The program is also available as a smartphone app so you can easily access it even when you are at the gym.

You can track you progress and set alarms in order to never miss a day.

Benefits of Complex Abs Training

A well sculpted core, as many consider, is the key to great looks and a harmonious body overall. Training abdominal muscles is essential to being, feeling and looking fit. First of all, focusing on this area can get you to finally shed what’s known as the most stubborn fat. Abdomen adipose tissue doesn’t go away with dieting alone. Secondly, you will get to strengthen your core muscles.

This, in turn, will power up all your exercises, because core muscles support your body and are involved in countless training methods.

You’re going to experience a very positive ‘domino effect’ once you start strengthening your core – you’ll be able to maximize strength and gains everywhere else.

Simple crunches won’t help anyone tone their abs as seen in fitness magazines. You need more complex exercises, that trigger growth from every direction, as well as fat-busting moves.

This is what the program gives you. You’ll learn how to harness all the power of your abs and create a six pack. Also, you’ll be strengthening all muscles around it. In consequence, you will be able to lift heavier weights and get past plateaus.

The Exercises

Most exercises in the challenge are easy to understand and to perform. You will start with low reps then increase the effort as you progress. Here’s what to prepare for:

  • sit ups
  • leg raises
  • planking
  • side planking + rotations
  • crunching
  • mountain climber holds
  • toe reaches
  • tuck jumps
  • Russian twists

These exercises trigger contractions in the rectus abdominus (which shows as the six pack), as well as the transverse abdominus plus both the internal and external obliques. The given moves, paired with high intensity interval training, hit your core and help it burn fat much faster.

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Advice for Beginners

Beginners can take up this challenge, as well as anyone in need of shaping up their abdomen further. Keep in mind that it’s important to get your diet in order and cut on the foods that get you fat, focusing instead on what helps you build lean muscle. It’s good to include in your diet protein shakes and other helpful snacks with healthy fats and protein. Also, you should have more frequent meals – eat every 2 hours if you can.

If you have a form of scoliosis or other spine issues, you should first check with your physician or with a fitness expert before starting to exercise. In many cases, back problems limit one’s mobility.

Make sure you keep track of your progress and tick every day of the plan. To do this, you may want to employ a mobile app or printed sheets. Remember to rest 30 seconds between moves.

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Frequency of Abs Exercises

According to the plan, the exercises are scheduled 4 times a week. Therefore, you will be working on your abs for 4 days out of 7, which gives you 3 days to rest and recover. It’s important to do the recommended exercises each day and to increase their duration every day, so you get to make gradual progress. Do not overwork yourself. Take breaks as suggested, otherwise you won’t give your muscles the chance to grow.

What others think of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

The 30 Day Ab Challenge, when completed, really takes one’s middle to a superior level. There is no doubt that it creates change.

It never gets dull, there is always a new challenge, with every day you have to increase the difficulty. This gradual method actually does wonders to one’s mood and motivation too – it feels rewarding to be able to go harder and harder and see your strength improving.  People appreciate the varied exercises as well as the chance to rest as needed.

With the 30 Day Ab Challenge you can lose more weight in a month than through other methods – plus you get the benefit of a well toned core. Reviews have shown that one month of training according to the plan can be enough to reveal ripped abs with no fat whatsoever, but it also takes an effort in terms of diet.

Many prefer to print their workout plan, others feel they get more help from the mobile app.

Men and women alike have seen much improvement in many areas, involving a better posture, improved balance and a more esthetic mid section. They even noticed other muscles groups to have improved, due to the diverse exercises employing these. Also individuals who were already hitting the gym regularly have observed that by increasing the number of sets (up to 2-3), they could push their abs further and get more ripped.

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