What is the Best Weight Loss Workout For You?

Weight loss is one thing that most people seem to fail to achieve. One of the major reasons why is because they lose interest when they don’t get the results that they want.

What’s more, they want the results to appear faster. Such things are not possible, especially when you are working on something that you want to achieve. The best weight loss workout depends entirely on a person’s dedication, attitude and focuses on their program.

Before getting into the best weight loss workout that you are going to do, there are things that you need to know first. First, there are a lot of reasons to engage in a workout and it does have anything to do with weight loss.

These reasons can be mental health improvement to better sleeping habits to boost up immunity, having regular exercise is one of the most significant components to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is not all about losing weight and you’ll be surprised most people are not aiming for this when engaging in an exercise.

With that reason in place, this brings up the second reason: if the reason you want to exercise is to lose weight, you have to keep in mind that even the best weight loss workout is not enough to get the results that you want. Exercise is just one part of the whole, and you need to find out other things that you need to do in order to achieve true weight loss.

You’ll be surprised that technically, exercise is not really that necessary for weight loss in most people. However, experts do not recommend a weight loss program that doesn’t have the exercise in the routine, since exercise is good for anyone, not to mention it is a healthy way for people to live.

And in this note, even if you have done the best weight loss workout right, like eating the right way and exercising regularly, other lifestyle habits like stress, sleeping, and other health conditions can greatly affect in the way with your weight loss goals. Every individual has his or her own journey in how to achieve weight loss and what works for the one will not be effective on the other.

Now that these disclaimers are listed down, there is another note that you need to remember. There are particular body exercises and many workouts that are effective and very useful in helping individuals lose weight, burn fat or change the composition of the body anyway your lease.

The ones below are the best weight loss workout routines that are proven to aid your weight loss goals. Each of them shares some common elements, and these are high-intensity exercises where it burns lots of calories in just a short period of time.

weight loss workout

Basic items to keep in mind

Again, before getting into the best weight loss workout, here are more notes to add that you need to keep in mind.

The foods you eat are more important than the choices you have with your workout. This may already have been said above, but it is worth repeating so that it will remain in your mind.

Exercise must not be included in your daily routine just so you can lose weight. It must be part of your routine in a very meaningful way. So that you can see results, don’t just hit the elliptical and workout on it for 30 minutes while you are watching your favorite show once a week. This is not going to cut it out for your weight loss routine.

Instead, you aim for 3 workouts if you have just gotten back into the routine again. Or you can engage into 5 to 6 sessions if you have already been going at it. Also, you should not work out excessively. The key to an effective exercise is by taking a rest once in a while.

This will reset all the areas of your body that has been active during your workout: emotionally, physically and mentally. You have to build up on your energy for another workout routine for one whole day.

In every workout you do, try to push beyond the limits that you have to build put up. Many experts share their sentiments about individuals that do their workout routine and just provide 50 percent of their determination – these individuals are the ones that feel like the workout routine doesn’t work and even argues that they have put out 100 percent of their dedication.

Experts prefer seeing these individuals doing the balls-to-the-wall routine 3 times a week wherein they provide they’re all rather than on those that did the aforementioned.

Before you walk out of the door to do your workout routine, you must ask yourself first if you are 100 percent committed to what you are doing and that you are going to give it your all. You might also even ask yourself if you can give more what you usually do

You have to find a workout routine that you really enjoy and love doing, especially if you think that you can stick with it in long term. Looking for a workout or a trainer that makes you happy is much more important than doing it just for routine. When you enjoy something that you are doing, you are more likely going to stick with that routine.

Below are the best weight loss workout routines. If you have tried one of these and do not like it, don’t just give it up. You might still need time to find the workout or an instructor that you will enjoy the company with which will determine the success of your weight loss goals.

Interval Training

This is the best weight loss workout training that experts keep on sharing and even commit to it again and again. Interval training refers to any kind of exercise wherein the heart rate of the body spikes then comes down in a repetitive manner. This kind of training will keep the heart rate levels elevated and results into a very active metabolism. When that happens, expect to burn more calories than the usual.

There are different styles with interval training and one of the most common ones is indoor cycling. However, this kind of workout leans more towards the cardio exercise rather than strength training.

Cycling requires the individual to use different muscles I the body, which is the core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads for example, which affects weight loss at a rate equated with the difficulty you apply with this training. The more energy that you put in this exercise, the higher rate of calories are going to be burned off from your body.

You can ask your personal trainer to give you a good interval training routine that is designed only for you. You can also follow another one’s advice if that is what pleases you, but don’t forget to enjoy the routine. It will make your exercise for weight loss more effective.

interval training

Weight Trainingweight training

Most experts consider weight training to be the “Ultimate form of workout for weight loss”. When you arrange all exercise routines in a food chain, they are at the highest point, the totem pole’s very top position.

One of the forms of weight training is the resistance training, is a very effective method in helping you take off that extra pounds from your body.

If this is your goal, you should do it. Lifting weights were studied and shown that it’s very effective for increasing the resting rate of your metabolism, meaning that you will still continue to burn calories even after you have already completed your workout. This is referred to as the “afterburn effect” and an extensive study was conducted on that, too.

Expert suggests that you add weight training to your already existing routine for at least 3 times per week. Since the body adjusts to workouts after it has been exercising with the same routine and at the same intensity, it will lose its effectiveness over time, which is why experts advise individuals to mix up their routines every 3 weeks in order to keep the body thinking and adapting to new things, even if the same routine was just stopped for a while.

You should look out for tips on strength training aimed for beginners, especially if this is your first time. You should also find ways on how you can superset while you are at the gym. If you have any plans on using the barbells and kettleballs for your strength buildup routine, make sure that you ask for an advice from a personal trainer so that they can provide you with the proper form in using these tools.

Boot Camp

If you prefer a workout that will keep the metabolism elevated throughout the day, go for a fitness boot camp. These come with classes wherein it combines 2 training styles that are proven to be most effective, resistance and interval. You will be performing exercises, a couple of cardio and strength routines, full-out in shorter bursts in time and added with some periods of rest. If this is your first time at a boot camp, never be afraid of speaking up.

The one that will lead a boot camp is an instructor, and a good one will help you find when you really need to crank up the intensity or the weight itself. This will keep the form on par. Also, it can always provide room for modification if you have any moves in mind, especially if some of them are too tough or that it irritates your injury. If you find it difficult to make it to the studio, there is a virtual workout routine specially designed for this.

fitness boot camp workout


Taking a look at its very essence, you can see that boxing is simply another form related to interval training. However, engaging in boxing as the best weight loss workout routine ever will make you feel like a badass.

Here is one trick you should remember when you go with boxing: it is common for beginners to make the mistake of punching only with arm strength, yet the true power of boxing comes from the core and you will be using the muscles that are mostly ignored in other forms of workout.

Experts advise weight loss goers like you to log in this kind of workout through a class. The reason to do this is that it is very crucial for beginners to get used to the proper form which only an instructor well versed in boxing can aid in keeping the intensity level very high.


Running feels like very basic, but don’t underestimate this form of exercise. While all you need is a pair of sneakers and some comfortable exercise clothes to go with, you will have to engage in a kind of running that is designed for a specific purpose. Which is why the light jogging style of running is not going to work out for those who aim for losing weight. Instead, you have to find a hill that you can sprint upwards.

If there are no hills near you or you can’t find one, you can use the treadmill, crank its incline higher than you are used to and run on it. Running on a high angle will force your body, particularly the legs and glutes, to work harder.

These are the 2 biggest muscle groups of the body that need a lot of work. It even requires the cooperation of the smaller muscle groups, too, not to mention more energy to be expended. As already mentioned earlier, the more energy that your body is using, the higher calorie amount burns off from the body.

However, running uphill is not enough if you don’t employ the proper form. Lean towards the hill and drive the knees as high as you can possibly can. Strike the ball of every foot down right under the body.

Make sure you keep both your hands open and the arms bent at a 90-degree angle. Drive both arms straight up forward towards the level of your face then back to the back pocket’s top. Make sure that you avoid letting your arms cross over the body. This will only waste some of your energies that the muscles could have needed.

At this point, you may have already decided which is the best weight loss workout that fits your lifestyle. Make sure that you commit to the exercise with all you have so that you will see results and achieve your goal.