How to Burn Fat – The Truth about Fat Burners

fat burners1So I got asked a question today from a bodybuilder who was looking to learn how to burn fat.

You see, he is currently in off-season mode, but he wants to lose around 20lbs within a month, which got me thinking about fat burners, what specifically the best fat burners were, and how he could achieve this goal.

In this article, I am going to address the mystery surrounding them, what exactly it is they do, and if they can really help you slim down. (Hey, I’ll also forward this article to him, seeing as it was him who inspired me to write this for you guys!)

What are Fat Burners?

Fat burners, also known as thermogenics, are basically a blend of particular ingredients that work to raise the temperature of your body slightly, in order to burn more calories whilst you are resting.

Some of the best fat burners on the market today also work to increase your metabolism and rise energy levels.

They are particularly popular amongst bodybuilders, because after several months of training, bodybuilders tend to take a break for a month or 2 to let themselves recover.

When they want to get back into training, they’ll often want to shred the fat they’ve gained in the quickest way possible, and this is why fat burners are very popular for this group of people.

If you’re looking to learn how to burn fat and you aren’t a bodybuilder, then the good news is that fat burners are still very effective for you. You see, the whole point is that they speed up your metabolism and increase your body temperature slightly so you burn more calories.

So as long as you aren’t having HUGE amounts of calories a day, if you are taking an effective fat burner, then you should experience good results too.

Do I Even Need a Fat Burner?

One thing you may not know, is that there are 3 specific body types. These body types often dictate how easy or hard it is for our bodies to build muscle or put on fat. So what body type are you?


An ectomorph is someone with a naturally slim frame, have a long body structure and typically find it tough to build any sort of muscle. On the positive side, and ectomorph naturally has a high metabolism. So if you wondered how your mates can pig out on tons of crappy food and not get fat, this is why.


This is probably the best body type, as they have wide shoulders but slim waists. They find it easy to put on muscle mass, but also have a reasonably high metabolism, but not as high as an ectomorph. This group may be susceptible to fat gain, and a fat burner could come in handy here for people with this body type.


fat-burning-zone-1Endomorphs have naturally slow metabolisms, and generally have a hard time keeping the weight off.

They are typically big-boned, and whilst find it fairly easy to build muscle, they also add a lot of fat and have to very carefully watch what they eat. It is this group that could most benefit from fat burners.

So now we are beginning to learn how to burn fat by first identifying our body type, we now need to decide whether or not a fat burner is essential.

Do you want to shred fat from your body quickly? Are you prepared to take fat burners in order to do this? If you answered yes, then read on.

Increase Your Water Intake

Water is so essential if you’re trying to shred body fat, not only because it contains 0 calories but because it helps flush out your body. Fat burners have a mild diuretic effect on the body, meaning you’ll lose slightly more water than normal, therefore you’ll want to replace this.

I would aim to consume 10-14 glasses of water per day whilst you are on fat burners for best results.

What is the Best Fat Burner?

I have been keeping a close eye on how to burn fat and from experience and from anecdotal testimonials, I believe Phen375 to be the best fat burner currently on the market.


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