How to Burn Calories at Home?

burn calories at homeYou are seeing your waistline is pumping up and the flab piles up on your waistband. It’s getting harder and harder for you to fit in your jeans and you can hardly breathe in your tights.

Well, this must be common for some of you with the growing numbers of obesity all over the world. Weight loss has become a frenzy trend, especially for office people who have to sit behind their desks and work through all days.

However, weight loss is tough for them as it’s impossible for them to burn lots of extra calories at work and it’s often that they are reluctant to drive to gym and work out after a long day exhausting work. What’s more, the endless expense on gym membership always holds their steps and acts as an excuse to skip exercise.

In fact, regular exercise can be stuck to and you can burn those additional fats away even at home if you are willing to, or correctly if you settle down your mind on it and try your best to work on it. Here are some tips to teach you how to move up and drive your body into fat burning machine.

Take full use of your housework list

Stop complaining and groaning at the long list of to-do and take full advantage of it to get you up. According to studies, doing house chores can be a good way to drop off pounds. For example, moping floor or doing laundry can burn at least 150 calories per hour; and those heavy jobs such as washing the car or gardening can burn up to 240 calories an hour.

weight-loss-scaleClimb the stairs instead of taking elevator

If you live in the dozen’s floors apartment, abandon the elevator and climb the stairs to your house.

You can also work on this to get to your office at morning.

Climbing stairs are very effective to improve your cardiovascular system and fire up your body to burn calories. According to researches, people who hold the habit of usual stair climbing are 10 pounds lighter than those who often take elevator.

Go to shopping

Well, shopping must be among the top five things that women love and are willing to do. In fact, go shopping does not just mean burning your money, but also can burn your fat. 2 to 3 hours’ roaming around the streets and swiping your credit cards can melt up to 400 calories away.

Watch the comedy movies

Based on scientific research, laughing for 15 minutes can burn the same caloric amount as 30 minutes’ strolling. And when you laugh, your abdominal muscle mass will contract at a high gear and thus the cellulite around your waist can be dropped off.

What’s more, comedy films are valuable to drive your stress and depression away and make you happy. You want to lose weight at home? Pick a classical comedy and burst into laughter!

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