Best Arm Workouts for Women – The Best Toning Exercises

Best Arm Workouts for WomenIf you’re looking for the best arm workouts for women then you’re in the right place. My girlfriend complains all the time of bingo wings, and she reckons when she wears a strapless dress that exposes the upper back, her arm fat is greatly exposed.

Well I, being the loving boyfriend, could care less about it! However it really bothers her, and it made me want to help her out.

I decided to put this article together to inspire other women looking for the best arm exercises for women. So if you want some toning exercises to perform at home, listen up.

Dumbbell Flyes

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart and your arms by your side. With 2 dumbbells in your hands simply raise your arms out to your side slowly, and then slowly bring them back down.

Do this for about 12-15 reps and perform this particular exercise 3 times. This is a great workout because you are working your triceps and biceps, which will help to burn fat.

To vary this workout, rather than your arms by your side, raise your arms parallel to the ground so they’re out in front of you, and then with the dumbbell in your hands keep your arms straight and move your arms to your side, keeping them the same height from the ground. Again, do this for 12-15 reps.

Shoulder Press

Hold a pair of dumbbells by your shoulder, with your palms facing each other, simply push up until your arms are straight. Lift the weights slowly again, and perform this for 6-8 reps. It is important to note that by the 8th rep, you should be very tired. If you feel like you can do a lot more, then you should lift heavier weight.

Bent Over Rows

If you’re looking for the best arm workouts for women, this is one of them. Bending your knees slightly, whilst keeping your back straight but leaning forward, grab a dumbbell. With your arm hanging down, bend your elbow up so the dumbbell is up by your hip, then lower back down.

Do 12-15 reps with each arm, and perform 3 sets. This is one of the best arm exercises for women and should really get those calories burning!

1205-armraiseRight there is one of the really simple toning exercises that you can do even whilst you’re at home. Now I know some of you may hate toning exercises with weights, but it really is the best weight to lose weight.

You see, most of the best arm workouts for women all use weights, because strength training is simply the best way to burn calories.

Unlike cardio, which is done with medium intensity and works within your aerobic capacity, strength training is very intense and really pushes you.

The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn because muscle requires more calories than fat to maintain! Don’t worry, you aren’t going to look like a bodybuilder because you aren’t taking steroids, you’ll just look toned and sexy!

My girlfriend struggled with her weight for many years, and it really got her down. Even though I thought she was beautiful, she just had no confidence when we went out, and always thought that I was too good looking for her. Well that was total rubbish, you should see her, as she’s very pretty!

You see, most of my readers suffer from confidence issues, and this often stems because of the way they look. If you’re feeling overweight and you’re just sick of it, then this workout is one of the best arm exercises for women around.

If you’re really dedicated to getting in shape and feeling better about yourself, then you really need to listen up here.

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