Will Plexus Slim Turn Overweight into Thin or Are There Better Alternatives?

More and more people resort to weight loss pills and supplements as they deal with excessive weight and the frustration that comes with it.

While regular individuals can obtain results with dieting and exercise, obese ones are facing a much more difficult challenge. It takes medical help to deal with higher amounts of excessive fat. This is why products like Plexus Slim were invented.

What Is Plexus Slim?plexus slim

This is a dietary supplement in powder form, to be mixed with water and drunk as directed, for the purpose of losing weight. In the fitness community, it is also known as “the Pink Drink” due to its color.

It has a berry flavor and is very easy to take, as it’s simply a powder to be dissolved in water. Plexus Slim promises to intensify your weight loss by influencing energy levels and the lipid metabolism. In addition, it helps burn more fat, while preserving muscle mass.

Furthermore, it is made with natural ingredients only and no harmful additives, to avoid any negative impact. Here are some of its ingredients:

  • Garcinia cambogia

Already found in many other slimming supplement, garcinia cambogia is a fruit hailing from Southeast Asia, rich in compounds that reduce belly fat and inhibit the formation of new fat cells overall. Also, it has an appetite suppressing effect, thus calming down cravings, too.

  • Grape skin extract

The skin of grapes has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. It contains important quantities of Vitamin E, along with flavonoids, linoleic acid and more. This reduces blood pressure levels and cholesterol, keeping your circulatory system young and healthy.

  • Green coffee bean extract

This is present in the powder with a very little content of natural caffeine. Extensive research has proven green coffee bean extract to help people lose 10% of their body weight safely, as long as they exercised. No diet changes were necessary.

  • Alpha lipoic acid

An antioxidant, this powers weight loss and prevents future weight gain. It triggers fat oxidation at a cellular level, through enzymes.

  • Chromium polynicotinate

This compound is supposed to act on blood glucose and regulate it. When the body has enough chromium, you’re not longer craving for sugar or fattening carbohydrates. Also, chromium decreases insulin requirements.

How Does Plexus Slim Work?

This kind of product is excellent if you’re busy. Just drink it. You can have the pink drink twice a day, as instructed on its official website. It’s a pricey product though, which isn’t exactly convenient, but if you’re lowering the dose you will never get the results you’re hoping for.

Plexus Slim works through making you burn fat more effectively, use up ingested lipids and it also boosts your energy, so you can do more for your fitness goal. When sugar levels are out of balance, it will restore these within the healthy limits. The concoction works better if you always remember to drink it 30 minutes prior to a meal.

All in all, it is likely to help you feel so much better, because its ingredients can fight depression, lack of energy and laziness. Thus, you get off the couch and start exercising more. You’re also feeling more capable to say no to foods that are bad for you. Plexus Slim works at a subtle level, aiming to balance your body and your lifestyle.

How Does Plexus Slim Burn Fat?

In Plexus Slim you’ll find well known ingredients for efficient weight management, also present in other fat loss formulas. Although there is limited clinical research for this slim drink, its main natural ingredients have been subject to many studies and known worldwide as slimming agents.

One month of constant use will take a way a few inches, although it does not work the same for everyone. The first changes you’ll notice will be the increased energy levels and diminished hunger. This is when you know it’s working on your metabolism. The supplement restores a healthy glucose metabolism, which is the key to burning fat for energy and storing less as adipose tissue.

Plexus Slim Side Effects

The dangers of using it regularly are limited, but the product may pose a serious threat to people suffering from various conditions. The most common complaint has been related to intestinal gas and bloating.

In addition, Garcinia cambogia in excess could affect the liver, researchers claim. This might be a problem if you’re having a fatty liver – which is a very common occurrence in overweight people. The pink drink also makes some people urinate more often or be constipated. In less frequent cases, it may make you feel restless since it has a stimulating effect, as well as make you dizzy or nauseated.

Plexus Slim Benefits

Plexus Slim is not meant to be consumed as a meal replacement, which means you’re not going to be deprived of nutrients. You can and should eat everything your body needs. Plexus Slim is used to increase one’s will power so they no longer feel so helpless in facing their hunger and cravings. Food no longer holds the same power over them.

It will reduce binge or compulsive eating, too. At the same time, it keeps cholesterol in check, balances blood sugar levels and regulates the way your body uses lipids (fats). You will also experience an increase in your B vitamins supply.

The product is better when used in conjunction with the Accelerator supplement by the same brand, but that also brings the costs much higher.

However, you still need to be the type that can benefit from these – not every person is compatible, therefore not everyone experiences the said benefits. Besides, the amount of food you’re eating plus your level of activity will still have a major role in how you look and feel.

Is Plexus Slim Safe?

The answer depends on how you are using it (it’s tempting to overdose) and what underlying conditions you may have. With Plexus Slim you need to watch your health and especially chromium levels closely. If you’re usually having low blood sugar, then know that chromium is very reactive to that – and there’s plenty of it in this product.

It does not bode well with the condition, which is why you better avoid it in this case. The flavor is created through natural berry taste and stevia as sweetener, so it’s completely natural. The more worrisome part is about its undisclosed compounds. The product may include more than is printed on the label – namely forbidden and possibly dangerous chemicals.

What Is Better Than Plexus Slim?

If you’re on the quest for finding the best slimming product that will bring significant change within a decent amount of time, then perhaps you should not stop at Plexus Slim. It cannot be the easy fix so many hopeless overweight or obese individuals are looking for. It may rely on good natural ingredients, but nothing has shown yet that it is truly effective.

It will not help you lose weight fast if that is what you’re hoping for. The formula is not as potent as it used to be, due to certain manufacturing changes. If you’re looking for a radical, quick weight loss solution, you may want to search for Phen375, as people are reporting more positive things about it.

This is a pharmacy grade slimming formula and is already backed by many decades of results. Its potency is much higher and it mimics powerful yet banned chemicals that were known in the past as very effective fat busters. As for the alpha lipoic acid in the pink drink, there is not enough of it to be effective. Studies found that a dose of 1800 mg per day is needed for weight loss, much more than the product delivers.



Although a natural and generally safe fitness solution, Plexus Slim is a controversial product. People have had different outcomes with it; some experienced terrible side effects while others didn’t. The benefits may vary. It can be used to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, prevent cardiovascular disease and even diabetes.

Also, it will energize you and chase away the bad moods. The rest is up to you: how much you exercise, how intensely etc., what you eat, how much and so on. You still need to exercise control over these aspects. It has not been proven that the specific ingredients in the Plexus Slim formulation potentate each other or work together in a superior manner.

Therefore, there isn’t solid evidence for the formula. You can obtain better results with Phen375, which is based on safe compounds similar to amphetamines but which aren’t banned or dangerous in any way. That part belongs to the past. Scientist have finally engineered something different – equally potent but much safer. If you want to try the Plexus Slim range, it’s up to you. Just make sure to find out what effects it had on people similar to you (same age, gender, weight, lifestyle, diet etc.), since every criteria seems to matter a lot here.



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