The Most Effective Two Week Weight Loss Diet Plan

In this weight loss diet plan article we will tell you about concrete steps you can take to appropriately change your daily diet habits. It will help you successfully lose around seven pounds of weight in only two weeks’ time.

If you combine this diet plan with a daily exercise routine, you will discover a leaner and more athletic yourself after the end of two weeks.

Some of the benefits you will gain are: a flat stomach, enhanced overall strength, more focus, less puffiness around the eyes and on the face, brighter and clearer skin, higher energy levels, increased enthusiasm, and improvement in concentration levels.

Follow this program strictly and we promise that you will definitely receive good results.

Even though this diet plan is perfectly balanced, it is still extremely simple to follow. You will not be required to dirty up your hands trying to prepare difficult recipes. What’s more, you will still be allowed to dine outside wherever you may want.

We’ve spent many years in researching different weight loss strategies and all sorts of diet plans. At the end of it all, we have concluded that there are basically six important principles that can guarantee anyone’s success in his/her efforts for shedding stubborn body fat.

The best part is that none of these principles are very complex and can be easily used in combination to provide a very powerful nutritional strategy.

As soon as you master these six principles and make it a natural habit to follow them in your daily life, you will easily be able to fine-tune your diet and still remain fit. Let’s throw some light on these important six weight loss and diet principles.

1. Consume a minimum of 1-liter of water every day – Water plays a very important role in helping you undergo successful weight loss. The fats inside the body are made up of dried mucus-like substances which makes it easier for them to get stored as body fat. The higher your body’s hydration level will be, the easier it will be for you to get rid of unwanted fat.

There are many more negative effects of dehydration such as reduced alertness, mood swings, recurrent headaches, poor concentration and fatigue. It can also cause blood clots, kidney stones, constipation, heart stroke or attack as it thickens up the blood and makes it sticky.

2. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can every day – This includes dried and canned frozen vegetables and fruits too. Potatoes must be avoided completely as they are extremely rich in carbohydrates. You can also have vegetables in the form of Bolognese sauce, while fruits can be blended together and had as a smoothie.

3. Avoid carbohydrates after 6 PM – Completely avoid eating carbohydrates after 6 PM in the evening as they will only end up sitting inside your muscles and later turning into stubborn body fat during your sleep.

Carbohydrates also negatively affect your body’s insulin levels and can disturb your daily sleep patterns. Stopping carbohydrate intake after 6 PM will also help you in reducing your daily calorie intake without the need for trying too hard. Moreover, you will feel fuller for longer periods of time and less bloated.

4. Say no to alcohol – We highly recommend that you stay as much away from alcohol as possible during this program. At the most you can have no more than one alcoholic drink in a day. The calories consumed through alcoholic drinks get converted into acetate more easily, which is then utilized as the primary source of energy instead of fats.

Hence, your body will not turn to fats for its energy requirement until it has completely used alcohol. Overall, the fat burning capacity of your body will get reduced significantly as long as alcohol will be present in your system.

5. Adopt the three portion meal strategy – Many people who strive endlessly for weight loss without any visible success, must start concentrating on the portion sizes of their meals. Therefore, there is no need for counting grams of fats or calories.

Rather, you must have well-controlled, fist-sized portions during your meals. As an example, your breakfast must ideally be a fist sized portion of an Apple and porridge. In a similar manner, your dinner can be of a fist-sized large chicken breast, and so on.

6. Eat snacks twice every day – The purpose here is to not allow your body to go into starvation mode. The starvation mode is when your body starts holding onto the fats as it perceives the food to be scarce in supply.

Your snacks must have low carbohydrate and high protein content in order to sustain you until your next scheduled mealtime. Proteins have the ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you full for longer. Hence, you are able to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

two week weight loss diet plan

The best two-week weight loss diet plan

Day one

Breakfast – have an Apple, skimmed milk and a small portion of wheat-based cereal
Mid-morning snack – have a peach
Lunch – salad along with a handful of tuna and pasta
Mid-afternoon snack – take a protein bar
Dinner – French beans, steamed asparagus and sautéed chicken
Snack after dinner – low-fat yoghurt
In drinks – 2 herbal teas, one coffee and 1 L water

Day two

Breakfast – two pieces of whole wheat bread toasts along with grilled tomatoes
Mid-morning snack – have a pear
In lunch – have green salad along with smoked salmon and two slices of rye bread
Mid-afternoon snack – have a protein bar
In dinner – have spinach salad, watercress, steamed mangetout along with grilled chicken
After-dinner snack – take a protein drink
Drinks – one coffee, 1 L water and two herbal teas

Day three

Breakfast – have skimmed milk with porridge
Mid-morning snack – have blueberries
In lunch – take steamed vegetables, brown rice and grilled chicken
Mid-afternoon snack – cottage cheese and two sugar free oatcakes
Dinner – steamed cauliflower and broccoli, applesauce and roasted pork fillet
After-dinner snack – have low-fat yoghurt
In drinks – one coffee, 1 L water and two herbal teas

Day four

Breakfast – have two slices of whole wheat bread toast and scrambled eggs made with three egg whites and one yolk
Mid-morning snack – have mixed berries
In lunch – have whole wheat bread-based ham sandwich
Mid-afternoon snack – take a protein bar
In dinner – mixed salad, steamed asparagus and grilled tout
After-dinner snack – have a handful of soya nuts
In drinks – two herbal teas, one coffee and 1 L water

Day five

In breakfast – have two pieces of whole wheat toast along with grilled mackerel
Mid-morning snack – some strawberries
In lunch – steamed mixed vegetables, boiled potatoes and roasted turkey
Mid-afternoon snack – cottage cheese with some crisp bread
Dinner – stir-fried vegetables and corn
After-dinner snack – take some low-fat yoghurt
Drinks – one copy, 1 L water and two herbal teas

Day six

In breakfast – skimmed milk with muesli in no sugar
Mid-morning snack – have a few raspberries
Lunch – an Apple with one whole wheat roll and lentil soup
Mid-afternoon snack – take a protein bar
In dinner – mixed salad with cold roast Gammon
After-dinner snack – a handful of soya nuts
Drinks – two herbal teas, 1 L water and one coffee

Day seven

Breakfast – skimmed milk with oat-based cereal
Mid-morning snack – have an Apple
Lunch – steamed mixed vegetables with a handful of roasted potatoes and roasted fillet beef
Mid-afternoon snack – have a protein bar
In dinner – salad with grilled salmon
After-dinner snack – have a few grapes
In drinks – two herbal teas, 1 L water, and one coffee

Repeat the above-mentioned seven-day schedule for the second week as well, with minor mixing and matching as per your needs and preferences. Now let us have a look at some of the powerful rules related to dining. Follow these rules along with the above-mentioned guidelines and you will be on your way to rapid weight loss.

diet plan

Weight loss diet plan- the important facts to follow

  • Consume a healthy snack prior to going out for dinner.
  • When going through a restaurant menu, visualize yourself as a high-end car that requires the best quality of fuel in order to perform best.
  • Never avoid eating out. Important is to have food items which will help you in the achievement of your goals rather than obstructing your success.
  • It will be better to take two starters instead of just one combined with a main course.
  • Instead of bread, consume olives prior to a meal.
  • Stay away from food items that are prepared in heavy sauces or are fried.
  • Replace your dessert with vegetables or extra salad.
  • In case you choose to stick to a dessert only, have a fruit selection or sorbet.
  • Give your body enough time in between the courses for it to be able to register all that has been consumed.
  • It is recommended that you avoid telling people about your weight loss efforts. Rather you can simply state that you are undergoing training or are merely following a particular health/fitness plan.
  • Have your food slowly and chew it well. You can put down your cutlery in between the mouthfuls and engage in some conversation instead. Drink plenty of water after as well as before your meals.
  • Have a reliable and effective fat burner along with all these diet strategies. The overall result will be quite phenomenal to say the least! While there are many fat burners out there, we have found PhenQ to be the safest and most effective so far.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our view of a good weight loss diet plan, you can always speed up your weight loss with PhenQ


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