Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Pure for Weight Loss

What the heck is Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, anyway?

green coffee bean pureGreen coffee beans, recommended by medical doctors and expert naturopaths alike, are unroasted coffee beans harvested fresh from the beautiful coffee tree.

Born green, these coffee beans are called “coffee cherries,” and they take as many as five years to make their appearance after the coffee tree is planted.

Green coffee beans are harvested before they turn into the ripe, red beans harvested to make regular coffee.

Watch for quality! Green Coffee Bean Pure has it, others do not!

Green Coffee Bean Pure is designed to give you only the highest-quality green coffee bean extract. Carefully bio-designed and scrutinized by quality control experts, It brings the very essence of everything that’s good in coffee beans to you, via the high-tech lab where we tenderly extract, constantly scrutinize, and finally package this remarkable product.

Many other manufacturers use a different process to produce their extract from the one we use to produce our Green Coffee Bean Pure. There ismiracle green coffee much room for error and skipping steps, or combining them.

At our plant, there’s none of that. We respect the coffee bean plant as one of the most useful, most appealing on the planet, and we take the time—in just the way nature does to grow the tree—to do it right. There’s no rushing or pressing. We simply follow the natural path that is always best, and always yields the finest, purest product.

The science – just a bit about it and some stunning research results

Pure green coffee bean extract contains an anti-oxidant called chlorogenic acid. It is this component that creates the fat-burning metabolic reaction that causes its users to lose weight. WebMD[3] thoroughly reviewed a small, recent study carried out in March of 2012 over the course of 22 weeks.

does green coffee bean workSixteen adults, all overweight, were separated into three groups. One group took a high dose of green coffee bean extract, another took a low dose, and the third group was given a placebo.

None of the subjects did any exercise or anything out of the ordinary regarding their diets, outside of taking the pills they were given.

Although the study is, in terms of the most-renowned scientific studies, short-term and small, the results are undeniably stunning.

Those subjects who took the high dosages lost over 17 pounds during the 22-week period, on average. They lowered their body weight by an average of 10.5%!

According to the L.A. Times,[4] the chemist in charge of this important pilot study, Joe Vinson, came to some conclusions about the way the supplement works. His assumption is that green coffee bean extract reduces the amount of glucose absorbed in the gut, also lowering the levels of insulin and kick-starting the user’s metabolism.


Extra added benefits

All of these are excellent qualities for a dietary supplement to have. And green coffee bean pure doesn’t just attack the fat and break it down, it encourages a healthier metabolism to get your system working well all on its own.

Not only that, the active ingredient in the extract, chlorogenic acid, is a recognized anti-oxidant that fights cancer, and is also believed to be beneficial in fighting diabetes and heart disease.

In fact, the extract made from green coffee beans has been shown to be a good bet for controlling high blood pressure, blood sugar, and diabetes. Blood circulation has been shown to be improved in a clinical trial, as well, the extract having a positive effect on the reactivity of blood vessels.

Another study of the extract’s effect on mice showed it to be a possibly powerful force for improvement in brain energy, as well as the resistance to insulin necessary to discourage the eventual surfacing of diabetes.

A zero-side effect supplement not requiring the blessing of the FDA

Since Green Coffee Bean Pure is a supplement, it does not belong to the category of diet products that must be approved by the FDA. There were no side effects experienced by any of the subjects in the pilot study, and it would be illogical to assume that any will turn up in the future, since it is a pure, 100% natural substance.

The FDA, in fact, has actually identified the extract as a substance that engenders no negative side effects and is therefore a supplement that can be considered safe to take.

Get the goods

green coffee bean extract benefitsDo check the ingredients when you’re deciding where to buy your pure green coffee bean extract. The one thing you want to see on the ingredients list above all else is chlorogenic acid.

This helpful stuff also goes by the name of GCA, and the extract you buy should have at least as much as 45% chlorogenic acid.

Reading through the list of ingredients, you should try to make sure that the product you’re considering buying contains no odd fillers or extras.

There are some, for example, that have sulfates or carbonites on the ingredients list. These are both ingredients used in the cleaning industry, and should not be ingested under any circumstances.

Additionally, if a product label lists ephedrine, you know you’re dealing with a cheap knock-off of the real green coffee extract. Ephedrine will give you a buzz and perhaps help reduce your appetite, but is a cheaper ingredient, by far, than the pure coffee bean extract you think you’re buying, and those who buy such a product are getting ripped off in a big way.

Green Coffee Bean Pure is among the best-quality of any green coffee bean extract on the market today. We are proud of our quality control, which starts with the tiniest seedling coffee tree and runs through every step of the nurturing procedure until our pure extract product reaches your door.

We produce our extract from only premier coffee beans, overseen with care and inspected by experts. When you purchase your diet supplement from a reputable supplier such as Green Coffee Bean Pure, you should have no side effects except the pleasant ones: weight loss, a more active metabolism, and the incredible self-confidence that comes with it.

The Dr. Oz first-ever live TV experiment

A very recent study carried out live on the Dr. Oz show, using his own audience members as subjects, produced the same astonishing results: Over a period of just two weeks, his audience lost a total of 123 pounds, or about two pounds per person.

The participants, as in the previously cited study, did not change any of their eating behaviors or add any exercise to their daily routines. They did keep journals recording everything they ate over the two-week period, good and bad choices.

None of the subjects knew whether they were taking a placebo or the real thing, which was sent to them in the mail. They all took the same amount of the green coffee bean extract, three times a day, one-half hour before every meal. When all was said and done, a full 82 pounds of the total weight lost came from the group that was taking the real thing.1

Lose it steadily, and healthily

green beans coffeeExperts agree that losing more than a few pounds per week can be asking for trouble.

If you are one of the many folks out there who don’t need to lose 100 pounds, but more like 10 or 20 pounds, you are among those who should content themselves with a gradual, steady weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week.

In this manner, you will not endanger any of your normal body chemistry by requiring heavy adjustments caused by excess weight loss over too short a time period.

One woman, Vanessa, who participated in the Dr. Oz study, lost four pounds in two weeks, even though she ate an abundance of high-calorie food. She took three inches off her waistline and is understandably very excited about the product.

Some users, such as Kymnetta, say that their weight was not reduced on a Green coffee bean Pure program, but they did notice a loss in inches on their waists and elsewhere on their bodies.

The green coffee bean gospel according to Steve

Steve and his wife lost a total of 11 pounds between them in less than a week. He says they used the 800 mg pills and they not only lost weight but experienced a marked increase in their energy levels. “You take it before dinner, not after,” says Steve, “with a full glass of water, and that keeps you from craving so much food.” Taking the pills with an abundance of water helps you get past the bitter flavor inherent in this very pure product.

Compare the pricecoffee diet to lose weight

If you’re serious about your weight maintenance or weight loss program, you will have done quite a lot of comparison shopping.

Many diets, such as the Atkins diet, are expensive to carry out, requiring the devotee to buy relatively higher-priced foods instead of relying on the cheaper items that put on the pounds, such as bread and other carbohydrates.

Using pure green coffee bean extract, however, does not require any change in your usual dietary program. The user simply continues to eat whatever he or she was having before starting the program.

And the total cost of a normal coffee bean extract program is only about $*Jack, please fill this in according to your client’s prices a month. Compare that to diet supplements that can cost the user as much as $100 or more every single month!

What you didn’t know…

In the beginning, was the coffee bean. It was green, organic, and pure. Thousands of years ago, the green coffee bean was used for food. In East Africa, the berries were blended into a mix using animal fat as a binder. Later, around 1000 A.D., Ethiopians found a way to infuse the precious dried coffee beans with water and create a type of wine.

Used as a piquant hot tea in Arabia, where coffee was grown organically, and in other regions as well, the coffee berries have been known among various cultures over the millennia as an agent for providing energy and controlling fat production in the body.

Phenolic acids and polyphenols labeled by today’s scientists as hycroxycinnamic acids combine with chlorogenic acids and caffeic to create a bountiful natural compound that helps many users break down fat, control weight gain, reduce their weight, and get their metabolism working in high gear.

To be continued…

buy green coffee bean pureThe results are starting to pour in, and they are looking good. More studies are being carried out, as well.

For now, we assert that Green Coffee Bean Pure is a potentially near-perfect weight control supplement that, far from harming, can only help its user.

The rate of weight loss will normally occur at a very healthy pace of perhaps one to three pounds per week, and continue consistently as long as the product is employed.

Consult your doctor, as always, before you start this or any other weight loss program, in order to reduce the likelihood of any adverse individual reactions and to enhance the potential benefits of the regimen.

Along with all the other experts in the industry, we recommend that you combine the use of it with a sensible diet plan and exercise that your doctor approves for your particular unique requirements and body type.

Welcome to a new day!

Wake up and smell the Green Coffee beans! Green Coffee Bean Pure will perk up your mind, body, and spirit, and permeate your whole self with a new energy and brand new, more confident you… a you that will be a welcome sight in your mirror and a vehicle for health and happiness for years and years to come.





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