Armpit Fat Removal: All the Solutions That Can Help You Out

The presence of excessive fat under the armpit is an aesthetic concern to many. To some, it is downright uncomfortable and a burden to bear.

Whichever your trouble may be, know that there are ways to get rid of that fat for good. If you already tried dieting and various exercise, find below some more effective suggestions that can help you solve this problem.

Armpit fat or something else?

When you deal with too much tissue in your armpit area, it may be caused by different factors and conditions. Sometimes one might simply have saggy skin, which is a result of quick weight loss or of lack of muscle toning. When you have typical armpit fat, you get waves or bulges of fat or saggy looking underarms.

These should not be mistaken with fat lumps (lipoma), which are usually smaller. That extra that you see can also be lymph nodes that have become more prominent.

Before you decide for any course of action, make sure you consult a physician to rule out these possibilities and confirm that you only have excessive ‘waves’ of fat. Be patient, as proper diagnosing may take some effort.

armpit fat removal

Understanding fat

There are individuals who tend to worry over the smallest amount of fat. This is an unhealthy habit. Our body requires an adipose layer – it’s like cushioning and it absorbs shocks. In addition, adipose cells provide us with much needed energy and protect internal organs. Therefore, a certain percentage of fat is absolutely necessary.

You don’t need to eliminate every bit of it. Also, keep in mind that women have naturally more fat than men. It only becomes an issue when there is too much of it. Excess tends to look and feel bad. As far as your underarms are concerned, when you see big bulges of fat forming, you may have too much.

When you can no longer wear tops with straps or strapless ones, there might be an issue. However, there is one more aspect to think about. It could be tricky. Sometimes, there is excessive breast tissue that protrudes to the sides and that has to be dealt with in different ways.

Treatment for men and women

There is no difference when it comes to armpit fat in men and women. Both can resort to the same treatment methods once they are certain it is actual fat they are dealing with. However, note that not everything will be the same, since anatomical differences may call for different procedures or have different results.

Workouts for reducing armpit fatarmpit workout

You can have armpit fat even if your weight is optimal and you otherwise look in good shape. There are cases when it’s a matter of toning through exercise.

We usually walk and therefore use our leg muscles, but the arms and shoulders don’t get much of a workout on a daily basis, unless you put some conscious effort into that.

If you are annoyed with those fat pockets underneath your arms and shoulders, the you can opt for the least harmful, surest method of reduction: exercise. You can have workouts with or without weights.

The type of weights most commonly used is the dumbbell. In general, any exercise for arm toning is improving your muscles, tightening your skin and melting the fat. Therefore, you can engage in such vigorous workouts that develop your arm muscles.

  • The lateral plan walk

Face the floor and sit on your toes and hands. Move to the side using your arms and legs. You may or may not cross your hands as you do this. Move to the left and to the right and cover as much of the floor as you can. This is a good workout for your arms, chest, shoulders and core, as long as you keep your body in a straight line. Thus, you’re targeting many areas, including the ones neighboring your trouble region.

  • Push-up rotations

This also targets several different areas, strengthens the muscles and melts the extra armpit fat rapidly.

  • The lying chest fly

Bust underarm fat by simply lying on the floor facing upward, holding your arms stretched to the sides and lifting both weights at once, high above your chest. If you have two dumbbells, you can do this at home.

  • Simple pushups

If you don’t have the strength to do this exercise, don’t worry – do only as little as you can but stick to it. Day by day, you will notice an increase in strength and soon you will be doing full pushups and possibly many of them. This is a great workout for underarm fat. Once you become skilled with pushups, you must do between 15 and 20 of those. Also, you may want to try out variations.

  • Cardiovascular exercise (cardio)

This is the go-to workout type for all fat loss goals. When you do cardio, your whole body is engaged, your heart rate goes up and your breathing is deeper and faster. You need to focus daily on aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling etc. Gyms also have special equipment for that, just ask someone about it. Cardio diminishes your overall fat layer and thus the armpit fat will be gone, too.

  • Pilates

Pilates moves can be excellent for getting rid of the bra bulge. This is a kind of exercise that is often recommended to brides who want to get in shape quickly for their fancy and revealing wedding dresses. Pilates works on the back muscles as well as on those that connect to the armpit.

The result is that you’re getting tighter skin in that area instead of loose, flabby tissue. Start doing the tripod twister, the plank with all its varieties or the exercise called ‘the swan’.

Another efficient move is to lay face down and pull your arms to the side, while holding weights. Swimming moves are also great for your goal. You can do these right on the floor, lying on your stomach. For more tips on how to practice Pilates for armpit fat loss, speak to an instructor and they will show you just what to do.

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Dietary healthy habits to reduce arm fatarmpit habbits

If you want to get rid of the excessive fat layers around and underneath your arms, you must watch the quality and quantity of food.

This is valid for any diet – now let’s get more into detail. We will not tell you how much to eat within a day – people have various needs, depending on their metabolism and level of activity.

However, it is important to keep one certain rule in mind: calculate your daily calories and aim to consume with 500 calories less than you normally do.

This will not get you starving, but will trigger the fat burning effect, as the body needs to get part of its necessary energy from somewhere else.

Therefore, it will begin to consume your fat deposits. Try to have a balanced diet but without eating that which does not suit you for a reason or another. Avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates and favor the low-glycemic ones, to prevent blood sugar spikes and the complications that come with it. Don’t skip the fats in food – just make sure they’re the right, healthy type.

Have protein at least once a day (preferably three times), regardless of the source: it can be animal, plant-sourced or from shakes and smoothies made with protein powder. When your arms are flabby and lipids accumulate around them, refrain from fattening and unhealthy choices like soda, ice cream, fast food burgers and other varities, pizza, pastries etc.

These may be tasty, but they have plenty of unhealthy calories that stick to you for the long term, especially if you’re not a very active person. Think about it: it’s enough to stop drinking soda and you’re eliminating about 200 calories per day!


A very quick and easy method to look better is by armpit liposuction. The skin is thin and loose in this area and the procedure will also deal with this matter and fix it. It improves the overall appearance and sculpts your arms just like you want them to be. There will be an initial evaluation and the surgeon will carefully weight every aspect.

Liposuction for armpits only takes 1-2 hours to complete. The incisions are minor – made to just allow a very tiny tube to dissolve the fat and extract it. No tissues are damaged in the process. Liposuction done for cosmetic reasons is a very simple medical procedure, especially when it’s concerned with a rather small bodily area.

Besides, the surgeon can employ a different type of anesthesia – one does does not make the patient sleep. Thus, the procedure feels less frightening. The recovery time is close to zero, which is excellent news. The next day you will be ready to resume all your activities. If your doctor tells you that your problem is not generated by pure fat but by breast tissue, then liposuction will not be able to solve it. Still, there is easy and efficient surgery to remove that more fibrous tissue.

Laser liposuction

Laser lipo is a newer version of the classic procedure. Instead of using a tube to melt the inner fat with chemicals and then suction it, this method employs a laser that’s melting the lipids, which are then extracted through aspiration.

The laser thread to be inserted is very small and truly efficient at melting the fat. This is also very easy to do; doctors can do it in their office and use solely a local anesthetic.

Surgery for underarm fat

If you have a lot of extra fat and too much saggy skin to deal with afterwards, then you should definitely consider surgery. Surgery is the easy way out when you have too much armpit fat – that is, if you consider surgery to be easy.

Understandably, it’s a radical method but many resort to it because they either are unwilling to put effort into slimming and toning, or they simply don’t have the time for it. Others have genuinely tried every solution out there but the adipose layer was too stubborn. If you want to go down this route, you need to go to a plastic surgeon.

They will work not only on the underarm volume and what’s around it, but also fix sagging skin. The surgeon will make an incision and, once the procedure is ended, will ensure the surgery post care. The price isn’t fixed – it depends on a series of variables, including the surgeon’s experience and reputation, the amount of fat to be removed and all the connected ‘repairs’. If you muster the courage and have the money for surgery, then know that it is the method that yields the best results.

The best bra to wear

Women who need time to address this issue may want to hide their armpit fat under smart underwear and garments. Good news, there are certain bras than can fulfill this duty pretty well. Instead of small cups, go for fitting or even larger ones than you would normally wear.

Choose bras with panels to the side, to cover as much skin as possible and do so without squeezing. The side coverage is really important here. Opt for a greater width. The most helpful bras are usually marketed as “full figure” or “full coverage”. The same principles can be applied to the clothes you wear. It is actually possible to wear a strapless dress, even when you have a bra bulge. Just make sure to choose one that offers plenty of room for your generous shapes, so that nothing troublesome stays on the outside.

Losing excessive armpit fat can be as quick or as slow as you choose it to be. The only rapid ans easy solutions are liposuction and surgery. Exercising and dieting take time. Therefore, consider how much time you have or how quickly you need to lose that extra fat.

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