Testogen Review – Are All the Benefits True or Scam?

TestoGen is marketed as a natural testosterone booster capable of totally transforming a man’s life.

A lack of testosterone in a male’s body always has unpleasant effects. In fact, there can be loads of such effects, lowering the quality of everyday life.

Did you know that if you don’t have enough energy to exercise or you go to the gym but you don’t see any improvement, it could be because of low testosterone?

Or that feeling snappy, irritated, or reacting negatively to any little stress factor has the same cause?

Testosterone is responsible for so much more than just your sex life and fertility. It is the focus of many fitness supplement manufacturers because of the massive influence it has on stamina and muscle growth.

To be straightforward, testosterone in optimal doses is what makes you a man, with everything this implies.

The sad part is that more and more men experience low testosterone levels.

The causes are diverse: stress, pollution, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, coming in contact with too many estrogenic substances and many more.

The solution is to have a doctor prescribe a product that can supplement the missing male hormone. Sometimes you can even obtain over the counter products to help with the issue. Taking testosterone is considered safe, as one can hardly tell there is “too much” of it.

The body knows how to handle the excess. Testosterone can only be bad for women since excessive amounts will ruin their hormonal balance and lead them to develop traits specific to males (coarse voice, body hair, smaller breasts, and hips).

With TestoGen being an all-natural supplementation solution, many people are doubtful of its qualities. However, when compared to testosterone alternatives on the market, this product stands on its own and can be seen as the healthier and safer option. Read below a detailed review to find out why.

What is TestoGen?


TestoGen is a supplement based on natural ingredients that boost the androgenic hormone testosterone.

The formula contains no more than 8 natural ingredients in a unique combination, of natural physical power and stamina.

The product is suitable for individuals having usually have low testosterone levels or for those who experience this due to aging.

It will enhance one’s libido, training strength, and muscular mass, as well as focus and energy levels. After all, testosterone is the key to virility.

Benefits of TestoGen

By taking it regularly and combining it with a healthy, varied diet and physical activity, you can enjoy all the benefits of heightened testosterone levels. This hormone is essential to countless bodily functions.

It can fuel physical performance at an older age, as it counters the testosterone age-related drop. As men get older, their bodies produce less and less of this hormone. They experience a lower sexual drive as well as a diminishing sports performance.

TestoGen will increase your strength so you can gain more muscle and keep it. Also, it will enhance your focus abilities, whether you are working or training in the gym.

As you train, the fatigue onset will be delayed. You will no longer feel constantly tired during the day, as endurance and stamina increase.

Not only that your muscles will be toned and defined as you wish them to be, but also your fat layer will diminish, as testosterone is an enemy of fat.

The product can help you stick to a gym program and commit to regular exercise, which will benefit your muscular mass.

Testosterone is the hormone supplemented by bodybuilders, to help them achieve that impressive, rock-hard musculature without a trace of fat. It will make you more competitive in every field.

Besides, you can do more at the gym and get through the plateaus. You are thus fueled to reach your fitness goals, that may have previously seemed unattainable. Additionally, it reduces cholesterol levels and promotes cardiovascular health.

TestoGen comes in a form that makes it easy to use, unlike other testosterone supplements, which come as powders that you have to measure and mix with a selected liquid. Simply take the capsules with water and that’s it.

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Testogen Ingredients

What makes TestoGen unique is its horde of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that can deliver results. These are the clinically tested quality ingredients.


Bioperine is the trademarked name of Piperine that is an extract of black pepper, Piper nigrum, and another long pepper, Piper longum.

The Piperine is what makes the pepper spicy. It is also a source of nutritional supplements and can increase the absorption of nutrients.

It is also known to have immune-suppressing, anti-depressant, and tumor-inhibiting effects.

Among the benefits of Bioperine, TestoGen included using it as an ingredient for its effect on the absorption of many nutrients in the intestine.

This process is called ‘bio-enhancement.’ Piperine is known to increase the intake of beta-carotene, selenium, and an assortment of vitamins and con-enzymes.

By including Bioperine in this nutritional supplement, it can increase the absorption rate of most of the ingredients by almost 20 times.

This means that the more of these beneficial ingredients the body absorbs, the better, the results will be.

In TestoGen, Bioperine is the ingredient that compliments all the other active ingredients because it makes their absorption in the body becomes more natural.

zinc rich foods

Zinc is an active ingredient in TestoGen that is effective in helping the male body in increasing the production of testosterone.

As a naturally occurring element found, it has many health benefits for the body.

It has an aphrodisiac effect and keeps the sperm healthy. Raw oysters for one are rich in Zinc and are a famous aphrodisiac.

One of the most significant impacts of zinc in the body is its ability to prevent the actions of the enzyme aromatase.

This enzyme converts the testosterone to estrogen in short, zinc can preserve the testosterone.

Zinc is also an essential ingredient that promotes muscle growth and in effect, overall health.

It is also instrumental for the body to produce dopamine, which is vital for people who are working out very hard.

Most importantly, zinc can keep the brain sharp and focused it also has an immune-boosting property.

vitaming b6 foods

Many studies prove that when the body is deficient in Vitamin B6 can result in an increase in estrogen levels and thereby lowering the production of testosterone and energy level in the body.

If there is enough Vitamin B6 in the body, the production of testosterone is at its maximum.

The lack of Vitamin B6 becomes more pronounced, as the person gets older.

When the body is low in Vitamin B6, the oxygenated blood will have a problem reaching the brain. Lack of oxygen in the brain can lead to many adverse effects like depression, irritability, and lack of sleep.

In addition, when there is an inhibition in the production of testosterone, other hormones can dominate the body like cortisol.

This is a stress hormone, which can lead to many disorders like erectile dysfunction.

A pronounced increase in cortisol levels characterizes a chronic stress disorder.

The only way to alleviate the production of this hormone is the intervention of neurotransmitters and other hormones. Vitamin B6 can help in producing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that gives the brain the signals of happiness.

Red Ginseng Extract ingredient

This ingredient is found to have a potent effect in fighting erectile dysfunction.

It also helps in stimulating libido and assisting strong erections. It can improve physical stamina, energy levels, concentration, and endurance.

Red ginseng extract is also an ingredient that can boost the activity of Nitric oxide in the body.

The most critical function of red ginseng extract is very useful in combating erectile dysfunction. One of the factors that can contribute to this disorder is the because of hardened arteries.

Bad eating habits like taking in foods with artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives can accumulate in the body. It can eventually obstruct the arteries and eventually harden.

When there are obstructions in the blood flow in the system, the pathways to the many parts of the body including the testicles are blocked. This is when the erectile dysfunction steps in and eventually, it will become chronic.

fenugreek extract

Another powerful ingredient of TestoGen is fenugreek extract, a natural herb that had shown to have many effects on the body.

This includes increasing strength, improving stamina and vitality, enhancing the male libido, and balancing the testosterone levels in the body. In addition, it can increase the intensity of orgasms and sexual arousal.

Fenugreek extract is also instrumental in the inhibition of converting testosterone to estrogen. Many studies focus on the anti-estrogenic effects of this extract in men especially when they reach their mid-30s.

At this age, the testosterone level is declining, and the estrogen levels increase.

This can have adverse effects on the body including the typical symptom of low testosterone level like low sex drive, loss of strength and energy, mood swings, increase in body fat, and decline in cardiovascular health.

Another beneficial effect of the fenugreek extract is significantly increasing the insulin release in the body. Insulin is essential when recovering muscles after a hard workout.

As the ingredient is absorbed directly into the liver, it regulates the release of insulin, which helps in alleviating soreness and helps the body to recover quickly after exercise.

D-Aspartic Acid test booster

This is the main ingredient of TestoGen because it can make the supplement work.

D-Aspartic Acid’s main job is to regulate the amino acids responsible for the production of luteinizing hormone. This hormone is responsible for boosting testosterone levels in the body.

The hypothalamus is the area in the brain that produces this hormone in the brain and once they are in the system, it immediately travels down to the testes.

This direct effect influences the production of sperm greatly by regulating its production.

The more sperm is produced, there is also increase in the testosterone level in the system.

As a result, it can increase the body’s energy levels, stamina, sex drive, and strength, all of which are directly related to the increase in testosterone.

vitamin k1 foods

One way to increase the testosterone level is by working out and doing muscle-building activities.

Aggressive bodybuilding activities like squatting and weightlifting can cause severe effects on the bones, joints, and muscles.

Vitamin K1 in TestoGen is essential in healing these strained ligaments.

In addition, vitamin K1 is the ingredient that strengthens and compliments another component, Vitamin D when they are activated in the body. This ingredient can also speed up the metabolism of the bones.

This process is where the growing bones are shedding off the dead bone cells to grow stronger bones as a replacement.

When a person has an intensive workout, vitamin K1 is very important in helping the body in absorbing and utilize Vitamin D and thus increasing the boosting effects of testosterone initiated by this vitamin.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle Leaf Extract ingredient

The oils extracted from the parts of the nettle leaf extract can have an adverse effect on the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

Just as the SHBG binds to the testosterone, the compounds in the nettle leaf extract known as isolectins bind onto SHBG.

This causes the SHBG inability to latch into the fresh testosterone and makes the hormone free.

About 10% of the free testosterone is converted into the male hormone called dihydrotestosterone.

This home has beneficial effects on the body, but if left unregulated, it can also have adverse effects. It can result in less hair and the growth of tissue in the prostate.

Nettle leaf extract is a useful ingredient in preventing the growth of an enzyme, reductase, which is a precursor of dihydrotestosterone.

It can also be used in reducing the inflammation of the prostate tissues as well. Therefore, this ingredient is an essential factor in ensuring that the free testosterone is not converted much into dihydrotestosterone.

boron rich foods

This trace mineral can be found in many vegetables and fruits and even on the earth’s soil.

As an active ingredient in TestoGen, it can provide two benefits, first is to increase the amount of free testosterone by about 28%, and second, it can decrease estrogen levels.

When there is an increase in the levels of estrogen, this also means that there is a low level of testosterone.

vitamin d

This is an essential vitamin in increasing the body’s testosterone levels.

It acts like a hormone that regulates many functions of the body, and many reports are connecting Vitamin D and testosterone.

There are studies conducted that showed that low levels of vitamin D are linked to low testosterone levels in males.

The reason behind these connections is a decrease in Vitamin D can result in the proliferation of estrogen, the hormone responsible for giving women their feminine characteristics.

If there is an increase in estrogen in males, the body will store fat in the gut area; they are more prone to depression, erectile dysfunction and an increase in the risk of having cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin D is effective in warding off the level of estrogen because the cells inside the synthesizing gland inside testosterone have Vitamin D receptors. When these two worked together, it will kill the enzyme called aromatase, a precursor in estrogen production.

  • Magnesium

magnesium rich foods

Studies have proven that magnesium hurts the SHBG in the body.

When this ingredient meets the SHBG, it can strip off the protein in the testosterone and when the free testosterone dominates then the body can reap its benefits.

Magnesium can promote quality sleep, which is vital in the production of testosterone. When there is not enough sleep, the body will have a decrease in its production.

An increase in the testosterone level will mean enough hair production, an increase in muscle mass, and an increase in sex drive, especially as men age.

With all the scientifically proven ingredients that can boost the production of testosterone in the body.

All these ingredients, the nine testosterone boosting and the two other components that can help absorb the benefits of the formulation all contribute to increasing the overall results of TestoGen.


Does Testogen Work?

TestoGen relies on boosting testosterone through powerful natural ingredients. To understand this, let’s think of aphrodisiac foods for a moment like oysters.

Chemistry tells us that oysters have a very high content of zinc and other minerals that prompt the testes to create more testosterone. This, in turn, is what we know to generate the aphrodisiac effect.

There are certain foods that simply increase the production of this hormone, by providing the right nutrients in a high concentration.

TestoGen works the same way and this is what makes it far more beneficial than a synthetic version of the hormone.

You may get a prescription medication that delivers readily made hormones to your body, but that’s not good.

First of all, it’s not exactly the same as what your body produces. Secondly, it makes your testes become lazy and stop producing it on its own. That’s not exactly something that you want to happen.

More testosterone can actually protect your heart and arteries. It does that by lowering your bad cholesterol levels. It fights these actively, thus reducing your chance of having cholesterol-related health problems.

testogen results

What about the side effects

testogen bodybuildingThe main action of this product is boosting your testosterone levels in a very easy and safe way.

You can actually take it for as long as you want, without worries.

The only risk is that your body may become lazy and fail to release enough testosterone on its own. The supplement is meant to improve the overall quality of life.

TestoGen will not make you feel sluggish or heavy, it will not disturb your digestion or cause other issues.

On the contrary, it helps one on so many levels, consumers begin to feel more energetic in the morning and throughout the day, to be in a better mood day by day, and are motivated to stay active.

What seemed like a chore is now viewed in a more positive light. No side effects have ever been reported from the use of TestoGen.

Is TestoGen Safe?

Most people tend to ditch the fears when it comes to natural supplements, but this isn’t always a good approach. There are ingredients that can have unwanted effects.

However, TestoGen is a harmless product, if taken by those who really need it. Every ingredient in it has been subjected to laboratory tests and many of these have been known to the public for a very long time.

The formula isn’t actually complicated, it only contains 8 ingredients. There are no fillers besides these, nothing else to enhance it, which means it’s a clean formula.

As long as you take the recommended dose – 4 capsules a day, you get all the positive effects. In order to make this happen, you must take each pill with food. The nutrients, especially the fats, help absorb the active agents.

If you are a woman, it is best to avoid anything containing testosterone. The female body does produce this hormone, but in small amounts and one shouldn’t have too much of it.

Even if the woman is an adult, she can begin to experience what boys experience at puberty: the voice becomes lower in tone, more bodily hair appears etc.

Besides, women may notice their breasts decrease in size and so do their hips. All sexual female traits become less obvious and transform into more masculine ones.

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Is Testogen a scam?

The original, reviewed, and approved product is made by Wolfson Berg Limited and sold by the same company. The name is well known in the dietary and bodybuilding supplements industry and the brand is specialized in nutrition and healthy living.

TestoGen is safe to use as it’s entirely natural and all of its ingredients have passed thorough testing. There are no fillers and additives besides its 8 active ingredients, not even artificial flavors or coloring.

TestoGen Customer Reviews

best testosterone booster for muscle gainWe have looked at countless online reviews for this intriguing product and drew some conclusions. Generally, people from all walks of life seem to be pleased with it.

TestoGen has really improved their life quality. One of the quickest changes was in their energy levels.

Customers felt they could accomplish more during the day and also felt more apt for a satisfying bedroom performance at night.

Consumers who would only use the bed for sleep eventually could engage in so much more. Regular supplementation made them more competitive in every field at work, in sports competitions, and at the gym.

This newly gained stamina gave their confidence a boost and made them feel so much better about themselves.

With time, they also noticed important changes in how they looked. Testosterone has the wonderful effect of burning fat quicker and helping build bigger, stronger muscles. It is why so many bodybuilders rely on it and supplement it so often.

Taking TestoGen for the long term has actually produced important shifts in cases where men found it impossible to eliminate excessive fat no matter what they ate or how they exercised.

This is because a hormonal change is often what leads to weight loss and to metabolic modifications. Shortly put, the treatment made them feel like winners in life.

TestoGen FAQ Answered

By now, this review has probably answered most questions you have about TestoGen. Because there are still some aspects to cover, we will discuss these below:

1. What if it doesn’t work for me?

Firstly, you have to give it time at least a few weeks to notice the effects. It may take a while until your body gets accustomed to it and begins to change how you feel and how you look. The more of a stressful life you lead, the longer it will take to fix the issues.

If it still does not produce any notable results for you, then you may ask for a refund.

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to dissatisfied customers. Your investment isn’t lost. To be on the winning side anyway, you should test your hormone levels beforehand to see if they need any supplementing.

There are cases in which the problem lies elsewhere; testosterone levels may be optimal, but there is something else that affects the body, causing low energy, low libido, and all those symptoms that may look like a testosterone deficiency.

2. How long will it take until I see the results?

The answer depends on your general lifestyle. If it’s too stressful and you have a very busy schedule, the load may be too much for things to switch in your favor immediately.

The same goes when you are on a bad diet, with loads of processed foods, alcohol, additives etc.

Your body will have slower reactions to the ingredients in this formula. Normally, it should take a couple of days until you experience the first changes (usually in your energy levels and mood). Results also depend on how much you decide to exercise.

Testosterone gives you more energy and endurance, thus making you able to take on longer and harder workouts. Still, it won’t make you ripped just by itself; it takes regular training sessions to have a better body.

3. Who can order TestoGen?

There’s good news for everyone, the product is available to any country in the world and is perfectly legal. Besides, the manufacturing company ships internationally at no additional fee. You may order a single batch to try or a large quantity.

4. Are the reviews genuine?

With the Internet having very little verified data you can actually trust, it’s hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

If you have any doubts about the TestoGen reviews out there, you can simply read more about them and look for more reviews. Eventually, you will find plenty that come from real customers, who struggled with the same issues you have.


This is a purely organic supplement with plenty of benefits. It mainly has one aim: to boost natural testosterone production, but it also acts in various other directions, through its diverse and nutritive ingredients.

When you commit to taking four such capsules per day, you quickly become more apt to tackle all life’s challenges, given that the role of testosterone is extremely complex within a male’s body.

Besides, it is safe, as it contains no hormones in itself it simply offers the nutrition and the stimuli to support healthy hormonal production.

We are talking about the kind of nutrients that are hard to get in optimal quantities from food, therefore requiring supplementation.

If you constantly experience low testosterone levels and struggle with the side effects, you may consider this product, which hardly poses any health risks.

Should You Buy TestoGen – Yes or No?buy testogen testosterone booster

TestoGen is one of the most tempting supplements to try when you are having low testosterone levels, causing poor libido, exhaustion, irritable moods, decreased stamina, and so on.

It is made and sold by a reputable company and has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Before you take it, you may want to make sure you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients in it.

However, the risks are very small. You can buy TestoGen on the official website to make sure you are getting the real supplement and no counterfeit version.

The order page is easy to access and you can select the desired quantity. Once you form a habit of taking it day by day, it becomes such a simple routine.

It’s not long until it starts working on its own, no help from your side is required. Once the first effects begin to show, you become a believer and you feel motivated to improve your life for example by working out, even if you have never been a fan in your entire life.

Test your testosterone levels to make sure you can get help from this supplement. In case you truly are deficient, you may begin taking it – it will do the rest on its own.

Where to buy it?

Go to the Testogen.com website to place your order. This represents the guarantee that you get the original product. It benefits of worldwide shipping can be sent to any address in the world, for free! Besides, the purchase and delivery can be completed in a fully discreet manner.

If you get 3 bottles, you get 2 more for free, plus an e-book. In addition, clients benefit from a generous 60-day money-back guarantee if they are not pleased with the product.

According to consumers’ reviews, TestoGen has generally made them feel better day by day and also be more confident about how they look and how they perform.

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  • Effectiveness - 8.9/10
  • Safety - 8.5/10
  • User Feedback - 8/10
  • Price - 7/10
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