How NuBeam Review Can Help You Get the Best Perks from the Product

It’s highly advisable that you read the NuBeam review before you finally decide to buy (and use) it. The product is believed to improve the appearance of the teeth in the safest manner possible. When you buy the product, you should have no issue brightening up your teeth at home.

What makes this product different from the others is that you can do the whitening procedure safely without having to worry about spending a fortune or jeopardizing your own health.

In the end, NuBeam wants to show everyone that enhancing your own appearance at home is possible, as long as you choose the right product whose safety has been guaranteed.

What Is NuBeam?

Nubeam teeth whitening


In case you don’t know it, NuBeam is a teeth whitening product that is created to brighten up your teeth and improve your smile in 14 days.

The idea is to place the designed strips on your teeth (both top and bottom) in the morning. You can then use the light to boost the whitening effect. Within 2 weeks, you will have a brighter smile and whiter teeth.

The at-home whitening product is easy to buy and also quite straightforward to apply. The product itself consists of two types. One of them is the Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit, and the second one is the Whitening Strips.

Based on NuBeam review, you must apply the products daily so you can see the effective results within those 14-day promise. The product is believed to dissolve and remove stains and make your teeth whiter without causing irritation or enamel damage.

The product is offering cutting-edge technology that can change your overall appearance. You won’t have to worry about any dull smile anymore, as it can be transformed into a beautiful and bright smile.

Forget going to a professional dental service that is costly. You can do the treatment on your own, surrounded by the comfort of your house.

The NuBeam Supersmile Strips

According to NuBeam review, the whitening strip has this powerful content that can penetrate into the enamel deeply and effectively. This content can dissolve stains and even stubborn ones quite well, showing the whiter result that everyone loves.

This is definitely good news for tea or coffee drinkers as they are constantly battling the stains from those beverages. In the end, you can have brighter teeth and a more gorgeous smile.

The strips are a proven home-tooth solution that can help without hurting your wallet. If you read NuBeam review, you’d know that it comes in the form of thin but flexible strips.

They are coated with effective (but safe) whitening gel. These strips can easily stick to the surface of your teeth. Just leave it be while the strips can remove stubborn discoloration and stains resulting from different factors like aging, red wine, tea, coffee, and also smoking.

A lot of people say positive things about the product in NuBeam review, including the fact that it’s a user friendly product. So, how do you use the strip, anyway?

  • Peel the strips and remove the backing
  • Apply the strips right to the teeth. Just leave them for around an hour or 60 minutes.
  • After an hour, you can use NuBeam light to improve the whitening power. Just do it for another 5 minutes and you should be done. Applying the light is also easy. Just turn it on, place it within your mouth, and just wait for 5 minutes before you can remove it.
  • You may not be able to see the instant transformation. But you should feel a difference after the treatment. Do this continuously and you can see your appearance change in two weeks.

The NuBeam Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit



The highlight of the previous section is about the whitening strip. The strip itself is part of a bigger kit, which is the Supersmile Teeth Whitening Kit. If you read the NuBeam review, you should know that the kit itself contains some interesting elements, including:

  • Whitening strip. This is the one applied to your teeth.
  • NuBeam light. According to NuBeam review, this light is basically an LED booster that is meant to boost the strips’ effectiveness. When used together with the strips, the light can activate the whitening formula.
  • The teeth-whitening substance within the strip can penetrate the teeth’s enamel to remove stains fast and effectively. When used together, the strip and light can deliver significant improvement to your teeth even in the first treatment. After 14 days, you can see drastic brightness.

Many users in NuBeam review state that it’s always a good idea to buy the kit first so you can get the complete package. Afterwards, you can buy the strips only.

The kit has enough strips to cover your needs within your 14 days of treatment. But if you decide to continue it, you will need the strips. And you are free to buy them separately.

NuBeam Ingredients: What’s in the Whitening Products?

According to NuBeam review, the white product contains some potent ingredients, like PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) K30 and also K90. Of course, there are also other ingredients, such as menthol, ethanol, and hydrogen peroxide. So, what are they and their functions?

PVP K30. It’s a non-toxic and harmless ingredient that can encapsulate some medicine types. It’s not only biodegradable and pH stable, but it’s also used in many self-care products. It’s often found in whitening products.

PVP K90. This polymer is responsible for stable consistency and texture. For the strip, the substance will keep the substance in place. It has a natural moisture and hydration trait, which makes it often used in skin care products.

It deals with dryness, so the skin has a refreshed look.It’s considered an active ingredient in a lot of minor dental treatments, dealing with irritation and pain.

It’s included in toothpaste, so the texture can be creamy. Glycerin is believed to deal with some conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, and canker sores.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose. Often found in hair care products, this substance helps with cleansing. In toothpaste, it creates a thick texture. For teeth care, this substance can benefit tooth mineralization.

It’s basically water, whose function is to clean the teeth and dissolve the ingredients (the water-soluble types, naturally).Aqua helps users feel a soothing effect during the treatment.Its function is to kill germs responsible for causing damage and infections.

Based on NuBeam review, this substance can also remove bacteria within the mouth and prevent plaque buildup.

At the same time, ethanol can prevent gingivitis too. With ethanol, you will have this protective layer so you won’t experience decay or bad breath. It also helps with enamel erosion prevention.

Hydrogen Peroxide. This substance is commonly found in dental products or remedies. If you are dealing with a teeth whitening procedure, then it’s only logical if this substance is found there.

It also helps to prevent enamel damage and also deterioration. It can only be used in small dosages to deliver safe results. This is why you should follow the directions and not overuse it.

NuBeam Benefits

NuBeam review shows tons of benefits. Some of its best benefits are:

  • Effective teeth whitening. You can have whiter teeth without having to go to the professionals. With the combination of PVP (whitening) strips and NuBeam light, the product can remove the stains by breaking down their stains on the surface. As the result, you can enjoy whiter and brighter smile significantly.
  • User-friendly application. It’s super easy to use the product. Everyone can use or access it without complication. The product has its own step-by-step directions written on the package. You simply follow them and you should be good to go.
  • Gentle on enamel. According to the review, the Hydrogen Peroxide type being used in the strip is the gentle and safe one. It won’t damage your enamel but it can remove stubborn stains.
  • Long lasting outcome. The strips won’t only make your teeth white, but they will also prevent new stains on the teeth. It also means that you can enjoy a brighter and whiter smile for a longer time.
  • Whitening power enhancement. When the light is used together with the strips, the LED light will trigger the whitening agents and push them to get into the teeth deeper. The stain removal process can take place quite easily.
  • Comprehensive kit choices. The kit has not only the light, but also 14 strips. It also comes with a stain guide so you can track your whitening progress.
  • Convenient use. The kit isn’t only easy to use, but you can enjoy everything from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to go through an in-office visit or costly dental procedures.
  • Faster result. You can expect a fast outcome in only 2 weeks. Because you have to apply it for 60 minutes, you can expect faster results.
  • Teeth shade guide. This guide is handy so you can track the progress. It’s often difficult to know whether you have experienced a difference or not.


NuBeam Side Effects

Based on NuBeam review, the product is relatively safe. A lot of people have experienced the benefits and they don’t experience any negative effects. However, let’s not forget that this product is also made from a mix of chemicals.

Yes, they are safe – only within a certain limit. That’s why you must follow the company’s directions for safe usage and application. If you misuse the product or prolong its usage, it may lead to harmful effects. In short, if you don’t want to experience any side effects, pay attention to the right application.

Moreover, this product would be perfect for those with natural dental condition. If you already have any artificial materials being applied to you, the product may not be able to work well as it should have.

So, if you have had implants, bridges, bonded teeth, caps, or veneers, the product may not be able to do wonders. What can you do then? Ask your dentist. They should know what to do with your conditions.

If you have a certain medical condition, it’s always wise to discuss it with your doctor.

Many of the reviews say that this product is safe, but those with medical conditions have talked it out with their doctor. Once their doctor gives them a go, they use the product. And it’s proven to be just okay. They aren’t harmed and the result is satisfying.

How Do NuBeam Strips Work?

Based on NuBeam review, the strip is convenient. They are infused with a whitening solution (no need to worry, it’s powerful and potent and yet safe) that can conform to the teeth’s shape.

The boosting device itself is a compact device using light technology that can amplify the whitening effect.

You only have to remove the backing of the strips and attach the strips onto your teeth. Once everything is on its place, press it. You need to make sure that the strips are attached on the teeth well so the whitening solution can work well.

The strips need to attach for an hour so the solution can get into your teeth and remove the stains. Feel free to do anything you like or do your daily activities while the strips are attached to your teeth because they won’t fall off.

The LED light can help with stain breakdown. The light will make the process go faster, so everything can be effective.

With the light and strip combo, the product will remove stains efficiently without any discomfort or sensitivity. Once you have done with the light boosting process, your session with the teeth whitening procedure has been completed.

How Can NuBeam Strips Help You?

With NuBeam, you can arrange your own dental procedure with home-based treatment. You don’t have to go to the dentist or any dental professional service.

A lot of people in the review state that their biggest satisfaction is about the easy treatment at home. No more driving to the dental offices. No more going out to get their teeth whitened. Everything can be done i your own time, surrounded by the comfort of your house.

NuBeam also makes it possible to whiten and brighten your smile with a safe, solid, and proven system. The product is able to provide a complete service, including the whitening strip and the LED light.

You are free to use the whitening strips alone to improve your appearance, making your teeth white and bright. However, if you want to have a more effective result and even a faster outcome, you need to pair the strips with the light.

What Customers Have to Say about NuBeam

From the reviews, people have very positive opinions and feedback about the product. Many of them say that the product really works.

Not only do they have brighter smile, but it also affects their self-esteem. For some people, the product is a life changer.

They are more confident about their looks, and they feel that their love life has improved.

Other customers are happy that the product works well with their sensitive teeth. They are pleased that NuBeam really works, unlike other products that promised a lot of things but proved nothing.

The product is super easy to use. It’s also gentle on the teeth, and the results are breathtaking. Even professionals commend this product because it helps them gain the confidence they need for their work.

If you want to know and learn more about the review, you should go to the official website and look around.


NuBeam can provide a very convenient way to improve your look without overdoing it. You won’t have to spend a fortune either. If you want to see how potent the product it, you should do thorough research with NuBeam review as the basic foundation.

Nubeam teeth whitening


Q: Is NuBeam perfect for everyone?

A: The product is designed so that it can be safely used by everyone. However, you should take extra precaution too. To make sure that you are completely safe, consult your doctor or your dentist. If you have a certain medical condition, it would be better if you were prepared.

Q: Will I be able to do regular activities while using the strips?

A: Absolutely! Once you make sure that the strips are well attached to your teeth, you can do your regular activities. Your strips won’t fall off because you are washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or even sweeping and mopping.

Q: Can I eat or drink while using the strips?

A: No. It’s not advisable to drink or eat during usage because it may affect the process. You are allowed to drink or eat before the procedure, but not DURING the process.

Q: Is the product costly?

A: Relatively not. The kit won’t cost you more than $80, while the strips costs you half of it.

Q: Where can I buy NuBeam safely?

A: It’s always advisable to buy the product from the official company. You won’t have to worry about any fake products if you buy from the official company.

  • Effectiveness - 8.8/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • User Feedback - 8.4/10
  • Price - 7.8/10
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