Piracetol Review – Can you Recover Lost Brain Power?

There are many misconceptions about the human brain. One of these is that, once you begin to lose brain power, there is no going back. Neurons die and new ones don’t form. Our brains age, just like any other organ in our bodies.

However, aging can often be reversed, temporarily of course – it can be slowed down. Sometimes this ‘aging’ effect is simply a result of excessive stress. It occurs at younger ages than it used to, because of the increasing pollution and stressful, inadequate lifestyles.

With adequate nutrition and stimulation, even the human brain can recover its lost stamina. It is something that has been researched and proven. How can the ordinary person achieve that, though? It appears to be quite simple: with the use of specific supplements made to boost brain functions.

What is Piracetol ?piracetol review

Piracetol is marketed as a natural brain enhancer, a product to improve memory and learning. Available as Piracetol 100 mg capsules, it is a dietary supplement sold in white plastic containers with 60 capsules each.

One will last for a month, since the recommended dosage is of 2 capsules each day. The product is of recent date and there isn’t much information about it yet.

However, there is sufficient information about nootropics, the category it belongs to, as well as concerning its ingredients. About this product, we know it was created in the USA, under the supervision of medical professionals.

There are claims that its positive results are already confirmed by a series of clinical trials. Piracetol is a nootropic that will enhance one’s cognitive function, which has a real domino effect, improving many aspects and the quality of daily life. Thus, it may have a huge role in improving your everyday life.

Benefits of Piracetol

Piracetol belongs to a special class of supplements, targeting the brain: the nootropics. Its properties as a nootropic are given by each of the compounds in the formulation, as well as by their common action. This is expected to boost one’s concentration and help them focus on the tasks at hand.

Piracetol works just like the other nootropics – they don’t just make you smarter – this is a simplistic and not too accurate way to address it. They help you perform better in every task, do more, think with greater ease, become more efficient and enjoy better energy.

With your mind power boosted, it becomes easy to see how you can feel empowered to do more on an everyday basis. Perhaps you’ve been feeling sluggish, unable to cope at work, fatigued, experiencing poor concentration and being irritated whenever you couldn’t handle your tasks properly.

You tried to find motivation in vain, it’s like your brain wouldn’t cooperate. That might actually be real – your brain can turn into an enemy when it is overstressed – unless you give it the right nourishment. With a nootropic, brain cells are powered up and you feel like you can finally take on the tasks you need to deal with.


Piracetol Ingredients

Piracetol is a formulation rich in amino acids, minerals and diverse vitamins, to provide vital nourishment to brain cells and not only. See below its ingredients explained:

  • Alpha GPCalpha gpc

While the original name is much more complicated, this compound is quite a common one. It is present in countless medications, useful in dementia and Alzheimer’s. It has a protective role and is simultaneously capable to improve one’s focus and memory.

According to medical professionals, it increases the level of acetylcholine inside the brain – the neurotransmitter involved in good memory processes and learning. It is what facilitates communication between brain cells.

  • Bacopabacopa

An Indian herb, Bacopa acts on the neurons, repairing the damaged, aged ones. Thus, the brain aging process can be reversed.

The effectiveness of this herb is currently tested in various trials, but Indian tradition has been recommending it for centuries.

  • Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw extracts are full of antioxidants, with a significant role in repairing the body and countering the effects of stress and aging, especially those of oxidative stress. The brain is affected by many factors, both internal and external. This neuroprotective extract helps fight all of those.

  • Huperzine AHuperzine A

This is a substance extracted from Chinese Club Moss, a plant prized by traditional medicine for its brain-boosting properties: increased focus, improved concentration and mental clarity.

Modern science admits it as useful in treating various brain-related diseases, degenerative ones in particular. It was proven as capable to help cells connect much better.

  • Oat straw

Oat straw is already known for its nootropic properties and people in the past used it to improve their mind powers. It is highly stimulating to the brain, but not in the way caffeine is.

It awakens the mind and makes one more active. It is particularly useful in adult age, relieving stress and exhaustion.

  • L-Tyrosine + L-TheanineL-Tyrosine + L-Theanine

These two amino acids target the activity of neurons, giving it a solid boost. Since they also have antioxidant properties, they fight free radical damage, rejuvenating the brain. In addition, these two also increase alertness, at the same time promoting relaxation.

Piracetol side effects

The product is known to have no side effects. This is easy to believe thanks to the list of ingredients – everything there is natural, beneficial and safe. And with the formula being FDA-approved, it means that it’s as per the legal requirements of the industry.

Thus, you should not be afraid of taking dangerous substances or compounds in too large amounts. None of these fears is valid in this case. The chances for this to harm you are very small, knowing it’s made with natural ingredients entirely. It doesn’t even contain caffeine, which means it will not trigger any of those nasty effects if you are caffeine-sensitive or allergic.

Does Piracetol work?

This is a supplement that helps the brain enhance its cognitive function to give you an advantage over the “usual self” – the tired, slow, lazy you, the one who cannot accomplish much during a day or who forgets things, experiences brain fog, poor concentration and performance.

It gives a boost to your brain capabilities and that can have a positive effect in so many areas of your life. Through the changed it triggers right within your brain, you become capable to tackle your daily tasks and do more for your goals – actions you could not carry out before. Also, it will modify parameters beyond your control.

However, in order to see the effects, you must make proof of discipline. Thus, make sure to take 2 capsules per day, no more and no less and to never skip a day. This asks for continuous commitment, no ‘days off’. Take 2 capsules per day as directed.

If it doesn’t work for you, or for some reason you are dissatisfied with this product, then remember it comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee, so you can ask to have your cash returned to you.

This policy means that you can actually test the product for a full 60 day period to see how this fares for you. Be careful not to let the period expire, as any returns after those 60 days will no longer benefit of a refund.

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Is Piracetol safe?

Piracetol is part of the nootropic range of supplements – the brain enhancers. These are proven over-the-counter ‘medications’ (more like supplements though) that boost your brain functions. In this particular case, the ingredients are extracted from organic crops, with no chemicals, nor additives in the formulation, which takes away the worry.

Therefore, the product is simply based on pure extracts, made to work synergistically. While most nootropics are made with various synthetic ingredients to create a powerful (yet possibly harmful) effect, this one only relies of natural ones.

This is because the manufacturer’s main concern is that of safety. A final note on safety: it’s always best to order from the product’s official website or from a recognized affiliate, to make sure you get the original, safe pills.

Piracetol customer reviews

Those who have already tried Piracetol said they could trust it thanks to the 60-day full money back guarantee. Thus they could apply for a full refund in case they were displeased or thought it was not the right product for them.

The nootropic effects are quick to show – the supplement is good for the focus and concentration, as well as for one’s overall mood. One week is enough to see the first changes manifesting – or so people claim. What’s great is that it seems to work for the whole day, not just for a few hours, and lets you sleep peacefully at night, without interfering with your schedule.

Piracetol results

Piracetol is different from the other nootropics and consumers can feel that, thanks to its 100% natural ingredients and friendly formulation.

However, given the scarce online reviews and the missing data, it is impossible to tell how much better one will perform.

That will probably never be possible, considering it’s a product that will provide different results for everyone, as their lifestyle and cognitive capacity are decisive in this matter.

The results are therefore up to every person, to their habits, diet, job, hobbies etc.

If you are young, smart and energetic, this may not make any difference. But if you are an aging adult, overwhelmed by stress, tired and lacking the joy of life, you are likely to feel a welcome change.

Piracetol FAQ answered

  • Can I get a refund?

Sure, Piracetol comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee.

  • How much does shipping cost?

Ordering on the official website is said to incur no shipping fees. However, if you happen to buy Piracetol from other online sources, you may have to pay the shipping.

  • Who can use it?

Piracetol is recommended to men and women of adult age, including seniors.

  • Do I need a prescription?

Piracetol can be ordered online without prescription.

  • Will it make me jittery?

No, it does not contain caffeine, nor similar stimulants.

  • What if I cannot see any improvement with it?

If it’s not effective, you probably need to make various changes in your lifestyle and try a little more. Give it time.


Piracetol is different from regular nootropic pills, namely for two important aspects: first of all, it’s got no caffeine in it; secondly, it’s made only with natural ingredients, skipping the synthetic ones usually found in nootropics.

Its primary aim is to improve cognitive function and reverse the effects of stress and aging on your neurons. While you use it as a brain-boosting, mental health supporting supplement, you may eventually get to enjoy additional effects, such as greater productivity and an overall improved mood day by day.

Its main goal, though, is to give your brain the key natural stimulants and nutrition it needs, in order to face the stress of moden life.

Should you buy Piracetol – yes or no?

There is very little official information and a limited number of reviews, therefore it may not be easy to draw your own conclusions and take a decision. Piracetol may be exactly what you are looking for, especially considering that it is helpful in actual degenerative conditions of the brain. If it can help ill people, it can certainly do good to healthy but stressed ones, too.

As it ‘fixes’ your brain, it improves you mood, too. If you are a student, a researcher or anyone doing intense intellectual work on a daily basis, you will enjoy great benefits with this friendly formula. It is similar to Piracetam, the medication created about 50 years ago, that would increase the brain’s cognitive function.

Expect more clear thinking, more logical thought process, enhanced ability to focus and a lot less brain fog moments. You may try Piracetol if you feel your brain function isn’t as it used to be. If it makes you more balanced and resourceful, able to cater more to your daily tasks and feel less exhausted at the end of the day.

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