Marine Muscle Review: “Military Grade” American Bodybuilding Supplements with Steroid-Like Effect

The matter of legal steroids is largely debated in the fitness and bodybuilding community. Some are skeptical and don’t believe that there could be any similar supplements on the market, but without the dreadful side effects and completely legal at the same time.

That is exactly what the Marine Muscle line of products aims to be – a legal alternative to steroids, which are known for their spectacular effects but also for their awful side effects.

This is a supplements range made for gym goers who struggle but don’t see the desired results, who need to get in peak shape within a short amount of time and boost their muscle mass like never before.

What is Marine Muscle?

 Marine Muscle is a US-made oral supplement range considered to be “military grade”. This means it’s more potent and concentrated than all other kinds of supplements on the market.  Everyone knows of how soldiers for example get the best food and supplements, thus being able to build impressive physical strength and endurance to stress, through rough exercise and daily training.

The Marine Muscle products are made with ingredients that aren’t found in other supplements on the market. Their uniqueness, their active agents richness and ideal ratios make these represent the top tier of the sports supplements market. Plus, any Marine Muscle supplement can be obtained without prescription, which means everyone has the chance to reach “monster size”, not just a select few.

Understanding the concept and the science behind this product line will make you realize that the best looking men in the gym are not necessarily ‘gifted’ and don’t have an unfair advantage.

You can be at their level, too. Depending on your needs and training level or stage, you can select the appropriate supplement in the collection or, you may choose a stack grouping several of them, to trigger more effects at once.

How does it work?

 Marine Muscle is definitely better than anabolic supplements, which cause much harm. Building big muscles is not about a mindless diet most bodybuilders commit to, but about getting the right amount of key nutrients to support bodily processes and grow muscle.

Most people who go to the gym just load themselves with protein – the more, the better, they think.

They ingest it in irrational amounts and that eventually gets to harm their health. But no one is supposed to eat that way, it’s unnatural and excessive.

With Marine Muscle, you’re not going overboard it helps you stay balanced and get the right nutrition, in ideal amounts.

It controls the anabolic and thermogenic processes, carefully calibrating these through the nutrients they require. Marine Muscle supplements are in capsule form – these are simply digested – no need for injections or other dangerous forms of supplementation.

Marine Muscle products

The Marine Muscle collection is an intimidating one. The brand even has several new products waiting to be released. Looking at their sheer number, one may be confused but don’t worry, each comes with its description and once you read it you know if it’s good for you or not.


As the name suggests, this is your endurance-boosting formula by Marine Muscle. It was designed for those who feel weak and tired far too early into their workouts.

This will keep them going, pushing hard to achieve their training goals. It is a supplement as powerful as steroids but with none of the dreaded side effects. Enduro is simply fuel for longer workouts. You need to take it regularly for about 2 months while training intensely to enjoy lasting results.


Marine Muscle TrooperPart of the Bulking Stack, Trooper works on your testosterone levels, thus triggering a whole series of benefits, from the ability to build more lean muscle to enjoying a better sex drive.

You’ll be feeling more energized and capable to take on any training session.

Additionally, you’ll find yourself working as hard as a soldier and reaching peak shape, ready to start it all over day after day. Besides testosterone, it also boosts the luteinizing hormone production, increasing your muscle gaining capacity.

Drill Masterdrill master

Designed specifically for hard-gainers, Drill Master speeds us muscle gains and eliminates frustration.

The formula increases nitrogen retention, thus helping you gain more from the protein you eat. At the same time, it makes you more focused, so you can perform longer and better while at the gym.

It won’t even take long – just have patience for 30 days and you will see you can turn genetics around and get that dream body! Stay committed to your training though, otherwise it won’t work its magic. As with every other Marine Muscle product, you absolutely need to commit to military-like training to make it work as expected and see the desired results.

Gunnermarine muscle gunner

Gunner is a multi-directional supplement for muscle gains, strength and fat burning. It is ideal in rendering your efforts more fruitful and can speed up your progress. Gunner is great for bodybuilders who are preparing to compete, thus needing to melt away the fat while maximizing any muscle gains. Your stamina and recovery will also get a boost.

You won’t be so easily tired anymore and won’t take so long to be back in the business. Results may take about a month to appear. With Gunner, your body gets and uses more nitrogen, delivering it to the muscular tissue, where it’s needed.

This will fuel the protein building processes. In consequence, you will be able to make more of the protein you ingest. You will also get that vascular look, as the supplement helps you flush out tissue water in excess.


This is a yet unreleased supplement, made for stimulating the bone growth and improving its density. With it, you can develop a bigger frame and grow further. If gaining a few centimeters in weight seemed impossible with adult age, know that it’s all about hormones and nutrition. Your joints will be strengthened too, not just your bones.

Besides, the results are quick to show, it takes around 2 weeks to see the changes. No more feeling slow and frustrated that you won’t grow any further, thus limiting your muscle gains.


This is a formula that helps you balance your physique when you have too much bulk but it doesn’t look right yet. It means you may have excessive fat covering the muscles. General will get you rid of that and convert the nutrition to muscular mass.

It will help release amino acids, prompt your metabolism to burn fats and grow you in size rapidly. The muscle-fat ratio is modified so you can achieve that shredded look. It’s got a high L-Arginine content, boosting the growth factor and controlling insulin effectively.


Cut and lean are the keywords when it comes to Winger. Achieve the ultimate warrior look by melting all unnecessary fat and have confidence like never before.

Take this during cutting times to maximize fat burning through a thermogenic effect and protect your gains. You’ll also feel more energized and agile on a daily basis. Results take 3 to 4 weeks to appear.

SergeantMarine Muscle Sergeant

Also part of the cutting stack, Sergeant enhances the masculine features, fighting ‘man boobs’ (gynecomastia) and helping you build huge, rock-solid pectorals.

It’s got a highly targeted action, working on the chest area including the mammary glands. The product is based on herbal extracts with an action similar to hormones. Use this to shape your chest area.


Marine Muscle Stacks

It’s not so hard to navigate the Marine Muscle collection and pick what you need. The manufacturer grouped its supplements in stacks, based on their main action and the training stage they were designed for. Simply select the stack you need and that’s it, no need to compare or buy other supplements. Thus, you have the following categories:

  • The Bulking Stack

This is made to add mass, size and increase strength. These are the so-called bulking products and count Gunner, Trooper, Enduro and Drill Master. The combination of the four is meant to help you put on mass and bulk up.

  • The Cutting Range

Alpha, Winger, Trooper and Colonel make the Cutting Range. Together, their ingredients fight fat in a most effective way but also keep intact any muscle mass you’ve gained.

  • The Strength Stack

This stack was conceived to give you strength at all times; it groups Gunner, Alpha, Trooper and Drill Master, to give you just the right ingredients for stamina and explosive power for each workout. No more early fatigue or lack of power during workouts.


Marine Muscle ingredients

The Marine Muscle brand groups a premium range of products that are scientifically formulated, to address every bodybuilder’s needs. These are made with six basic ingredients, along with other undisclosed ones.

The six were found after a decade of thorough research and constant experiments. These ingredients, in this particular dosage and formulation, represent exactly what the body needs in order to build strong lean muscle, lose fat and have the much needed energy for extensive and intensive training. These make for powerful nutrition and stimulation during intense training, with rapid results as well.

Here are the main key ingredients:

  • Tribulus Terrestris pure extract – a herbal anabolic, enhancing male hormones.
  • DHEA – precursors to masculine hormones, boost the metabolism and joint health and increase bone density.
  • Fenugreek extract – controls the metabolism of fat, as well as other metabolic processes.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid – improves blood flow to the muscles.
  • Pregnenolone – delays the onset of fatigue and boost male hormones.
  • Turmeric extract – in its pure form; it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, delays fatigue and protects the tissues.

It is hard to tell whether these ingredients will show up in a drug test or not. Drug tests vary depending on the type of sports and you need to check which rules apply in your case.

Final conclusion

Having the body of a real bodybuilder takes time, effort and commitment. Regardless of how much they put into it, some people are frustrated, even though they claim to eat right and train intensively. This is because they’re not considering balance and good nutrition. Some, if not most, even ignore the hormonal aspect.

However, bodybuilding isn’t just about effort, it’s also a matter of precise engineering and thorough clinical trials, it appears. As far as nutrition is concerned, protein isn’t everything – in fact, too much of it is harmful. Marine Muscle comes to correct that, as it brings key nutrients, powerful enough to influence bodily processes, including hormone production and the metabolism.

It is a product which, like steroids, leads to gains much bigger than before. Unlike steroids though, this is 100% legal and truly effective. It can replace Clenbuterol, Anavar, Trenbolone and other such infamous steroids.

The “military grade” refers to a very high potency, but luckily there is no need for a medical prescription. Marine Muscle is in the top-tier supplement range and makes it possible to get into that 20% segment of gym goers who appear to have better results than anyone else training the same way.

Where to buy Marine Muscle products

Marine Muscle is a series of supplements produced in the USA. The range is not only available to Americans, but also to anyone else in the world, as these products can be shipped internationally.

The easiest and safest way to order is on the official website – MarineMuscle.Com. If you’re in the United States, you can benefit of free shipping. Besides, if you don’t want anyone to know your secret, you will get your package delivered to your door discreetly, completely unmarked. On the official website, clients can benefit of various offers and discounts – for example, you can get 2 products for the price of 1.

When ordering, make sure to get sufficient quantities. Although some of the products take no more than a couple of weeks to yield results, some require at least a month of supplementation. To reach your fitness goals, you may have to order enough supplies for several months.






  • Effectiveness - 9.5/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • User Feedback - 8/10
  • Price - 9.5/10
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