Brutal Force SBulk Review: Is This Sustanon Alternative the Answer to Your Problems?

Brutal Force Introduction

Brutal Force is a legal-steroid and supplement-producing company, whose products are aimed towards bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Their products are lab-tested, legal and safe. The ingredients are picked by nutritionists and are hundred-percent natural. Hence, they have no side effects either.

This is one of the reasons for Brutal Force’s major success. Unlike other companies, the supplements they make are not only legal, but also made under proper US guidelines and protocols. They result in quick change and mass gain without any negative side effects.

They have versatile products in three categories: bulking, stacking, and cutting. All of these products are alternatives to best anabolic steroids, and better in their demonstrative effects in the body since they result in better strength.

One such product within the bulking category is the SBulk—an alternative to Sustanon – the first steroid of its name and origin of all anabolic steroids.

In this article, we review the product, its ingredients, benefits, and side effects. Without further ado, here is all about SBulk—the newest legal supplement in town!

What is SBulk?

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SBulk is a Brutal Force product that is an alternative to the Sustanon steroid, which demonstrates the effects of testosterone in your body. Basically, SBulk, like Sustanon, is used to increase the production of testosterone in the body which is responsible for increasing your strength and stamina.

This results in better exercise and more gain. It is said to boost the t-levels of your body which leads to better overall performance.

Brutal Force also maintains that SBulk is a better, natural alternative because it does not contain any of the negative side effects that steroids normally have.

It does no harm or pressurize any part of the body. It just levels up the production of the testosterone hormone in the body. Moreover, this increase results in lean muscle gain, less muscle fatigue and loss, and less recovery period.

SBulk Ingredients

This supplement contains 30 servings per container. In each of these, the ingredients that are used (per serving size) are as follows:

  • 15 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 39 mcg of Vitamin D3
  • 15 mcg of Vitamin K1
  • 150 mg of Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate)
  • 5 mg of Zinc (as Zinc Citrate)
  • 1764 mg of D-Aspartic Acid
  • 30 mg of Nettle (Urica dioica)
  • 30 mg of Korean Red Ginseng
  • 30 mg of Fenugreek
  • 6 mg of Boron Citrate (containing 5% Boron)
  • 8 mg of Bioperine Black Pepper

How to Use It?

This supplement comes in a container of 30 servings which are 3 veggie capsules per day. Thus, the total pack contains 90 capsules for $79.99 (currently on sale at $54.99). You simply have to consume three capsules per day and wait for the results!

Benefits of SBulksbulk results

Apart from the fact that this supplement is a legal and safe alternative to Sustanon by Brutal Force, it also has certain added benefits as well as no negative side effects.

This supplement just enhances the testosterone stimulation in the body. Thus, it does not put pressure on any of the body parts.

  • This product has very quick effects which can be seen in the form of massive weight gain fairly quickly into taking the capsules.
  • The amino acid regulator produces hormones in the body, including the luteinizing hormone.
  • It helps in the production of testosterone which results in the production of lean muscles and an overall increase in stamina and strength.
  • One of the ingredients in it is D-Aspartic which is proven to increase the production of testosterone by 45% in a span of only a few weeks.
  • SBulk is the most powerful testosterone booster and is the original bodybuilding supplement.
  • It gives you energy throughout the day (also an increase in libido!) which keeps you working out for longer intervals.

Why Should I Use It?

This product leads to an increased stamina which comes as a result of the increase in testosterone in your body. It is also very beneficial for your muscles because it reduces fatigue and produces more lean muscles.

Furthermore, it makes your recovery time very less which gives you immense strength to continue to hustle with reduced intervals resulting in a quicker results of your fitness.

Not to mention, it is just like the original anabolic supplements but available in a completely legal and safe environment. SBulk is the best steroid for testosterone production because it is made of natural ingredients and causes no negative side effects.

If you look at the ingredients listed for the supplement, it is evident that all of these are natural, herbal extracts.

Apart from these basic beneficial qualities of why you should use SBulk, here are some secondary reasons for why it might be the best legal supplement in town:

  • It has very quick results.
  • Unlike steroids, this supplement does not need to be injected into your body and does not cause any negative side effects like acne, high LDL cholesterol etc.
  • When you buy a product from Brutal Force, you get a money-back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the product. This alone is a good enough to reason to try this supplement, because hey, if you do not like it, you can just give your honest feedback and get your money back (this offer is limited to a 100 day policy).

If you do not like the product, just return any unopened or unused capsules back to Brutal Force and they will refund you for the total charge of the product, not just for the unused capsules.

  • With every two purchases of the product, the third one is absolutely free of cost.

Does It Really Work?

SBulk is a testosterone-producing steroid which is very essential in building lean muscles and increasing overall performance and stamina. This supplement definitely performs the function it is set out for—it gives you the energy, improves your stamina, and increases your strength.

As such, it should result in you performing more exercise, lifting more weights, and conducting more reps. This product can definitely give you the boost you want if you are passionate about bodybuilding and fitness. It can keep you going for a longer duration of time.

It is the most common supplement among body builders for a reason. No other supplement is able to increase the production of testosterone in the body as quickly as it.

It results in increasing weight of the muscles, very less and reduced fatigue or sore muscles, and definitely a faster healing or recovery time.

Sbulk does not put pressure on any of your body parts, hence, there is no side effect or risk. All it does is increase the production of testosterone.

This also works in your favor while cutting by speeding up fat loss and preserving lean muscular gain. All in all, SBulk will make you stronger and more powerful. It is also known to make you feel better mentally and sexually.

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Negative Side Effects of SBulk Supplement

SBulk exhibits no negative side effects, neither during its usage nor afterwards. Because it is made of natural ingredients, it is a safe alternative to anabolic steroids.

That being said, you should definitely note that it increases the level of testosterone in your body. As such, you may experience the side effects of testosterone which may be undesirable for some people.

These effects include an increase in sex drive, more hair growth on the body, and even a change in voice. Thus, you should consider the side effects of testosterone.

If they are unsuitable for you, you may want to try for some other methods for increasing your stamina and strength without altering the natural level of testosterone in your body.

SBulk Supplement Results

The results of this product are rapid because of D-Aspartic Acid being one of the ingredients. It will raise your testosterone levels by almost 50% within just a few weeks.

You can see the results visible in your body within as less as two weeks. Brutal Force products especially excel in showing faster and better results without the use of any injections.

Final Words

SBulk is called the original anabolic for a reason—it is specifically targeted to increase the levels of testosterone in the body which is a fundamental requirement if you want to gain strength and stamina.

Furthermore, it will also help you gain mass muscle and reduce the fatigue during and after exercising, to result in more and better reps and weights.

Even though it will not have magical effects, it will surely provide you with a unique boost of T-levels. In turn, you will be able to work out faster and better, eventually resulting in great body. After all, if you want to increase the testosterone levels in your body, what better way to do it than through SBulk?

Traditionally, testosterone levels are increased through injections. SBulk is the one alternative which requires no injection or other invasive methods, but will have the same or better effects on your body. By using all safe and natural ingredients, it also ensures that you suffer from no negative consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SBulk

Who produces SBulk?

This supplement is produced by a legal-supplement and steroid-producing company, Brutal Force.

Is SBulk legal?

Yes. SBulk is legal and produced under the US-approved protocols. It is also lab-tested and safe to use.

What does SBulk do?

SBulk works like Sustanon which basically increases the production of testosterone in the body. This results in increased energy and better lean-muscle gain. It raises the level of T-hormone by about 45%.

Why should I use SBulk?

It will help build your muscle mass and reduce muscle fatigue. Sbulk is produced naturally and sold in a legal and safe environment. It is the best substitute available for one of the best anabolic steroids that produce testosterone, Sustanon.

Does SBulk have any negative side effects?

No. Unlike Sustanon, SBulk is safe to use with no negative side effects. Moreover, unlike traditional methods, this testosterone-producing supplement requires no injections or other invasive procedures.

What is the price of SBulk?

Each container of SBulk is sold at $79.99 (currently on sale at $54.99).

How much dosage does each container of SBulk contain?

SBulk comes in a container with a serving size of 30. Each serving has 3 veggie capsules. Hence, the container contains 90 capsules in total.

What are the ingredients used in each serving size?

  • 15 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 39 mcg of Vitamin D3
  • 15 mcg of Vitamin K1
  • 150 mg of Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate)
  • 5 mg of Zinc (as Zinc Citrate)
  • 1764 mg of D-Aspartic Acid
  • 30 mg of Nettle (Urica dioica)
  • 30 mg of Korean Red Ginseng
  • 30 mg of Fenugreek
  • 6 mg of Boron Citrate (containing 5% Boron)
  • 8 mg of Bioperine Black Pepper

When do the results show?

The results of SBulk are visible to you in less than two weeks. SBulk raises the T-levels of your body by almost 50%.

What if I do not like the product?

Brutal Force allows you a refund provided that you return the unused, unopened products. They give you a refund for the whole product, not just the unused capsules.


  • Effectiveness - 8.9/10
  • Safety - 8.7/10
  • User Feedback - 9/10
  • Price - 7.8/10

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