Cut and Bulk Like a Pro: A Trenorol Review

Cutting and bulking represents a great challenge for any bodybuilder and is often a secret to the less experienced. It feels like a very difficult, often counter-intuitive task to add muscle mass while melting the existing fat because the two require some different approaches.

It seems though that supplement creators have considered this and created suitable products to address all of its aspects. You can now try out something that is great for bulking as well as for cutting.

What is Trenorol?crazybulk trenorol

Trenorol is a fitness and bodybuilding supplement by Crazybulk for the following purposes:

  • mass gain
  • conditioning
  • strength

It is a product that targets the muscles and copies the action of steroids while being an entirely natural alternative.

As the name suggests, it resembles Trenbolone, a famous steroid.

Sadly, this one was famous not only for its incredible androgenic effects but also for the noxious elements and the risks it posed. No wonder that such steroids became illegal.

These, however, have stunning results for the hard training ones, if they could stand the side effects. The bodybuilding crowd has always been on the look for similar products, in order to have the benefits but dodge the bad consequences.

The Crazybulk line now offers them a safe and attractive alternative. This dietary supplement is suitable to both the bulking and the cutting stages, responding to the body’s needs.

You get 30 capsules per bottle and you need to take 3 such capsules per day; therefore it is best to order 3 bottles at once – so at least you can see the first effects and convince yourself.  The product is praised by its manufacturer as able to promote “immense muscle gains”.

Benefits of Trenorol

Trenorol is described as a versatile product, hence it can cater to the different bodybuilding stages. Take a look below at its expected benefits:

  • Increased power for your every training session, thus leading to a superior workout for your muscles.
  • Fast healing
  • Annihilates fat
  • You can use it whenever you want
  • Great for bulking
  • Great for cutting
  • Completely legal and safe
  • Better vascularity
  • Quick results
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world

What is even better than all that is that Trenorol is said to work in just 30 days. It is thus one of the quickest acting supplements and can take your mind off the regular, bad steroids.

Use for at least 2 months to notice the real change and don’t forget to stick to a vigorous training routine and to eat accordingly.

This is not meant as a protein powder nor as a meal replacement. It is just an enhancing, strengthening supplement that will modify your muscle chemistry and enable faster and better gains.

trenorol legal steroid


Trenorol Ingredients

Trenorol has a list of ingredients that is worth analyzing. The main ones in it are:

Nettle Leaf Extract – helps dislocate the fat cells and use these for energy. As this happens, the muscle tissue is energized by receiving this.

Beta Sitosterol – boosts the metabolic rate and raises the bodily temperature, with positive consequences on the fat burning process.

Samento Inner Bark – conditions the muscular fibers, so that movements become easier and with fewer negative consequences.



This list may look quite strange because the denominations are not that well known. Still, you can easily tell that it’s coming from natural sources and is expected to have a synergistic effect.

We noticed something common to Crazybulk products, though. It is hard to tell what is the concentration and therefore the real efficiency of these compounds. There isn’t much that’s being disclosed, which makes a verdict really hard to give. There are no measurements.

Trenorol side effects

There are no reports of side effects to this date. People who use it as recommended and who take the product before workouts (about 45 minutes earlier) have proper time to digest it and use it for muscle gains.

They have no complaints whatsoever. Of course, this may change if you do not respect the timing or the dosage. While there were some allergic reactions, no one actually says it would be intolerable. No one noticed hormonal changes, nor hair loss, fat gain or anything like that.

Does Trenorol Work?

Trenorol is similar to other Crazybulk supplements. What it does is to interfere with the protein synthesis process through the delivery of nitrogen. Nitrogen has an essential role in protein creation within the body.

Thus, you don’t just need to ingest protein in order to get ripped – you also need nitrogen to make it work. Through building more muscle mass, you get to burn more fat too, which is why Trenorol is suitable to the cutting stage, too. In addition, the ingredients boost the production of red blood cells.

By doing this, the quantity of oxygen inside the muscles is increased. You will actually notice the change, as it improves your vascularity in a visible way.

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Is Trenorol Safe?

Most people get worried when they hear the word ‘steroid’ related to a fitness supplement. It is because of all the controversy created by actual steroids, now banned in many countries.

Their very bad side effects have become legendary. However, this is not the case – ‘steroid’ is only used for marketing purposes and to describe the action of this wholly natural and harmless formula.

Its matrix of compounds has nothing dangerous in it. Watch out though, as there may be certain allergic reactions to the ingredients. Judging by the customer reviews, the product is indeed a safe one, although it is impossible for now to tell about this in the long run.

The official website does not disclose much about the ingredients, nor about their concentration and long-term effects on health. For this reason, everyone is advised to use the pills for two months (with a short break in between) and then stop. You must never take this product (or any other similar one) without doing regular exercise. It can be noxious under such circumstances.

Also, do not take more than is recommended. As of this date, there aren’t any documented side effects, but it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, the dosage limitation has a purpose.

Trenorol customer reviews

People who tool Trenorol also helped themselves with other smart formulations for bodybuilding. They have obtained much better results when they stacked this product with other supplements from the Crazybulk series.

Many individuals say they have noticed metabolic changes. That is hard to confirm, but the change they see must be coming from the fat-burning effect. Another great aspect is that it causes no water retention, which means that in the end you look truly ripped and not bloated or simply bulked. You will have that ‘dry’ look that bodybuilders are so keen on.

However, if you’re not paying attention to your diet, it could get you some extra fat. Stick to the norms and you will see how Trenorol helps you look more defined.

You absolutely have to play your part in this. Once you end a month of use, you can take a break of 1-2 weeks but not more, then start all over again.

Some claim it works in less than 2 weeks but you should try it out for about a month to be safe. As with any other product of its kind, the results are up to your efforts and to the care you put into it.

Sure, you may keep the same training routine and you will see it work – no need to make changes right away. In fact, you can convince yourself by maintaining the same amount of effort and taking the capsules.

Trenorol Results

Perhaps the most common result that’s being reported is the following: users have lost fat without diminishing the muscle mass they gained, so it has a protective role indeed.

The fat-burning action can be noticed quite soon. Besides that, it also pumps the muscles, adding more mass and helping your body get well defined.

You must definitely not get reckless and use the product in any other way than the recommended one, don’t envision greater results and start taking it more often, it may lead to side effects.

Trenorol is good for women too. Females couldn’t usually take steroid-like supplements because of compounds that would act on their hormone levels and change their looks in dramatic ways, but this one is harmless.

Besides, it does have a fat-melting effect on women, too. Is not a wonder pill to build muscle, but can be a powerful aid when you are serious about your workouts and diet.

trenorol results

Trenorol FAQ answered

Not finding the answers to your questions online? You’re not yet sure of certain aspects concerning this steroid alternative? Below you will find some facts that are not addressed in this review but which are useful to know before you decide to buy or to skip it.

  • Is it legal to use?

Trenorol does not belong to the black market and every ingredient used in it is completely legal. You do not even need a prescription for it.

  • Is it really a steroid?

Trenorol has bodybuilding effects like those of steroid and is marketed as one – albeit a natural ‘steroid’ with none of the terrible side effects. Also, it is legal to use. The name is somewhat misguiding though. There are no actual steroid substances in it.

  • Where can I buy it and do I need a prescription?

You can buy it without any prescription – just order it straight from the Crazybulk website. You will not find it in local shops, it is only available to order online.

  • Is there any scientific research to back it?

Concerning Trenorol itself, there are no scientific studies yet. However, that should not worry you, because the ingredients in it have been researched and shown as safe and effective.


This appears to manage to mimic the effects of steroids if taken regularly and paired with the right bodybuilding regime. It’s a dietary supplement that poses no risk to your health. It can get you to pack on dense and hard muscle, at the same time eliminating the fat you stored. Be warned though, it will not build muscle out of thin air.

You need to put some real effort into it, meaning intense regular training (weight lifting) and dieting with a focus on good quality protein. Note that it is fairly expensive but if it works for you, then maybe the investment will be worth it. After all, you’re not supposed to use for longer than a couple of months.

Employ it for toning and adding mass while losing unwanted fat. It will also make your muscles harder and improve the ripped look. For superior results, perhaps it would be good to combine it with similar products that target other factors in muscular growth and stamina.

Should you buy Trenorol – yes or no?

The once popular drug Trenbolone was a very controversial one. It was the right decision to have it banned and to expose all the evils it was guilty of. Still, the aura of its success remained, which is what made supplement producers try to mimic it by using less harmful substances. This happened with Trenorol, a real alternative to the very risky steroids.

It is made by Crazybulk, a company based in the USA and having a highly appealing range of supplements for athletes. Considering the list of the ingredients, the existing evidence and the reviews, it would be worth it to try a course of two months of Trenorol.

The product is often heavily discounted on the official website and you can save more than $20 per item. Besides, it’s totally advantageous to have free shipping with it. Increase your muscle mass and then protect it with this innovative formulation. It will make your mission easier, whether it is about bulking or cutting.

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  • Effectiveness - 8.5/10
  • Safety - 8/10
  • User Feedback - 8.5/10
  • Price - 7.5/10
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