Anadrole – The Safe Muscle Mass Booster Review

Today not only athletes and bodybuilders but also regular gym-goers aspire for a body-flaunting muscle pack, ideally, a six-pack but eight packs are also not unwelcome.

For a long period of time, the only way to achieve this was to take steroids, but its harmful effects soon surfaced. So severe were its side effects that many governments banned its use.

Thus, a quest was started for a healthier alternative to harmful steroids. One such alternative is the Anadrole. In this article, we would walk through understanding what it is and its various aspects.

What is Anadrole?crazy bulk anadrole

Anadrole is nothing but the safe and legal version of the steroid Anadrol or Oxymethalone. Anadrole exhibits the same action mechanism but without its side effects.

It vastly increases the red blood cell production to increase oxygen supply and delays fatigue to bring about a strength and muscle gain that is spectacular, to say the least.

This bodybuilding supplement is fast gaining immense popularity amongst athletes and bodybuilders to flaunt a perfect muscular and fit body.

Who should use Anadrole?

Foremost, Anadrole is designed only for males. It is the best legal steroid that helps you get the maximum out of your gym workout and diet plan to bring about an immense increase in your muscle mass, strength, and energy.

However, this is meant only for serious bodybuilders who look to add a massive amount of muscle to their bodies within the next couple of months. It is not meant for people who are not aspiring to train ‘hard.’

Legal Ingredients of Anadrole

Foremost, before delving into any other aspect, let’s throw a look at some of the major quality and natural ingredients which is used in the formulation of this supplement. They are:-

This is the core ingredient of this body-building supplement. An herbal extract, it is deemed as the world’s most powerful natural testosterone booster.

It can increase the body’s natural testosterone production and androgen activity to astonishing levels to increase workout performance, athletic stamina, and motivation to cause more muscles, strength, and less fat.

Another effect of it is an exceptional increase in male virility, energy, and libido. The extract has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine for treating male libido issues. One serving of the supplement contains 250 mg of this extract.

  • Shilajit (Asphaltum)

It is a unique Ayurvedic supplement that has commendable high levels of Fulvic acid. The acid is known to boost the testosterone level by about 23.5% leading to some massive growth in muscle mass, strength, and energy. By increasing mitochondrial ATP production and metabolism, it can significantly increase the energy levels in the body.

By shuttling more electrons into the electron transport chain, it helps increase the athletic performance as well as endurance of the body. The consequence of this is that you’re stamina increases and your body’s fatigue-fighting ability increases leading to better endurance. You are thus able to work out for a much longer duration as well as recover from workout stress and fatigue faster. Its amount in the supplement is 50 mg per serving.

It is another major ingredient whose proportion in the supplement is 25 mg per serving. A very important amino acid, it exhibits some spectacular functions. Our body normally converts just a fraction of protein that we consume into muscles.

However, this amino acid can make the body utilize a hundred percent of the protein supplied to it. Thus, it can facilitate some serious muscle development.

You also get an appreciable increase in stamina and energy levels as well as expedite muscle recovery from fatigue. It forces the body to use deposited fats for energy as well as increase mitochondrial capacity. Thus not only is muscular endurance increased but the biomarkers of muscle damage are also reduced.

Present in the amount of 100 mg per serving, it is considered one of the most balanced sources of important muscle-building amino acids required for your bulking cycle.

The ingredient is known to exhibit a powerful anabolic effect on the muscle growth of any aspiring bodybuilder.

It is a concentrated source of many amino acids in certain ratios which can significantly increase lean muscle mass as well as size.

Many experts deem it as more powerful than even whey protein in helping any physique add-on lean and hard muscles. Its proportion in the serving is 100 mg per serving.

Apart from the above ingredients, the formulation also contains some inactive ingredients like gelatin capsules and magnesium stearate. Both are clinically proven safe for bodybuilding purposes.

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Does Anadrole work?

Anadrole is manufactured and marketed by Crazy Bulk, a well-known name in the world of dietary supplements and pills. To quote the exact words of the manufacture of this supplement, “Anadrole is rocket fuel for your muscles, delivering mind-blowing pumps and energy surges, allowing you to perform better, recover faster and pack on some serious size gains.”

The main action plan on which Anadrole works is to increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles. It achieves this by boosting the red blood cells in the body which are actual oxygen carriers inside the body.

Their increased count increases the oxygen supply to the body and the muscles. It also broadens the lungs and bronchioles, thereby increasing their capacity to hold oxygen.

Increased oxygen supply means more energy to the muscles which helps in delaying the fatigue of the muscles, and thus you can work out for a longer period of time.

With this increased endurance and strength, you can build all the muscles that you want in your body. Thus, your body is able to get all the fuel and nutrients to increase muscle mass.

The supplement also increases the body’s natural testosterone level which is a natural anabolic hormone of the body that can stimulate muscle hypertrophy significantly. To sum up, the supplement is the ideal recipe for developing massive lean muscles faster in the body.

Benefits of Anadrole

Several benefits are associated with regular consumption of this muscle booster supplement. A few of its leading benefits are –

  • Increases red blood cell production – We have already seen how the supplement enhances the red blood cell count. This helps the blood to supply more oxygen resulting in higher metabolism, enhanced absorption of nutrients, and delay of fatigue. You get more energy and can fast build lean muscles.
  • Improves the lung’s capacity to hold oxygen – As already stated, it broadens the bronchioles of the lungs so that their oxygen holding capacity increases. This enables them to supply more oxygen to the blood for them to absorb and supply to other parts of the body and muscles.
  • Boosts Oxygen supply to the muscles – Because of the cumulative actions of the above two benefits, there is an increased supply of oxygen to the muscle. This keeps them energized to work for longer hours and develop more stamina and endurance.
  • Increases energy and delays fatigue – The supplement boosts the metabolism of the body to supply it with more energy. It also delays the fatigue of the muscles as well as helps them to recover faster. Because of this you can carry on with your fitness regime for a much longer period of time.

Because of the above benefits, you experience various other benefits like –

  • Increased workout efficacy and power output.
  • Improved pump, energy, and performance.
  • Brings about immense muscle and strength gains.
  • It increases the synthesis and utilization of proteins which brings about the buildup of lean muscles.
  • Significantly increases the nitrogen retention of the body.
  • Improves the testosterone level of the body.
  • The supplement is absolutely safe to take as it is formulated with natural ingredients.
  • It gives fast results which can start getting noticed within fifteen days to a month of its use.

Side-Effects of Anadrole

The steroid version of this supplement has some known and serious side effects especially toxicity to the liver and kidneys. However, this non-steroid version exhibits no such side effects. However, depending on person to person, some of its side effects are –

  • If you compare this supplement to its non-legal supplement, the muscle mass will fall short. It takes a longer time to achieve the same result but is much safer with no risk to health.
  • The supplement can sometimes depress your food cravings, and thus you need to ensure to take a proper and well-balanced

Cautions when consuming this supplement

  • The supplement is not meant to be consumed by people under the age of eighteen years.
  • The supplement should be consumed strictly according to the directed dosage and at the right time, e., consumed after meals.
  • It should always be stored in a cool and dry place.

Some Common FAQ regarding Anadrole answered

  1. Is Anadrole safe?

Anadrole is crafted from all-natural ingredients, and this is absolutely safe to consume. Moreover, it does not even require a prescription at the time of purchase. It is a safe and legal supplement to consume.

  1. Does Anadrole work?

There are plenty of before and after pictures of real consumers posted on the manufacturer’s website and various other platforms which convince anyone of the success story of this supplement. Simultaneously, it must be kept in mind that it is no magic pill and one must support this supplement with a proper and clean diet with the right amount of calories and real, hard training.

  1. Where can I buy Anadrole?

Unfortunately, Anadrole is not available in the retail stores. You can only order it from the manufacturer’s website. The brand does not make it available for sale in other online stores as Amazon, eBay, or GNC. There are numerous discounts also available on the site including a bottle free with an order of two bottles of the supplement. Shipping and handling cost is also free.

  1. Is Anadrole legal for use in competitions?

As the supplement does not fall in the criteria of performance-enhancing substances like Anabolic steroids, it is legal and safe to use, even for athletic and aesthetic competitions. However, it always pays to verify with any specific competition and their guidelines to be certain. Few competitions ban even the use of safe dietary supplements.

  1. What result can be expected from the supplement?

The supplement is no magic pill but delivers quite satisfactory results within a month of its consumption. It must also be kept in mind that it cannot give extreme results as its steroid version.

Recommended dosage

One is required to take three tablets per day. Each tablet is to be taken at different times of the day after meals. The supplement needs to be continued for at least two months without a break.

Final Take on the Anadrole supplement

The Anadrole supplement has managed to leave quite a favorable impression on the mind of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and the bodybuilding community because of its proven results.

It is one of the leading and powerful muscle-building supplements that have proven its efficacy for improving your lean muscle mass, strength enhancement, and athletic performance.

Few reviews of actual customers state that it also helps in improving body fat composition and appetite as well. Its positive impact on the libido needs no testimony.

Many customers have given it a positive rating in helping them increase their lean muscle mass in a significantly short span of time to help them reach their fitness goals easily. Its impressive result with almost no side effects further adds to its favor.

Furthermore, its results can be enhanced three times when it is stacked up with other powerful legal steroids like Trenorol and D-Bal. The muscle growth almost turbocharges here.

With this detailed review, it is almost a no-brainer to conclude that Anadrole is a real and legal deal for all those who want to build muscle and gain strength, the right, and healthy way. It is a highly recommended muscle booster supplement that should be tried by any serious bodybuilder.

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