Biotics 8 Review – Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for a credible men’s supplement with maximum nutritional benefits? Whatever your gut health goal is, Biotics 8 will help you take it one step further.

I’m innately a high achiever.  One of the things my wife says attracted her to me is the manner in which I push myself to excel in everything I do. That goes for my family, my business, and my personal health.

As a fitness junkie, probiotics are of course a part of my regimen but I noticed that when I started using Biotics 8, my overall health and endurance in the gym increased.

I even take on some of the most challenging workouts for 2 hours non-stop! This amazing product is a must-have for men and today I’ll be telling you why.

What is Biotics 8?  


biotics 8


Crafted with the man’s performance as a priority, Biotics 8 is a natural food supplement by Bauer formulas, packaged in easy-to-swallow capsules.

The probiotic formula contains clinically tested ingredients that help with the growth and restoration of good gut bacteria, brain and sexual health, improvement of testosterone levels, strengthening of the immune system, digestive health, mood, and energy boost.

Falling among the most famous offerings by Bauer Nutrition, Biotics 8 is a top-rated probiotics supplement in the US made with the aim of promoting and improving gut health in men.

The regular use of this formula improves digestion and gets rid of bloating and gas issues, improving your immune system at the same time. Overall, it also helps in giving more energy on a daily basis as well as a better focus on everyday tasks.

The supplement is a creation of high-quality and clinically tested ingredients to ensure safety and effectiveness. It is only available online on the official manufacturer’s website which takes care of the product’s credibility as availed in the market.

Bauer Nutrition, a well-known brand for health and wellness expertise, is the seller and manufacturer of this supplement. Other products by the brand include Performer 8 for male issues, Phen24, and Keto Charge for diet among many others.

The company provides nutritionists and lifestyle therapists to help guide users on the best administration of their products.

The reputation of the manufacturer is built on its wide range of beauty and health products.

Biotics 8 Benefits

The primary function and benefit of this probiotic formula is the optimization of the gut flora. It triggers the production of microbiomes that break down food to avoid digestive abnormalities such as bloating and gas. In turn, a healthy digestive system eases bowel movements.

The microbes also protect the body against diseases by strengthening the immune system. This male supplement is also fortified with ingredients that support prostate health and hormonal balance.

The supplement also boosts mood and energy levels in a man which results to improved mental health and sharper thinking.

The probiotic’s Vitamin blend is also essential for bone and heart health, and cholesterol regulation.

How does it work?

Biotics 8 works through the combination of nutrients, formulated for the maximum performance of the male body.

The capsules are packed with a powerful blend of fibers, and digestive enzymes that activate the normal production of enzymes needed for the breakdown of fats, protein, carbs, and sugars while controlling stomach acid. This eliminates inflammation in the digestive tract and maintains the balance of gut bacteria.

The extract from Chicory root contained in the supplement is responsible for mineral absorption, regulation of blood sugar levels, and promotes weight loss. Vitamin D, on the other hand, caters to better mood, as well as improved sleep quality and increased growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is also contained in the probiotic has been shown to reduce weight gain and cholesterol levels.

The myriad ingredients in the supplement also work to improve energy, and alertness in the high-functioning man.

Simply put, Biotics 8 is the essential supplement for the overall health and wellness of a man.

How To Use Biotics 8?

The natural supplement is designed for daily intake for long-term results. The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules with water first thing in the morning. The Biotics 8 capsules can also be taken with food to ensure that the good bacteria reach the gut alive.

To avoid severe upset of the digestive system as it adjusts to the supplement, you can begin with a single pill on day one and then take two pills on the second day.

Your gut will become acquainted with the introduction of the new probiotic bacteria within the first 2 – 3 days. If you had been experiencing problematic digestion, you will begin to experience low IBS in about two weeks.

This means your digestion has improved and bowel movements are no longer a nightmare. Often, better digestion is coupled with a better mood and drive which are the bonus benefits you enjoy early on as you use this men’s supplement.

Then repeat the process every day for a month and you will begin to feel light, energetic, confident, and sharper in thinking. This means your testosterone levels are increasing and your manliness is operating at optimum.

You’ll maintain the intake for at least three months to ensure your gut is receiving all the good gut bacteria needed to thrive. If you’ve been working towards weight loss, you’ll notice healthy shedding of the excess weight with a gut that feels rock solid.

Over time, you’ll notice that your entire physical performance has improved; your sleep will calm, your energy will be consistent, gas and indigestion will be foreign to you and even your skin will look better. At this point, working out will be something you enjoy and you’ll be on to that chiseled physique.

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Biotics 8 Ingredients

While most probiotic supplements only provide the body with only a few bacterial strains, Biotics 8 contains 10 bacterial strains of 20 billion CFUs and it also includes fiber, vitamins, and digestive enzymes which make it a complete package that allows users to improve both their gut and overall health and wellness.

The high number of colony-forming units (CFUs) in this probiotic is a very good indication of the number of live bacteria it contains which shows its effectiveness.

These are some of the primary active ingredients in the supplement:

Found in green and black tea, the naturally occurring compound promotes relaxation, improves sleep quality, helps with weight loss, and strengthens the immune system. Regular intake of L-theanine also boosts mental focus and brain function, in turn increasing memory and cognitive performance. L-theanine also reduces high blood pressure and calms inflammation.

A plant compound that’s rich in antioxidants, Resveratrol helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce joint pain, protect the brain, and increase insulin sensitivity. Resveratrol supplementation also helps in fighting neurodegeneration, oxidative stress, inflammation, glycation, and some types of cancer.

The Bacopa herb has been used in traditional medicine for centuries It is used to help lower inflammation caused by chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, kidney, and heart disease. It also helps with brain health, improving memory and mental focus, brain, and cognitive functions, as well as concentration. The herb also helps prevent neurodevelopment disorder, and reduce high blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

Available in supplement form, L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that helps improve sleep and mood boost, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases mental alertness. The amino acid also is great for brain health, digestive health, and strengthening of the immune system.

Backed by scientific research, the positive benefits of Cat’s claw extract include reduced pain and stiffness in joints, lowering of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and low stomach disorders. The administration of the extract is also good for allergic conditions, bowel syndrome, and viral infections. It is also used in the treatment of rheumatologic conditions and gastrointestinal inflammation.

  • Alpha GPC

It’s a natural supplement that helps with fast learning and improved memory. It also triggers the production of growth hormones. The Alpha GPC supplementation also supports endurance and mental fitness when Stroke or Alzheimer’s are detected early.

  • Oat Straw extract

It is derived from the unripe Avena sativa plant. Research shows that oat straw is good for enhancing cognition, improving blood flow, and controlling inflammation. Additionally, it is shown that oat straw helps improve digestion naturally and in a long-lasting manner.

  • Vitamin B

In Biotics 8, this is crucial to lowering sepsis risk after an injury. It is responsible for regulating blood sugars and improving energy levels.

In relation to digestion, the B7 compound helps the liver to function properly. On the other hand, B12 helps to form red blood cells and nourish the brain.


I like many things about Biotics 8.

  • Top rated for gut health and digestion

First of all, the supplement is the best I’ve come across as far as gut health and digestion are concerned.  I also love that it prevents illnesses due to the immune strengthening properties.

  • Ingredients are well researched and clinically tested

I credit the manufacturer for the intense research and scientific tests that the ingredients are taken through which I believe to be the reason for the high-quality formula and effectiveness. The probiotics used are safe and it has a proprietary blend of the 10 most diverse bacteria.

  • The manufacturer is highly reputable in the health and wellness industry

Bauer formulas is a well-known nutrition and wellness brand that is trusted in the market. Their labs and manufacturing facilities are FDA-approved and that gives me confidence in the supplement.

  • Most customers express satisfaction with the brand

The customer reviews are highly rated with mostly success stories and positive feedback. All ingredients, administration, and nutrition information are listed in the packaging which leaves no room for misinformation. No major side effects have been reported in the use of the product.

  • 2-month return policy with a money-back guarantee

The 60-day return policy with a money-back guarantee is also a great consideration for customers. It also explains the fast results because the seller is confident in the product. Quite honestly, it’s really worth its money and many men, myself included are satisfied with the results.


As with any product, there are always a few things that one may dislike.

  • No guarantee for individual results

Of course, the manufacturer does not guarantee individual results because everybody is different. It is also important to note that using the product alone is not a solution. One has to maintain a healthy diet and physical exercise so that it can be effective. At the end of the day, results and effects vary from person to person.

  • The supplement can only be used by men

It can also be considered unfair that this supplement is only made for men and can only be used by men. Sorry ladies.

  • Slow response on some users

The probiotic can respond slowly to some people based on health and genetic factors as well as other lifestyle choices including nutrition, diet, and exercise. It’s not an automatic fixer.

  • No disclosure on whether the supplement contains preservatives

Bauer formula claims that the supplement is natural and it is unknown whether Biotics 8 contains any preservatives. That bit of information can be helpful to users, especially for markets outside of the US where the brand may not be well known.

biotics 8 benefits

Biotics 8 – FAQs

How Should You Take Biotics 8?

To enjoy long-term benefits, it is recommended that you take the probiotic every day. Swallow three capsules with water first thing in the morning. You can start with one capsule to give your gut time to slowly adjusts and then progress to two capsules a day then three as required.

How Much Does Biotics 8 Cost?

According to the official website, a bottle that can last you one-month costs $59.99. The most popular is the 3-pack bottle which can last up to 3 months. It goes for $119.99. The company also offers a 5-bottle which can last up to 5 months at $179.99. Essentially, you save more when you purchase the product in bulk.

What is Biotics 8 Return Policy?

Customer satisfaction is a priority of the manufacturer and if the product does not meet your wants, you are free to return it.

Bauer offers a 60-day return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee for Biotics 8. You will contact customer care on the official website to guide you through the product return process.

How soon will I notice positive results?

Some customers noticed positive gut health results in as little as 2 weeks while others even see a difference in their digestion and bowel movements in 7 days! However, this does not take into account the individual’s diet, exercise, and proper nutrition.

But what I can say is that with consistent use of Biotics 8, you can begin to feel and see a noticeable change in your digestion, mood, and overall health within 60 days of purchase or they’ll return your money without a hassle.

Is Biotics 8 safe?

Yes! Biotics 8 is completely safe. The formula is made using only science-backed, live strains of probiotics that are natural, gluten-free, and entirely safe, with no known side effects.

Additionally, the probiotic formula is made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility. The formula must also pass a series of tests to ensure each bottle that leaves the facility contains live strains of probiotics.

Biotics 8 Review – Final Verdict

It works effectively and can be easily integrated into any man’s lifestyle without any issue. Despite its high ingredient concentration, Biotics 8 is safe to use with a non-medical prescription. This is because it is produced by trusted industry experts with a track record of success.

The brand is popular and in terms of consumer trust, Biotics 8 has earned its place in the hearts of its customers. I’m one of the highly satisfied customers.

I’ve interacted with many probiotics and I can tell you that although the market contains numerous probiotic supplements, I haven’t come across another brand that has a wholesome male supplement with fast action and long-term effects, as Bauer formulas have.

Many people and especially men don’t have a healthy digestive system, which makes Biotics 8 supplement such a great option due to its specificity to men.

We really have no reason to suffer embarrassment and the discomfort of bloating, gas, stomach pain, and other problems caused by gut damage or in our stomach.

Many users like myself have already gained an active, pain-free lifestyle by taking Biotics 8 regularly enjoying better immunity and improved health along the way.

If you are interested in dealing with our gut problems for good, I highly recommend that you visit the Biotics 8 website and place an order right away. If you are skeptical, feel free to talk to your doctor first to avoid any unwanted side effects.

The company behind the supplement is honest and transparent enough to list whatever side effects can be expected when we take Biotics 8.

Notably, none of the supplements by Bauer Nutrition, including Biotics 8, have shown severe side effects on users save for brief gut upset in the first few days as the system adjusts to the transformation.

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  • Effectiveness - 8.9/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • User Feedback - 8.7/10
  • Price - 7.8/10
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