Unique Hoodia Weight Loss Pill Review: True Efficiency or Scam?

Nowadays, we see certain diet pills claiming to act on the hidden mechanisms inside your body, especially in the brain, that control hunger levels and the impulse to eat more than what is normally necessary. These appear to be able to work right on the cause of your weight issue. Where does Unique Hoodia stand and is there really some truth behind its claims?

What is Unique Hoodia?unique hoodia

First of all, this is advertised as a diet pill based on the cactus plant Hoodia Gordonii and it’s not the first supplement to have used this.

It is supposed to act as an appetite suppressant which can be purchased without prescription. The product belongs to Incubator Ltd., a name known for other slimming supplements, too.

To create this supplement, it has dived deep into the dietary habits of the Bushmen people in the Kalahari Desert and came up with a formulation more potent than similar ones on the market.

Benefits of Unique Hoodia

The product has only two ingredients. One is the pure Hoodia Gordonii (1500 mg in each serving) sourced from South African farms and the other is BioPerine. The latter improves the absorption rate dramatically. Thus, all the Hoodia Gordonii is being absorbed with great efficiency. This means you can achieve more through a smaller quantity of the supplement. You also get the following benefits:

  • It is a powerful appetite suppressant,
  • it reduces snaking and food cravings,
  • works with 30% faster thanks to Bioperine,
  • has no side effects and
  • is rich in concentrated, highly potent extracts.

Does Unique Hoodia work?

The famous P57 molecule inside the plant has appetite suppressing properties that could not be ignored. The plant has been used in Africa for a long time. It was consumed by huntsmen going on hunting expeditions, which had them starving for a long time.

The cactus species helped keep their appetite low so they could go on with their mission. UniqueHoodia takes its extracts from the plant stem only, which is considered the best source.

The active compound interferes with the neurotransmitters connected to the hunger sensation. It acts on the brain, through a molecule as efficient as glucose, signaling that you are full and you can stop eating. It does not act on one’s energy levels and therefore you may not feel any change in that regard, but it will trigger the positive named above.

It is recommended to commit for at least one month in order to experience solid changes, since it takes some time for the transformations to occur. This is also the reason why testing has failed with some occasions – the researchers only tested the pill for a maximum of 15 days – not enough to notice its real effects.


Is Unique Hoodia safe?

The given supplement contains a plant extract that is clinically researched and labeled as safe. Plus, the species has been widely employed by Africans in their diets. In addition, the doses are safe and no stimulants are involved.

It is in no way dangerous, nor is it restrictive. You can eat whatever you like. It will not starve you, but help you lose weight through simply eating less. In time, it may positively influence your food habits and get you to make healthier choices.

Unique Hoodia side effects

Hoodia works in a way that’s very similar to Garcinia Cambodia fruit extract, which is another dietary staple, this time for South Asia. This is a very simple product, with just two ingredients and no fillers or binders. The plant extract is certified, meaning it is guaranteed as authentic.

Do not purchase hoodia supplements from manufacturers who do not have a good reputation or who cannot make proof of good industry practices and successful, efficient products.

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What is so unique about Unique Hoodia?

Although Hoodia plant diet pills are no novelty to the market, Unique Hoodia has managed to secure a top spot thanks to its formulation. It is mainly its pure ingredients that make it worthwhile. There are certified Hoodia gordonii extracts present in optimal quantities in the final product, unlike with other ones, which are do not contain enough of the active ingredient.

This unique supplement takes its main ingredient straight from farms in South Africa and makes no compromise. It does not have any secrets or special mixtures, except for the BioPerine addition, which increases absorption. The pill will help you control how much you eat and stop snacking – two of the major causes of weight gain and obesity.

Where to buy Unique Hoodia

To avoid diet pill scams (which are very frequent), one should always place orders on the product’s official website. Always make sure the pills were manufactured recently and not stored for a long time. Many supplements claiming to contain the beneficial extract were proven as inefficient, because the manufacturer did not use good enough ingredients. The real deal has nothing to do with these scams.

One box costs about $55 and anything cheaper advanced by other vendors may be a counterfeit or weak product. You can, however, enjoy some savings as you order more boxes (you wouldn’t experience weight loss with just one box anyway) and benefit of attractive discounts.



Unique Hoodia is the product that will trigger some much expected fat loss. It takes no shortcut in order to save money. It can make all your weight loss efforts more effective: dieting, portion control, exercising – all will become much easier to carry out instead of feeling like torture.

You will experience a remarkable cumulative effect as long as this pill sends the right signals to the brain. In addition, you will be spending less on your slimming efforts, since a little of this product goes a long way.

Unique Hoodia will help you eat only three meals a day and stick to only as much food as your body needs. This can make you lose more than 8 lbs in one month. Consumers have reported visible results in a three weeks’ time, sometimes even less than three weeks.




  • Effectiveness - 9/10
  • Safety - 8.5/10
  • User Feedback - 9/10
  • Price - 8/10
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