Kelly Clarkson: Her Inspiring Weight Loss Story

We have talked about many celebrity weight loss journeys and stories of transformations in many articles. The list will not be complete without Kelly Clarkson, whose weight loss is quite popular and is an inspiration to many.

Since her first shot at stardom in the first season of American Idol, media personalities and fans are quick to call out these changes in her size and shape. But Kelly Clarkson is known for being down to earth and taking it all in stride while navigating her career.

However, the Voice coach has never balked from talking about her weight. It is her sheer honesty about food, body-shaming, and body images, which made fans love her.

Today, Kelly Clarkson is very vocal about her journey to a healthy balance and happiness. This time, we will take a deep dive into Kelly Clarkson and her 37-pound weight loss.

A Star is Born

Kelly Clarkson was born on April 24, 1985. As a child, she was always big but she never paid much attention to it. Even then she was comfortable in her own skin. In 2002, she joined the American Idol and won. It paved the way for her rise to fame.

All the while, she also did not mind her weight. She did not have a weight loss goal then because she thought that being skinny is not healthy.

Throughout her career, after almost every appearance, there is something about the star that surfaces as a topic of conversation other than how good her voice is, and her weight.

Kelly Clarkson never really wanted the fame that came with her singing talent. However, she eventually accepted it. What she never comes to terms with is the wildly unrealistic body standards that she was upheld when she became famous.

In one of her interviews, Kelly Clarkson commented that she felt more pressured by people when she was thin. She was really thin already and not healthy, but people are still pressuring her to measure up to their standards. By then, she was not only unhealthy but worn out.

During those times she felt pressured to get thin because she thought her career depended on it. Luckily, she came out of that black hole and realized that nobody could tell her what to do. She can, and she does work on herself on her terms.

One reason fans love her aside from her fabulous voice is her grace and honesty in the face of unending discussions about her weight. Today, the Voice coach and talk-show host is all about body positivity and being comfortable in her skin. She talks openly about her 37-pound weight loss candidly.

How did she do it? Let us take a look at Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss plan, diet plan, and workout regime so that you too, can radiate positivity and love yourself unconditionally.

Her One Great Achievement: Amazing Weight Loss of 37 Pounds

When Kelly Clarkson stepped out for the 2018 CMA Awards many fans and media personalities were quick to notice her slimmer figure. In one of the interviews during the event, she revealed that her new figure is a result of a restrictive new eating plan.

She further revealed that she was not working out but instead reading the book called “The Plant Paradox.” The book is about how we cook our food, non-GMO, with no pesticides, and eat organic food.

Kelly Clarkson weight loss

Why did Kelly change her lifestyle?

Like Susan Boyle, Kelly Clarkson switched to a healthy diet not because she wanted to lose weight. Instead, this lifestyle change was because she needs to because of a health issue. That being an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem that began in 2006.

Although the industry would love her to lose weight, she stressed that it is not about losing weight but her desire to remove prescription pills from her life.

She was not new to the pressure to lose weight. Even when she was new in the music industry, people would say that she needed to shed pounds to be more accepted. The pressure is more when she is thin because the standards keep on getting higher.

Since her career was her bread and butter, she wanted to transform her body into what most celebrities looked like at that time.

Dr. Steven Gundry’s The Plant Paradox

Kelly Clarkson has revealed she lost 37 pounds and credited these amazing results to a diet based on the book by Dr. Steven Gundry, The Plant Paradox.

The book discusses removing gluten and certain types of lectins, which is a type of protein found in many vegetables, fruits, and many more from the diet.

According to the singer, she initially tried a lectin-free diet to help her with an autoimmune disease and thyroid issue. Such a move made her lose weight, and this became a part of her overall health approach to life.

While Kelly Clarkson was successful in her weight loss journey by going lectin-free, Dr. Gundry wants to stress that this restrictive eating style is not for everybody. Avoiding lectins alone will not make you shed off pounds.

You can reach your weight goal more if you skip the processed foods and eat lectin-containing beans and whole grains.

However, before jumping into the Plant Paradox bandwagon, there are some things you should know.

  • Lectin is a protein that can be found in most foods like pulses, whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit. According to Dr. Gundry, gluten is a protein found in wheat, triticale, and barley rye, among others, and is just one type of lectin.
  • It was explained in the book why eating lectin is harmful. Plants have this protein as a defense against their predators: insects and animals.
  • Lectins disrupt the GI tract and allow the bacteria to enter the immune system. It causes leaky gut syndrome and inflammation. At this stage, the body attempts to fight the vegetable predator, which in a way is the same as what is happening when you have an autoimmune disease.
  • Eating lectin causes weight gain because it acts similarly to insulin where the hormone takes up glucose (sugar molecules) by your peripheral tissues (fat cells) for storage.
  • Lectins are found in:
    • Beans and legumes (including peanuts and soy)
    • Nightshade veggies (like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers)
    • Eggs and milk since dairy cows and commercial chickens consume grains
    • Grains, especially brown rice and quinoa
  • The book advises people to eat grass-fed meat, coconut oil, and vegetables like greens, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts
  • Despite these lengthy discussions, there are no human studies to prove dietary lectins with a harmful immune response in healthy people. So, this diet is not yet conclusive.

How Did Kelly Clarkson Lose Weight?

Since lectins are found in almost everything, did Kelly Clarkson starve herself to lose weight? The answer is no. The idea of going lectin-free demands choosing the right food. Lectins are present in the majority of the food we eat and also in processed foods.

Avoiding corn syrup, for example, which has lectin can help you lose weight and decrease chronic inflammation. However, if you are not eating corn syrup-containing foods. Then you are safe.

Another food to avoid is those containing butter and cream. It contains high amounts of saturated fat. Processed grains and bean products which also contain not only lectin but high amounts of sodium are to be avoided.

Kelly herself revealed that there is nothing extraordinary about her diet. She also eats the same food as we do, with a slight variation. For example, she uses different ingredients, different types of flour, and different sugars.

Fried chicken, one of her favorite foods, remains a comfort food. She also uses non-hormone chickens and uses almond or cassava flour instead of the normal breading.

As to cravings, she satiated them by gorging on dark chocolate and macadamia. There is also space for unhealthy food on Kelly’s weight loss plan diet.

During cheat days she munches on fried chicken, cake, wine, etc. But mostly she adheres to champagne and goat cheese. Some of the regular food items on her diet include sweet potatoes, A2 dairy milk, macadamia nuts, asparagus, celery, avocados, lobster, and many others.

She does not eat food items like artificial sweeteners, grains, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, fruits, and A1 dairy products like yogurt, milk, junk food, and many more.

Although her food choices might be expensive, since they can deliver amazing results, it is all worth the money.

Supplements are Not Only For Losing Weight

Kelly does not take supplements to lose weight. She took them to help combat inflammation, provide adrenal support, and improve her immunity and digestive abilities. Here are some of the common supplements that are part of her diet.

  • Iron
  • Polyphenols
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Omega -3S
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin D3
  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics

Each of these supplements has different benefits and serves to bridge the nutritional gap that might be left behind in the diet.

Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine

When it comes to workouts, Kelly was not a fan then and not even now. However, she believes that one cannot ever be fit by just eating healthy as the body needs physical activity. She only indulges in as much exercising as needed to remain fit and healthy and to improve her energy and body.

Kelly Clarkson does not have a workout plan, so her exercise is diverse. That is why it is her trainer’s assignment to shuffle her exercise routine. But most of them are composed of exercises that boost body strength like boxing and cardio exercises.

She spends a couple of hours a day working out. Aside from these, she is also into hiking outdoors or having a run. Here are some of the exercises that you can include in your routine:

To strengthen the body, all you need is a mat, a pair of gloves, a medicine ball, and a boxing bag. Workout within your limits. Do not force yourself to do too many reps that overwork the body. You should give your body adequate rest.

  • Mountain climbers. Incorporate mountain climbers in your exercise routine. Keep your body in a plank position. While your hands are kept on the 2 floor, try to pull your toes as far forward as possible. Strengthen the core and repeat this exercise as many times as the body repeats.

mountain climbers workout

  • Squirky 8-Lunges. While standing, keep your feet shoulder-width apart from one another. Step forward and take the lunging position. Simultaneously, draw an imaginary 8 with your arms in the air. Once you are done, come back to the starting position and move on to doing it on the opposite side.
  • Jump Squats. Keep standing straight, then bend your knees slightly. Lower the body till you reach the squatting position. Keep your back straight and your head held up. Then jump up and try to reach the highest you can. After that, return to the starting position and try to repeat it.

jump squats workout

  • Russian Twists. Another fun exercise that Kelly loves doing is the Russian twist. As you hold in a sit-up position keep a medicine ball in your hands. Slowly raise your feet off the floor while twisting your torso from side to side while the ball is touching the floor on either side. Repeat this process as long as you can.

russian twists weight loss

Kelly Clarkson on Staying Body-Positive

Over the years, Kelly Clarkson has endured remarks about her weight. However, she has learned how to brush it off. She said: “As long as you are happy, you will look good. But happiness looks different on everyone.”

She further stresses that one should not gauge your life on what other people think. You are only going to be in a constant state of panic if you try to please everyone.

What you should do is just concentrate on your own life and your health and own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, you should be happy with it.

Final Thoughts

We hope that Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss journey has inspired you. She never went overboard with her fitness and diet. Instead, she put enough effort to maintain her shape and be in control of her body.

If you want to lose weight and keep fit, you can follow her simple diet and workout plan. See the results, you are going to love yourself more.