A Complete Guide To The Best Natural Appetite Suppressants

Being overweight is one of the most fundamental problems facing a lot of people from different parts of the world.

One of the major contributing factors is overeating which directly affects your weight. There are a lot of factors in play that may lead us to overeat such as stress, fatigue, low amounts of fiber or fat in what we eat the list is endless I could go on and on.

Most drug companies continue to manufacture and promote weight loss pills with the promise of quick and rapid weight loss results, be very cautious when looking to shed off some weight.

Some of the reasons why these appetite-suppressing pills are considered dangerous are that they contain large amounts of caffeine, synthetic additives, and unlisted components/ingredients which causes our bodies to react negatively and at times can be fatal.

However, the good thing for those looking to cut their weight there is a more natural and suitable way that can help in toning down your weight by using natural appetite suppressants. This method is much safer as compared to a diet pill.

In the market, there are a lot of natural appetite suppressants pills and we are going to have a detailed and a thorough discussion on some of the best natural appetite suppressant pills that are tailored to cater to your weight-loss needs by suppressing your appetite in a safer and healthier way preventing future complications and problems.

natural appetite suppressants

What are Natural Appetite Suppressants?

First, we need to understand what an appetite suppressant is. They are medications or prescriptions that ‘fools’ your brain to curb your body from being hungry helping you to lose weight.

Natural appetite suppressants are a bit different from other drugs as they have natural and plant-based ingredients that will help curb your appetite more naturally.

How does Natural Appetite Suppressants work?

Appetite is the need to eat food, our bodies are designed to create these sensations when it wants us to eat. Natural appetite suppressants work by balancing our ‘hunger hormones’ like leptin and ghrelin.

The hormonal level of leptin and ghrelin in our bodies increase or decrease in our bodies throughout the day. The rise and fall are affected mostly by weight, stress, our genetics, moods or the amount of food we have eaten.

Hence, these appetite suppressants reduce our appetite through regulation of these two hormones. On the other hand, they also help in weight loss by improving our thyroid health, increase the production and release of endorphins giving you extra energy for physical activities, reducing cravings for junk foods, burning excess fat into energy and improving our body sugar levels.

It’s not guaranteed that these natural appetite suppressants can work, but they have a higher chance of resulting in weight loss when compared to other pills that are in the market.

TOP 4 Natural Appetite Suppressants

PhenQphenq appetite suppressants

This is one of the best and most popular natural appetite suppressant pills on the market, its specifically manufactured to tackle the main issue of why our bodies gain weight.

This drug provides you with all weight loss supplements with only just one pill. Talk about a wonder drug!

Taking this drug is a start towards a pain-free and enjoyable weight loss experience that will be forever memorable.

PhenQ Ingredients

These pills are manufactured with natural ingredients and meet all the health and pharmaceutical standards.

  • The main ingredient of this pills is A-Lacys Reset which increases our bodies metabolism rate allowing burning or more calories and fat. An increased rate of metabolism increases our bodies temperature which burns even more excess fats
  • It’s packed with capsimax powder, it’s a blend of fat burning enhancers and vitamin B3. These supplements increase body heat which helps weight loss, it also improves our mental sharpness, memory, and focus. Piperine also has the ability to stop the formation of new fat cells
  • Calcium Carbonate– apart from being good for your bones it also assists in the maintenance of body weight, calcium enables our bodies to store less fat. Making our cells to burn more fats rather than storing them
  • Chromium picolinate– it’s a mineral found in vegetables, meat and whole grains. Chromium accelerates the absorption of sugar into our bodies. This ingredient will help reduce your sugar and carb cravings controlling your blood sugar levels making it easier to lose weight
  • Caffeine– It’s a stimulant which increases our focus, fatigue, and alertness. It also reduces appetite and enhances the fat burning process by increasing our bodies thermogenesis. Feeling less fatigued will encourage you to exercise more giving you a slim well-toned body
  • Nopal– This ingredient is rich in fiber and amino-acids which are vital in providing you with excess energy during your weight-loss process. It also aids in the removal of excess fluids in your body reducing your overall body weight.
  • L-carnitine fumarate– It’s a naturally occurring amino-acid which help in burning of fats in our bodies and will also help your body to consume reduced calories.


  • Take 1 200 mg pill twice a day preferably one pill after breakfast and another one after lunch
  • It’s advisable to take the pill around 3 pm to prevent disturbance when sleeping


  • It’s a pill supplement
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • There are 60 pills in every bottle
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping

Raspberry Ketone PlusRaspberry Ketone Plus appetite suppresant

This product is a unique natural diet supplement made from natural ingredients that have no side-effects. It’s completely safe to use.

This pill offers one of the most efficient and effective ways of burning fat no wonder it’s highly recommended for both health and fitness needs.

Its ingredients supply your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure you stay healthy and strong during dieting enabling your body to perform at its best with a nice raspberry taste giving it the perfect aroma.

It has a lot of health benefits and you will not regret buying this weight loss supplement.


  • Raspberry Ketones: Just as its name Raspberry Ketone is the main ingredient, which helps to increase the level of adiponectin in our bodies. It’s a hormone which regulates our metabolism rate and aids in the quicker burning of fats in our bodies resulting in weight loss
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: It’s a component that is highly enriched with acetic acid that also has the ability to increase adiponectin. This ingredient regulates sugar and insulin levels in the blood which is crucial when it comes to losing weight.
  • African Mango: It contains Irvingia Gabon Ensis which scientific research shows to be very helpful to people grappling with obesity and diabetes. Its also high levels of antioxidants which not only maintain but improve a healthy metabolism.
  • Green Tea: It’s very rich in antioxidants also which helps to get rid of toxins and cleanse your body. Green tea also contains caffeine which provides your body with the energy required to break down fats.


  • These pills are a dietary supplement, take one capsule of 200 mg of raspberry Ketone at breakfast and one during lunch
  • You can also take 2-3 liters of water a day to ensure you remain hydrated during the entirety of taking these pills


  • It’s a capsule type of drug
  • At the time of purchase, it has 60 capsules in the bottle
  • Maximum duration of 30 days

Garcinia Extragarcinia extra suppresant

This supplement will completely transform your body into a slimmer toned body, incorporating it into your daily diet will yield positive that will literally blow your mind away.

This product is an upgrade from its previous predecessors and is specially designed to fasten weight loss, lower your body fat and last and most important suppress your appetite.

What’s more impressive about this supplement is it burns your excess fat in a natural and safer way. It’s widely claimed that this drug uses a combination of two methods to lose weight, it suppresses appetite to prevent overeating and it slows down our body’s production and absorption of fat.

Ingredients found in this product help in cholesterol regulation in your body lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol preventing future of heart-related complications.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Ingredients

Hydroxycitric Acid: It the major ingredient of the supplement, this acid suppresses appetite by raising the levels of serotonin, lower levels of serotonin are usually associated with depression and anxiety which leads to overeating as a way of coping.

Higher levels of this hormone will greatly improve your mood and reduce your urge to overeat when stressed.

Secondly, Hydroxycitric Acid is important in weight-loss by preventing the production of fat in your body by hindering citrate lyase an enzyme required the production of fats from starch.

Chromium: Its presence is crucial in weight-loss, lack of chromium will result in gaining of excess weight which can lead to various diseases and ailments. This ingredient work with Hydroxycitric acid which helps in the stabilization of your blood sugar levels reducing sugar cravings.

Potassium: Potassium mainly converts sugar into energy and also promotes metabolism in our bodies, increased metabolic rate will increase our body temperatures (thermogenesis) enabling the body to burn more calories.

Calcium: According to studies Overweight people have low levels of calcium, boosting calcium intake will increase weight loss in people who have the deficiency of calcium.

Directions Of Use

  • Take one (1) capsule twice daily 30 minutes before a meal preferably breakfast and lunch with large amounts of water. Do not exceed the recommended dose


  • Its 180 veggie capsules
  • A natural 1500mg of pure natural extract additives
  • The drug is third-party tested for high-quality standards
  • 365 money back guarantee

Forskolin 250forskolin 250 appetite suppresant pills

Forskolin 250 contains 250mg of pure and powerful Forskolin that is extracted from the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant, it’natural and herbal extracts which have been used by humans for thousands of years to treat various diseases. However, its weight loss abilities underlined its significance.

This supplement will support you through your journey of weight loss, it increases the level of enzymes in your body which will break down extra calories and fats in your body within the shortest time possible.

It also increases the rate of metabolism in your body by stimulating the production of thyroid hormones which will allow your body to burn more and more calories every day and ultimately result to that slim body you have desired for a while.

The wait and sweat will be worth it! This drug has been manufactured with high pharmaceutical standards with positive medical trials ensuring you are safe and fully protected when using them.

This drug has been tailor-made to suit your body requirements, it’s also combined with a variety of formulas and ingredients that will help you in your quest for a slim body through

  1. Burning fats
  2. Inhibiting fat production
  3. Suppressing your appetite
  4. Boosting your body’s energy
  5. Improving your overall mood


It only has one major ingredient.

Coleus Forskohlii: It’s the main ingredient of this supplement, which increases the production of cAMP an important molecule which stimulates the creation of hormone-sensitive lipase enzymes that helps in breaking down excess fats stored in our cells.

This breaking down of fatty acids results in a chain of thermogenic reactions enabling your body to burn more calories. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Losing weight has been made easier, this drug increases your lean body mass while also reducing your overall body fat ensuring you stay in a healthy and safe condition so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.


Take a dose of 250 mg twice a day with water.


  • The drug is a 250mg of pure Coleus Forskohlii extract
  • It contains 60 capsules
  • Medication is for a full month


Being overweight is not a death sentence or a cause for low self-esteem, in this post, we have discussed a variety of appetite suppressant pills that are manufactured with the sole aim of reclaiming our slim and fit bodies more safely and healthily.

In the market there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies which manufacture different kinds of Natural Appetite Suppressants, always prior before buying do extensive research various kinds of appetite suppressants to know their features, ingredients, side effects and dosage.

Always seek expert opinions from a doctor or a pharmacist to know which drug is best suited to your body and at the end help you attain your weight-losing goals.