Awesome Tips for Women to Lose Weight After 40

Forty is a milestone age in many ways. You might be wiser and financially more secure, but you also develop the tendency to gain weight. Moreover, losing them is a real uphill task. What was relatively easier a decade ago has become an impossible task.

This is because the metabolism rate has started dipping and the body hormonal balance is also shifting towards menopause which leads to further resistance to losing weight. The lowering of the estrogen hormone level is especially impactful.

However, you can easily beat the slowing metabolism and remain as slim as ever with few smart moves. Let’s walk through some awesome tips to shed weight easily after 40.

weight loss tips for women over 40

1. Get proper and sufficient sleep

You might be surprised to know that a good sleep actually helps you shed weight. Deprivation of sleep often makes your hunger igniting hormone, ‘ghrelin’ and satiety-triggering hormone, ‘leptin’ balance go haywire, and you start getting food cravings.

Deep sleep also enhances the production of the HGH hormone in our body which tends to take a dip at the age of 40. Sleeping well thus aids in your efforts to lose weight.

2. Hit the gym

You might never have gone to the gym, but 40 is the right age to reverse that. Opting for exercises like yoga, strength training, etc. keeps your mind as well as body healthy. It pumps up your metabolism and helps you develop more lean muscles which help you melt off the extra flab like butter.

3. Rethink your nutrients

You know that your body metabolism rate has lowered. Thus, it is a smart move to change your eating habits to a healthier version slowly. Start cutting on processed foods, fine carbs, sugars, etc. Instead opt for more fruits, veggies, smoothies, low-carb soups.

They will not only keep your stomach filled and satiated but also cut your calories drastically. Simultaneously, they will also keep your nutrient requirements topped up which will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

The carbohydrates can be easily replaced with lean protein like Greek yogurt, chicken, fish, eggs, etc. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains, beans, etc. are good choices to keep you mentally satisfied as well and not make you feel denied of food.

You must also include healthy fats like nuts, avocado, fish, salmon, etc. What would surprise you here is that these healthy fats actually help your body to lose weight and not gain weight.

4. Eat fewer calories but more frequently

As your age increases, your body’s resistance to insulin increases which leaves you feeling hungrier. If you try to curb it down, you will end up eating more when the craving gets out of control. The best way to control it is to nip them in the bud.

This is achieved when you keep frequently eating at small intervals. The only trick is to eat out of small plates and eat foods which are less in calories and high in nutrients.

Thanks to the rising awareness about health, you have unlimited choices available in the market today. The net is also a treasure house of healthy and low-calorie recipes which are super delicious and lip-smacking. You even have healthier alternatives to satisfy your cravings for sugars and even ice-creams. Eating out of small plates mentally fools your mind into thinking that you have eaten a mountain.

5. Maintain a food journal

Today, you can make use of various apps like ‘My Fitness Pal’ or ‘Lose it’ to help you keep motivated and watchful to losing weight. Alternatively, you can also down all that you eat in a diary on a daily basis. You will be amazed at what this visual would do for you.

You will become sensitive to what you eat and will be naturally getting mindful of eating. You will also be able to diagnose the times when you are eating more and what has caused those triggers. The realization would help you manage situations where you end up eating more.

6. Check your alcohol intake

Alcohol is part and parcel of our life. It could be a social setting or just to kill the boredom while sitting on your couch.  Much is touted about the health benefits of red wine which can make many women feel it is acceptable to indulge in them.

However, they can actually have an adverse effect on women. Red wine might be a boon for the heart, but it raises the risk of breast cancer in women.

Additionally, all alcoholic beverages are full of calories which you add to your body without feeling any hit. Thus, they should be limited to occasional ones.

Instead of them, one can opt for healthy drinks like black coffee without milk and sugar, green tea and numerous other herbal teas and iced drinks. They not only help kill your boredom but also help your weight loss endeavors.

7. Eliminate medical causes

The most common cause of weight gain after 40 is a medical reason. Diseases like thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety are easier to contract after 40 with weight gain as its natural consequence.

Thus, it is a smart idea to get yourself medically checked and take care of underlying causes that might be contributing to weight gain. This would make a miraculous difference in your weight and help you feel more energized and fit.

8. Ensure proper support

Getting a support system for your weight loss efforts can make your task much easier. Partner up with a friend or join a group of women similar to you.

When done in a group, you will remain more motivated and focused on losing weight. The pitfalls are easier to manage when you have friends supporting you or when you see another woman fighting off the same situation.

You can even enter a weight loss contest at work. This helps you in getting accountable for your weight loss. Simultaneously the accolades that you receive even with the smallest of success, eggs you to move forward.

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Wrapping up

Weight loss need not be a staggering job full of pains and hunger pangs. Instead, it can be a joyful and satisfying journey if done right.