Diets That Work Fast – Smoothie Diet Plan

smoothie-diet-meal-planWhen one is researching diets that work fast, most people are not surprised to learn that no one gets all that excited about going on a diet.

But if there were a way to eliminate fat without all the guess work and which also allows a daily treat that is not only enjoyable but promotes fat to melt away, it might be easier to gather some excitement about choosing a diet plan that will be easy for you as well as effective.

People trying to lose weight should certainly remember the main purpose of a diet should not be to burn fat. The ultimate purpose should be to burn fat as well as gain muscle mass. Muscle needs protein to grow, which burns calories so the more muscle mass one has, the more fat the body burns.

Diets that work fast are usually not healthy diets but are designed with a single purpose in mind, which is to melt away fat at a rapid pace.

Readers familiar with the diets that work fast featured on this website such as hCG Diet Plan, GM Diet Plan, Water Diet Secret or the Beyonce Diet have probably noted that, although they are highly effective in melting away fat, these diets are not designed to encourage long term or permanent fat loss, but only as diets that work to bring quick results with generally unhealthy side effects which ultimately results in recurring weight gain.

Diets that work fast do provide quick results as well as add to the dieter’s self esteem by encouraging a sense of accomplishment as the fat begins to melt away.

Once the individual has seen major success with these quick weight loss diets, they face the problem of keeping the fat off while still providing the diet fuel needed for the body without feeling he or she is always on a diet.

Thermal Burn Technique

clean-green-drinks-coverThere is a particular fat burning method which is referred to as the Thermal Burn Technique that burns a lot of calories every day.

Dieters can burn up to 30% more calories when enjoying high protein foods.  The Thermal Burn Technique includes nutrient-dense foods that are more complex.

With proteins, the body uses more energy in digesting, enabling the body to burn massive amounts of fat. Protein offers the highest thermic effect of any other food. When a person eats protein, their metabolic rate increases by as much as 30%.

This means eating 100 calories of protein requires 30 calories to digest and use the food.  In contrast, carbohydrates have a 10% thermic effect and fat burned is only 5%.

Proteins are the basic building blocks used in the cells of the body.  They are most abundant in animal products, including lean meat, eggs and low fat cottage cheese.  Proteins can be found in every cell of the body.

They are in hair, muscles, nails, skin, blood and hormones.  In addition, proteins are extremely important to an individual’s overall health and immune system. Even though protein is extremely important in fat loss, it is usually over looked.

Proteins and resistance exercise help the body shape to change by building muscle to increase metabolism.  Once again, dieters must always remember, the purpose is not just to burn fat.  The real purpose is to burn fat while increasing muscle mass that melts fat right off your body.

How High Protein Works

Keeping all this in mind, the following top high-protein foods can provide the diet fuels for life.  Be sure to select cage-free chicken and eggs, grass fed beef and other organic meats when possible to avoid added hormones and other unnatural addition to your food.

Secret 1 — Take advantage of the Thermal Burn Technique provided by intermittent fasting.  This will send the fat-burning hormones into overdrive, simply by selecting specific windows of time during the day to eat meals.

Secret 2 — Drink two super quick diet smoothies as meals during the day.

Secret 3 — Choose a balanced dinner that is consumed early each evening.

Because of my job, I can’t always get to make the second smoothie, so instead I drink a low calorie vegetable drink at about 3 p.m. which increases my energy level for the last part of the day while keeping my body’s Thermal Burn ignited to burn fat.

Take a Day Off

It is also important to consume a minimum of 8 large glasses of water every day or the formula I use is, half your body weight is how many ounces of water one should drink daily.

In other words, if you weigh 200 lbs. you should drink 100 ounces of water per day. In the morning, enjoy a cup of organic coffee or green tea with no sweetener or cream added.  Most importantly, once a week, plan a day off where you will consume regular meals all day long, this day is essential in burning fat, I usually pick Saturday as my day off.

Once you have followed this diet plan for 30 days, give yourself a whole week off and then start again. In order to keep the diet interesting and the taste buds satisfied, constantly change up the fat burning shakes used in this smoothie diet.

To help, subscribers will be provided a FREE recipe book containing 53 recipes for milkshakes and smoothies. To repeat, in order to follow this smoothie diet, one simply replaces two meals each day with protein rich, fat burning smoothies each day and then chooses a nutrient rich dinner.

It is easy to follow and provides fast results.  However, you must be committed to stop eating after the third meal and not starting again until the next day which is the basis of the Thermal Burn Technique. This overnight fast is essential to shrink the stomach and keep insulin, the fat storing hormone, in balance.

What Protein To Use

Now to answer the most common asked question about this smoothie diet, “Must you make the smoothies using the BT Protein Rich all natural low carb protein powder?”

The answer is a definite Yes and here is the reason why.

The BT Protein Rich low carb protein powder is 100% natural, contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners or other additives.  It is naturally sweetened using stevia and natural sweet fiber insulin that adds an additional 4 grams of fiber for every 25 grams of protein.

In addition the BT Protein Rich Low Carb protein powder is certified to be free of hormones and sourced from cows that have not been treated with growth hormones, a problem for 99% of all other products supplying protein.

Here are 2 examples of the recipes included in the FREE smoothie diet and milkshake ebook featuring 53 fat burning protein rich smoothies.

Blue Bomber Smoothie


• 2 scoops Vanilla flavored BT Protein Rich Low Carb powder

• ½ cup fat-free plain yogurt

• 1 cup water

• 2 cups frozen blueberries

• stevia (to taste)

• 5 ice cubes

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie


• 2 scoops Vanilla flavored BT Protein Rich Low Carb powder

• 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk

• ½ cup fat-free yogurt

• 1 cup frozen cherries

• 1 tbsp honey

• 5 ice cubes

In addition, the BT Protein Rich low carb protein powder formula is a time-released blend including four different proteins, both fast and slow acting to provide the body with the needed nutrition to last up to eight hours without causing an insulin spike associated with proteins made of whey protein alone.

Lastly, and maybe the coolest aspect of the BT Protein Rich Low Carb supplement is that it includes a new enzyme called ProHydrolase, shown to increase the absorption of protein at two times the rate of other products.  The BT Protein Rich Low Carb powder is the only supplement with access to this enzyme, making it truly cutting edge.