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Xenical diet pills Reviews – What are the Usage Risk ?

xenical diet pillsXenical is another approved FDA weight loss pill.  Obesity can be very well treated with this magic pill.  Xenical works within the gastrointestinal tract rather than suppressing the hunger.  This is one reason that it has very few side effects.

How does it help losing weight?

This supplement enhances the absorption of fat by the intestines. This happens by hindering the action of lipase in the digestive tract.  Thus, the breaking down of fat does not occur.

It thoroughly prevents the absorption of more that 30% fat.  The dietary fat is expelled with bowel movements.  Studies have proved that continuous exercise regime along with a low calorie diet will make wonders.

What are the active ingredients used in Xenical?

The pill includes the active ingredient orlistat.  This is a lipase inhibitor that is used to help in weight reduction.  Orlistat acts within the stomach rather getting into the blood stream. It mainly discards the action of two compounds found in the digestive juices.

The gastric and the pancreatic lipases convert fats that are devoured.  This medicine can be safe with a controlled exercise regime.  Frequents and continues bowel movements are some of the common side effects.

The Side Effects

Xenical diet pills can stop the intake of essential vitamins and minerals along with the hindrance of fat. This may cause serious health hazards.  In order to cop up this vitamin deficiency, the patient is advised to take extra vitamin pills daily.

Over weight and obesity are causing many illness. It can be used to prevent all these disease or even change the disease entirely.  However, this supplement cannot be considered as long-term assistance for obesity. Xenical diet pills can caused various of side effects such as fatty stools, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rectal pain, irregular bowel, and an oily discharge.

How Xenical should be taken?

The manufacturers recommend one 120-mg capsule by mouth along with liquid at each main meal that contains fat.  It should be taken in the same manner three times a day.  A low calorie diet or fat free foods are better with this pill.The patient should be careful to take nutritional food with no more than 30% of calories of fat.

Fat intake should be eventually divided into many small meals.  Fat, carbohydrate and proteins should be taken in all the three meals. Children should not take this medicine.  The pills are not be used by pregnant women and mothers who breast-feed.

Overall conclusion

It is always ideal to take the pill with advice of the physician. The patient’s complete medical history including all the major illnesses is to be discussed with the doctor.  The physician will be the apt person to prescribe the dosage.

Surveys have proved that Xenical has helped many peoples in weight loss. High fiber food along with water intake is necessary to prevent dehydration. However, the side effect after period of consumption is one of the major problems. And, Xenical is only help for short-term weight loss which is why it’s not been recommended by most physician.