Weight Loss and Successful Maintenance – The Positive Loser is In Control

Choice is an individual decision. One can claim it and revel in their own success. Stop fighting with an imaginary opponent. Remember and rehearse the simple statement, “I am in control of me.

Who Owns the Decision? The Positive Loser

No one else will choose the healthy eating program for the Positive Loser, not this writer, not a parent, friend, husband, or wife. The choice belongs to the one who is ready to turn to a healthier, more active life. They alone will decide when to begin that program. They alone will decide what their desired end-weight will be.

The Positive Loser is a Winner and Deserves a Reward

When short term and intermediate goals are met, a Positive Loser will reward themselves with inexpensive treats or economic activities. The value of each bounty lies with the individual.Several prizes come to mind.

One woman maintains faithful exercise on her stationary bicycle by pairing the activity with a favorite television program. She allows herself to enjoy watching the program as long as she continues biking. If she stops pedaling, she makes herself turn off the program.

Walking to the music from an ear-bud can be a wonderful motivator. Choose to remove the ear piece if the pace doesn’t keep up with the beat. The decision belongs to the Positive Loser, no one else. The reward is only withdrawn if the commitment to self is not fulfilled.

Successful weight loss girl

Achieve Successful Weight Loss

Make a list of ways to reinforce and reward all efforts. Another bicycle activity can be fun. Put a map on the wall beside the exercise equipment and attach a speedometer to the bike. After each session, plot the distance traveled on the map. Take pride in the number of monthly miles traveled.

Exercise goals can be achieved by enjoying the reward at the time of working out, like tracking the miles. Goals are also enjoyed when the weight loss continues. The smallest loss should be celebrated. It is all going in the right direction. If the weekly weight remains the same, rejoice! Has weight maintenance every been possible in the past?

Success is Planned and Rewarded

Following the chosen program during the day and exercising as planned can be rewarded with a leisurely bubble bath, spending a half hour reading just for fun, or calling a friend. The Positive Loser chooses the program, decides the rewards, and makes their own wise food selections, no one else. It is a personal decision, not a group or committee goal.

Success in Weight Loss is by Personal Choice

Some people actually stop losing when someone else helps them. When another person reminds or scolds those who are working a weight loss program, it often totally sabotages their plan. It feels like someone else is trying to control them.

Remember, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, Binge-Eating Disorder may describe the out-of-control eater who gains weight. The out-of-control eaters may decide that control alone is the issue. They may not be able to control their eating but they sure don’t want anyone else controlling them either.

Control of eating is possible by taking the focus off of will power, the scales, and what anyone else has to say. Focus on the plan. Success belongs to the succeeder. God and the Positive Loser are the architects of the rest of their life.

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