Ways Coconut Oil Will Help to Lose Weight

coconut oil benefitsWith the growing awareness of dangers of today’s stressful life and over consumption of junk foods, people are steadily growing more focused in losing weight.

This has started the quest for super foods that are not only healthy but are also best allies for all those people who are looking to lose weight.

The latest addition in this family of super foods is coconut oil. Let us explore various aspects of it and how does it helps in weight loss.

Which coconut oil to opt for

Various varieties of coconut oil are present in the market and not all are beneficial as weight loss assistance. Though this super food is quite resistant to heat change, for commercial purposes, various solvents are used to extract it.

Hence, it is imperative that one isolates high quality oil from a reputable brand to avoid any dangers of chemical residues present in the oil. The best oil to consume when looking for weight loss is virgin coconut oil since this oil has not gone through any chemical processing and thus all its delicate micronutrients remain intact and well preserved in it.

Ways in which Coconut Oil aids in weight loss

  • Coconut oil works as an Energy Booster

Burning calories is the basis of weight loss which in turn is related to getting a higher metabolism rate (MBR) that helps to burn more body calories and lose weight eventually.

Coconut oil was once considered as unhealthy oil owning to its generous 90 percent saturated fat content. However, recent studies have established that not all fat are equal. It stands apart from other oils that are consumed by us because it saturated fat content is comprised mostly of lauric acid which is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid.

Compared to long and short chain saturated fatty acids, these are metabolized quite differently. The medium chain fatty acids do not get converted into fat for storage but are instead metabolized faster and easily into energy in the liver.

The surplus is not stored as fat but converted in ketone bodies. It may be pointed here that a ketogenic diet is often recommended for epileptic patients. The fact that it does not deposit fats in body and provides loads of energy is its hallmark property and top reason to take it for weight loss.

  • It curbs hunger pangs and cravings

We have already established that this super food yields abundant energy and the rest is converted into ketone bodies. Studies have proved that these bodies tend to reduce hunger pangs and hunger cravings which in turn helps you to cut down the unnecessary munching and snacking in between meals which are genuinely the main culprits of weight loss. Consequently, a person naturally loses weight. Regular consumption of this super food will leave one feeling fuller and satisfied for a much longer period.

  • Coconut oil burns fat faster

It has the property of increasing the body’s ability to digest food better and enhance absorption of nutrients. This not only clocks of feeling tired or weak but also leaves you full and satisfied for a longer duration. The oil is thermogenic i.e. it increases the amount of fat burning executed in the body for a much longer duration than any other oils that you may consume.

It has also exhibited its power to work as a mood elevator and reduce your stress levels while keeping you at peace. This happy mood propels you to participate in healthy cardiovascular activities which automatically help you shed the long stored persistent fat deposits of your body.

  • Coconut oil aids better absorption of nutrients

If regularly consumed, it enhances the digestive tracts ability to absorb fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K far better. These are vital for cellular regeneration, improved brain functionality, better moods and healthy skin and bones. Vitamin D also facilitates better absorption of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc which there by promotes overall health and vitality.

  • Coconut oil helps stabilize blood sugar

One great property of this super food is that it is easily absorbed by the body and does not require digestive enzymes to break it down for body absorption. Thus it reduces the work load of the pancreas which is left free to produce more insulin more efficiently. This automatically leads to better sugar control and more conversion of the body glucose into energy which automatically leads to weight loss.

  • Coconut oil helps in balancing the hormonesCoconut-Oil-Weight-Loss

In the absence of suitable building blocks which are mostly fatty acids or its derivatives, the body is unable to properly synthesize the hormones required for overall smooth running of the body like mood, digestion, thyroid function, digestion and metabolism, sex drive etc. the medium chain triglycerides content of coconut oil helps the body to convert the cholesterol present in the blood stream into pregnenolone sterone which is an endogenous biochemical and a predominant precursor for the human body to efficiently produce hormones.

Production of these hormones makes the digestion system much stronger and robust, reduces stress and anxiety and increased energy levels. All this cumulatively aids in burning stubborn fats stored in key problem areas like waist, thighs, buttocks, stomach etc.

How to consume coconut oil for weight loss

Like all other oils coconut is high in calories. Hence its consumption should be monitored accordingly. Ideally 1 to 2 tablespoons of this oil can be consumed daily and the maximum limit depending upon your daily routine and energy requirement should be 5 to 6 tablespoons. Calorie conscious people should be careful about in intake amount.

There are various ways of consuming it like –

  • Adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil in your morning coffee or tea is a great way to boost your slimming efforts.
  • Even grass fed butter can be added into the coffee along with coconut for better results.
  • For those averse to its taste, can consume its oral pills.45 Gms of dosage is recommended daily for those with 2000 calories requirement daily. However, doctor’s recommendation and reputable pills are needed.
  • One can also simply consume one to two tablespoon of coconut oil half an hour before lunch and dinner.

With all the benefits, no wonder coconut oil is rising the current favorite super food chart.