Susan Boyle’s Weight Loss Journey: How She Lost 50 Pounds Safely

For those who are following the UK show, British Got Talent, you might have come across Susan Boyle.

She is the hippie songstress who has been making headlines lately for her stunning weight loss and transformation.

Can you imagine she lost a whopping 50 pounds? Now, she looks slimmer and healthier than she’s ever been.

Let us take a closer look at Susan Boyle’s rise to fame, how she struggled with her weight, and her dramatic weight loss in this article.

Who is Susan Boyle?

susan boyle weight loss

When Susan Boyle first appeared on television in 2009 as a contestant at a talent show called Britain’s Got Talent, she impressed not one but all three judges with her golden voice. She not only won the judges’ hearts but thousands of audiences as well.

Today, she is a world-renowned artist with seven albums under her belt.

Susan Boyle is a Scottish singer whose ticket to stardom was the British talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. During her audition, she sang the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from the play, Les Miserables in 2009.

In the same year, she released her first album. It became the bestselling debut album in the UK of all time. The same album topped the Billboard 200 and ruled the chart for six straight weeks. Her success made her a wealthy woman and according to a reliable source she is now worth $35 Million.

Susan Boyle’s Struggles with Her Weight

Ever since she was a child, Susan Boyle has been plagued with weight issues. She was bullied not only because of her weight but also how she looks. In 2012, she was diagnosed with diabetes. It was her type 2 Diabetes that prompted her to start living a healthy lifestyle.

In people with diabetes, the disease prevents the cells from taking up glucose and converting them into usable energy. There are two reasons why this happens.

Either the cells have become resistant to insulin, the hormone that signals the cells to absorb glucose from the blood, or the body was unable to produce enough insulin. As a result, there is a spike in blood glucose levels, which makes the body even more resistant to insulin.

Most of them frequently feel hungry because the cells cannot detect the presence of sugar even though it is there. Therefore, diabetic patients like Susan also suffer from other health issues like depression, lethargy, and high blood pressure.

The Diabetes diagnosis on Susan serves as her wake-up call, and from then she decided to take her health seriously. Losing her excess weight was the key part of her decision to have a healthy life.

Despite her singing prowess, Susan was under pressure for her appearance. In her interview with the Sunday Times, she admitted that she has known all along what other people think about her appearance.

However, she will not give in to the pressure. She reiterated that her appearance is not the reason why she decided to undergo a weight loss program, but her health is.

Susan Boyle’s Three-Step Guide to Losing Weight

Losing weight is a complicated process for most people. But it can be as simple as possible if you will execute it with a proper plan. This is what Susan Boyle did that resulted in her 50 pounds weight loss.

Her weight loss plan involves only three things, and it is very doable. Susan let you in on her secret to losing weight here.

Tip #1. Cut Down on Sugars in Your Diet

Susan has type 2 Diabetes. After her diagnosis, her doctor asked her to remove sugar from her daily diet. Something as simple as eliminating sugar from the diet will dramatically reduce weight.

Sugar is dangerous because aside from diabetes, it can cause other diseases like heart problems and obesity.

We love sugar because we associate it with our drinks in the morning, like juices and coffee. It can help us get energized because it contains high calories. Despite being an energy booster, sugar contains no nutrients.

The problem with excess sugar is we tend to accumulate the calories inside our body, but we fail to expend as many calories we have taken. These unused calories are stored in the body and stored as fat which leads to weight gain.

Sugar comes in many forms, and it is present in the food and beverages that we consume daily. To successfully remove sugar from your diet, you need to identify them first, like what Susan did.

Sugars are embedded in almost every single thing we take every day. It can be found in sports drinks, ready-made sauces, juices, chocolate milk drinks, instant coffee sachets, soda, salad dressings, sugary cereals, bread, and of course, all desserts.

You can use sugar substitutes like maple syrup, agave nectar, honey, and coconut sugar. Here are the recommended sugars that you can take while losing weight.

  • Fruits and Natural Juices: This food group contains natural sugars plus dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals that aids in digestion and gives healthy skin.
  • Vegetables: Veggies are a good source of healthy carbs, which are broken down into sugar as an energy source. It helps in healthy digestion and can help flush the toxins from the colon.
  • Dark Brown Sugar or Cane Sugar: This type of table sugars is less processed and healthier than artificial sugar or refined sugar.

Tip #2. Workout

susan boyle before after

For Susan, exercise is an essential part of weight loss and healthy living. To help her shed the fat and successfully fight diabetes, she exercises regularly.

During the early phase of her weight loss journey, she walks 2 miles a day. Walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints and does not hurt the knees. For her, this is the best way to start burning fat.

Susan Boyle does not exercise in a gym because she doesn’t like it. Therefore, she devised her way of getting active. This is acceptable because the main goal of exercising is to use fats by using it as energy.

You can do anything to get the body moving as a form of workout. It can be walking like what Susan did, sports, housework, or walking to the office.

Tip # 3. Take Garcinia Cambogia

The last component of Susan Boyle’s weight loss regimen is by taking Garcinia Cambogia supplement. It is a dietary supplement made from Garcinia Cambogia, which is like a tamarind fruit that contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA)

This helps accelerate the fat-burning process by increasing metabolism and suppresses appetite. Of course, taking this supplement alone will not lose your weight. It should be combined with a healthy lifestyle and workout.

The HCA can help the body to feel full throughout the day. It can also lower the steroid alcohol.

Although these claims are not verified and studies remain inconclusive, it is still effective in aiding weight loss. By taking this supplement, Susan was able to suppress her appetite and block her body’s ability to accumulate fats. It also speeds up her metabolism, making her burn more fats.

How Is Susan Boyle Now?

When Susan Boyle was starting her singing career, she was called “brain-damaged” by critics. Being conceived at a late age, she suffered complications during her birth and was deprived of oxygen. It indeed left her with mild brain damage and she was targeted by bullies at school.

In 2013, she was diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome. It is a neurological disorder that has the same characteristics as that of Autism. Living with the disorder means that Susan’s ability to communicate and interact with other people was greatly affected.

Susan Boyle’s success in living healthy can be attributed to three things: first, she avoided addictive foods, avoiding alcohol, and being mindful of whom she spends her time with.

Addictive foods can fuel your cravings, but they are not good for you. It takes a lot of self-control not to eat these foods.

Susan had to stop eating sweets and cakes to cut down on her weight. Another habit that will not help in weight loss is alcohol intake. Susan never drank alcohol or smoked.

The success of her weight loss maintenance plan also depended on the people that she is frequently around. They understand that she needs to do these things for her to get healthy and support her all the way.


Susan stopped touring in 2015 when she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome to focus on getting healthy. However, it did not stop her from singing.

Like Susan, you too can start making the right choices and be healthy. But your weight loss will not happen overnight. You need the commitment to change your bad lifestyle habits.

Susan’s journey to stardom and weight loss serves as an inspiration to many of us. It shows that if we are willing to take care of ourselves, everything is possible. Start by making a plan on how to take care of your health and shed those unnecessary pounds.

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