Slim Diet Patch Review: Lose Weight without Diets, Pills and Tablets

Apart from weight loss pills, tablets and elixirs, apart from all existing diets and exercise programs, there is another means to make the body more efficient at burning fat and using nutrients for energy.

Doesn’t it sound good to just deliver the right substances straight to your blood stream? It’s easy and revolutionary, but how effective is it, truth be told? We are going to have a look at the new slimming method advanced by BAUER Nutrition.

Slim Diet Patch is produced by a company known for its premium range of supplements. This makes it all the more interesting. The natural question arises: is this slimming solution as good as the rest of its products?

Does it really help like it promises to? Slim Diet Patch boasts with a vastly different approach to weight loss, enough to get one curious and want to try it out. It also claims to be ideal for losing weight round the clock.

What is Slim Diet Patch?

Slim diet patch


Slim Diet Patch is a natural 24-hour weight loss solution in the form of a patch infused with potent active ingredients made to reach your blood stream.

All in all, it is rather like a support system, to help your body burn more fat, use it to produce energy and keep the unwanted calories away.

The product is developed and manufactured by BAUER Nutrition, a well known sports supplements brand. It promises to be better than regular pills and capsules for weight loss. The patch is based on transdermal technology for quick and easy delivery and maximum effectiveness.

Thus, BAUER solves one of the biggest issues with slimming products – any pills or capsules made for ingestion are not capable of reaching the same level of effectiveness, for reasons discussed below.

The patch can be used with regularity to solve your body image issues in a short time and prevent you from storing more fat in future. It is the ideal solution for people dealing with stubborn fat or who feel too tired to exercise as much as they should. It is also welcome by individuals who can’t tolerate pills.

Benefits of Slim Diet Patch

The Slim Diet Patch is said to be better than capsules and for a very good reason. No matter the ingredients inside a pill or their concentration, the digestive system tends to destroy at least part of these. This is especially valid with natural substances, which are more vulnerable to gastric acid for example.

They don’t survive the harsh acids in your stomach and thus don’t reach your bloodstream to do the needed work. This is the reason why even some of the most potent pills with proven ingredients fail to work. Slim Diet Patch bypasses the digestive tract, to deliver its potent compounds straight into the blood stream. In addition, it gives you plenty of amazing benefits:

  • Lose weight continuously, even when you sleep (24/7)
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Increases metabolism
  • Quick weight loss
  • Burns stored fat
  • Takes only 2 weeks to see results
  • Healthy solution

There already seem to be enough compelling reasons to try out this product. Note that Slim Diet Patch is also more powerful thanks to its lasting effect. It acts upon bodily mechanisms during the whole day. See below how exactly it works – it is quite fascinating.

How does Slim Diet Patch work?

The product works harder thanks to the synergistic action of its ingredients. Slim Diet Patch comes in form of patches to be applied on skin directly. Thus, its concentrated ingredients take the short path instead of the long, winding one. Your skin is a permeable organ that lets substances pass through, to get into the blood.

The patch sticks like a plaster and ensures a continuous delivery of active ingredients throughout the day. Its main target is the thyroid, the key to good metabolism and energy.

The ingredients are releases slowly and gradually, over 24 hours. It doesn’t matter much what you’re doing – working, exercising, sleeping – the effect still occurs, although it might be different for everyone.

Of course, it is recommended to make inspired lifestyle changes to experience more powerful results. Eat better, sleep more, get enough rest, eliminate as much daily stress as you can and start doing exercise.

Slim Diet Patch will do its work as long as it’s in direct contact with your skin.

Place one patch on your skin each morning and just leave it there until the next morning, when you need to place a new one. These are self-adhesive, so they’re easy to handle. Do this every day and continue as you begin to see results.



You might expect some never-heard-before ingredients in this formulation, but it’s not the case at all. Slim Diet Patch uses well known plant sources to extract its potent natural agents, which have all been thoroughly documented so far and deemed as completely harmless.

There is no strange part, nor any mystery in it. There is no “new, innovative, shocking” formula – just a powerful blend and a different delivery system that’s going to get the job done. It’s perfectly understandable though that every interested consumer wants to know what’s in the Slim Diet Patch. Here it goes:

  • Fucus Vesiculosus or Seaweed ExtractFucus Vesiculosus

An algae known for many centuries already, sea kelp is a source of antioxidants, plus vitamins and minerals that support health.

Besides, it’s got big quantities of iodine, a powerful substance known to stimulate the thyroid gland, speeding up the metabolism and all the processes it entails.

Iodine basically increases the metabolic rate, which also leads to the breakdown of stored fat. Supplementing it is bound to give you more energy, too.

  • Green Tea Leaf Extractgreen tea extract

Green tea is known for its weight loss effect now you have it in concentrated form, along with its precious antioxidants.

This extract increases the metabolic rate, helping you break down fat more efficiently. It also keeps you alert and energetic, without the high and the crash caffeine usually causes.

  • Acai Fruit Extractacai fruit extract

Euterpe Oleracea is a plant with renowned weight loss properties. It’s got amino acids and essential fatty acids, which can trigger quick weight loss.

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 content boost a slow metabolism. The extract also improves nutrient absorption and shortens recovery times.

Where to buy Slim Diet Patch

Slim Diet Patch can be ordered at BauerNutrition.Com, which is the official website of the manufacturing company. This is the recommended purchase place for secure and safe payments and uncompromising quality.

It is possible to find other websites claiming to sell the same product, but nothing can guarantee it’s the original one; after all, many profit driven entities on the market mimic successful products only to get the money but never deliver the same.

The price varies between $49 and $59, depending on the current offer or discounts. Customers ordering more than one pack will always benefit of gratuities. It is possible to pay only half of the price on orders of three boxes or more. The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.



You can start losing weight with the Slim Diet Patch even when it seemed an impossible task. It accomplishes what people rarely can do on their own: change their hormonal profile and the way their thyroid gland works. This triggers important mechanisms including fat burning which is rendered more efficient in a matter of days. Thus, rapid weight loss becomes possible.

As much as 95% of the active ingredients pass the skin barrier, permeating the tissue and reaching your blood. These are natural compounds with no side effects. With all ingredients clinically proven, the patch makes use of well-known weapons to fight existing fat and to prevent future accumulation.

While it can be very efficient at boosting the metabolism, it will not do all the work for you. This means that you need to adopt an active lifestyle to get in peak physical shape and develop muscular mass if that is what you’re after. Also, having the patch on does not mean you can eat as much as you like, without consequences. Therefore, use your newly gained energy to make dietary changes and to move more.

Slim Diet Patch also has the advantage of convenience. Placing a patch is much easier to do than swallowing pills, capsules or tablets. Even well-known stars wore it, including Paris Hilton, known for her incredibly slim physique.

The patches are discreet and you can place these beneath your clothes, so no one will notice you’re wearing one. There are several bodily areas suitable to application: arms, thighs, shoulders. You should not attempt to stick more than one plaster, in hopes to boost the effect.

These are slimming patches backed by science and which can be very effective, but only as long as you purchase a high quality, original product. Always check the vendor and its affiliation.

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  • Effectiveness - 8.5/10
  • Safety - 9.5/10
  • User Feedback - 8/10
  • Price - 9/10
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