Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

For some time already, many have been praising berries as the ideal kind of fruit for weight loss regimens. They’re low in calories, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial substances, plus they can control blood sugar levels and bring balance to one’s state of health.

It seems that raspberries in particular have drawn the attention of both researchers and supplement manufacturers, as these appear to have a fat burning, slimming effect. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight with less effort or give it a serious boost, you may want to know what the Raspberry Ketone Plus product is about.

We have looked into scientific studies, as well as into customer’s reviews and opinions, to compile the facts and impressions that may be relevant to each potential consumer. In this Raspberry Ketone Plus review we will try to answer any question you may have and be helpful even if you’re completely new to weight loss supplements.

What is Raspberry Ketone Plus?Raspberry Ketone plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus is an intriguing yet friendly dietary supplement that promises effortless weight loss. As an ingredient, raspberry ketones are nothing new to the weight loss supplements market.

So far, these were only found as an addition to various slimming pills, along with other ingredients, some of these rather harmful.

With this product however, we finally have something that’s entirely based on ketones and thus we can appreciate their real effects.

Their main role is to increase Adiponectin in the body, a hormone involved in the fat burning process. When boosted, this allows more fat to be burned as fuel. In turn, it generates more energy, ready to be used for exercise.

It becomes easy to see now how ketones can thus be very helpful with weight loss. Supplementation won’t do it all on its own though – it takes some effort and commitment on your side, too.

Benefits of Raspberry Ketone Plus

With Raspberry Ketone Plus one can experience a whole series of welcomed changes – with regular use and a real commitment, of course. If you take 2 capsules each morning with breakfast, you’re going to experience some of its benefits immediately. Or, you could take 1 capsule in the morning and the second one with lunch. Both ways are accepted.

This is a healthy, natural supplement that contains generous amounts of antioxidants. It is said to prevent Type 2 Diabetes and to help you have a much more balanced lifestyle overall. It is quick to suppress hunger, to limit your cravings for a snack and your caloric intake.

Furthermore, it increases your energy levels, making you apt for vigorous and prolonged exercise. As you engage in an active lifestyle, you notice that your fat melts quicker than it previously did. Plus, it is really affordable.

To understand all of its benefits, have a look at the list of ingredients below:

Raspberry Ketone Plus Ingredients

In Raspberry Ketone Plus you get more than ketones, although these are the main ingredient used. Here are all the active compounds in it, all valuable to weight loss:

  • 100 mg raspberry ketone
  • African mango 36:1 extract
  • Acai berry extract 10:1 (an oxidant well known to the weight loss industry, also supporting the immune system and thus making the body healthier overall)
  • green tea extract (catechins, polyphenols and caffeine; rich in antioxidant properties and known to lower cholesterol levels; stimulating and increasing physical performance)
  • apple cider vinegar powder
  • kelp
  • grapefruit pectin
  • resveratrol 98%

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Plus Side Effects

Raspberry Ketone Plus should not have any side effects, apart from those related to its caffeine content, in the case of sensitive people. You can read more on this below. Some individuals have also experienced heartburn. This formula is like a precious aid coming from several different angles. Considering this, it comes easier to believe that the product will work for almost anyone.

Consumers are likely to experience at least one of its positive effects and no severe side effects, since it doesn’t have any. It cannot do any real harm, not when taken for the short term at least. As long as you understand the warnings related to the caffeine, you are safe from unwanted consequences.

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Work?

Losing weight with ketones is not as simple and effortless as it may seem. Besides, it will not work for everyone. If there is a real surplus of food, as a result of overeating, such individuals will have a hard time losing weight only with ketones. The good news is that even just several minutes of exercise per day can move things in the desired direction. All in all, this product can hasten weight loss.

Therefore, if you have the will and the means and you commit to a slimming routine, then you will enjoy quicker and more consistent results thanks to this boost. Supplementation, in addition to its subtle action on the energy balance, makes one able to last longer while exercising and accomplish more. Also, with the same volume of exercise, one can actually get to burn more calories, which is excellent.

You may thus see it as a big bonus and not a slimming method of its own. Contrary to popular belief, Raspberry Ketone Plus does not have the effect of an appetite suppressant. You must put your body under stress in order to make it effective.

Therefore, you are required to start working out. Begin with anything that gets you to burn the calories you’ve consumed – it could be walking, cycling or dancing. Once you get the mechanism started, the active ingredients will then increase the fat burning rate.

The product is based on Adiponectin, a less known hormone, albeit one with a very important role: it and it is found in greater amounts in thin people. Its connection to bodyweight is thus obvious. The recommended dose is of 200 g of raspberry ketone per day, contained in no more than 2 capsules.

Is Raspberry Ketone Plus Safe?

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a supplement based on natural ingredients. Out of these, only caffeine may pose an inconvenience. If you are allergic to it, you should avoid taking the product. The quantities are small though, but non-negligible. If you’re a regular coffee drinker or indulge in other stimulants, you should watch your intake, as these pills will add to it. Avoid having too much of a stimulant.

there is not enough research at this point – it cannot even be told for sure whether ketones may affect pregnant women or not. It is always recommended to ask your best trusted physician about such safety aspects.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Customer Reviews

There is abundant customer feedback so there is plenty to read on the Internet and draw conclusions. Overall, it feels encouraging. Raspberry Ketone Plus cuts the appetite and triggers fullness first of all. Almost all customers have reported a weight improvement with time.

The numbers differ from one to another. The evidence so far suggests that one can lose from a few pounds to tens. User complaints are not missing but, after all, there is no weight loss product to please everyone. Many more claim that the formulation was efficient when paired with exercise and not necessarily with a healthy diet. It’s physical activity that does the trick.


Raspberry Ketone Plus Results

You will hear various numbers from consumers – why do people lose weight so differently with ketones?

It’s all about the action of its ingredients and how much one works for their goals. Some people do more, while others do less.

If you’re just sitting all day long doing nothing, it cannot work too well for you. But when you’re active, you’re basically ‘helping’ it work, it will power up your results.

With it, you can lose weight through exercise when your regimen, although correct, did not seem to yield any encouraging results.

The workout component of your lifestyle is truly essential here. It appears that one can test the efficiency of this product for themselves, which is very good.

Here’s how you can do it: setup a manageable schedule which includes a bit of exercise, do not force yourself to do too much from the start, keep it light. Or, you may already have a schedule like this in place.

In that case, don’t make any modifications to it. The idea is to have a routine already. Start taking Raspberry Ketone Plus as directed and see what happens in one couple of weeks to a month’s time.

You should see some improvement in your weight loss. When you do, it is a sign that the product works and it has powered up your weight loss and improved the efficiency of your routine. Depending on your starting weight, it may take more or less time to see results. The body may be slower at adjusting to the ingredients, too.

Raspberry Ketone Plus FAQ Answered

  1. Who makes Raspberry Ketone Plus?

This dietary supplement is made by the British company Evolution Slimming. It has been on the market since 2012.

  1. Who can take it?

It is suitable to any adult, male of female, except for the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  1. Will it help obese people?

Ketones are expected to be efficient regardless of how much weight one carries. Their action, however, largely depends on one’s level of activity.

  1. Will raspberry ketones cause hormonal disruptions?

It is very unlikely, since the use of ketones balances only the hunger-related hormones and other metabolic ones, not your entire hormonal system.

  1. Where can the product be purchased?

This formula is available on the manufacturer’s official website, which is the safest place to buy from. It can also be ordered on Amazon, but the quality/originality are uncertain.


You are not going mad – it is indeed a real metabolic issue when you can’t lose weight as easy as a skinny person can. There are real differences between people when it comes to their metabolism and the fat burning rate. Part of the mystery is revealed through the hormone Adiponectin. The more of it one has, the easier it becomes to lose weight.

When levels decrease, the opposite happens. Raspberry Ketone Plus, through its naturally occurring ketones extracted from raspberries, acts exactly on this hormone. This is a vegan supplement that acts on the mechanism that converts stored lipids into energy. It is a diet pill presented in TV shows and available online for purchase, usually placed in the category of fat binders/ fat burners.

Our Raspberry Ketone Plus review does not aim to sell it to you, but to reveal everything there is to know about its effects, also drawing conclusions from what countless other consumers have said. Concerning this particular formula, the caffeine and green tea extracts are its best known ingredients, with the power to act on the metabolism. The rest haven’t been that well researched but could be promising.

Raspberry Ketone Plus before after

Should You Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus – yes or no?

People are often feeling excessively hungry not because they didn’t eat enough and they need more; it can be simply because their hormones are out of balance and some of these are late at signaling the brain that there has been enough food.

Satiety thus doesn’t come easily. It is the reason why so many overeat and put on a lot of unwanted weight – it’s the hunger they cannot control. Some individuals exercise, yet the adipose layer doesn’t seem to respond too well to the effort. The ketones in raspberry seem to have a solution to these issues altogether.

They act on hormones like adiponectin, which are involved in the hunger and satiety sensations, as well as in the fat melting process. Thus, it’s easy to understand how a product like Raspberry Ketone Plus can lead to weight loss.

If you’ve had such issues as the ones presented above, you could try it out. It boosts the metabolism and does not require a specific diet plan, this meaning it won’t put additional stress on you.

With the same effort as before, you will eventually target more of your body fat while taking this. This Raspberry Ketone Plus review has taken you through the principles behind the formula, through the benefits as well as drawbacks.

Make an informed choice and purchase the supplement online when you are ready to and you feel like it can help you. This isn’t a quick solution to saying goodbye to an impressive number of unwanted pounds. It’s a helper, a boost that you may require in order to end your weight loss frustration when your body doesn’t seem to respond as expected.








  • Effectiveness - 9/10
  • Safety - 8.5/10
  • User Feedback - 9/10
  • Price - 7.5/10
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