How to Pick the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Most experts would suggest you get the majority of your nutrients only from whole food. There is no comparison to the amount of nutrients like minerals, vitamin and antioxidants that whole food provides compared to protein powders.

But, not everyone has the privilege to eat home-cooked meals. For them, it becomes essential to supplement their meals with protein shakes.

Many people think that if they pick the best protein powder, they will be able to lose weight, then they are mistaken. The amount of weight you lose will only depend on the amount of calorie you intake and not the amount of protein powder.

You can find many different protein powders in the market with multiple ingredients. But, there are also some that contain artificially sweetening and many unhealthy ingredients that make it a highly processed food.

Thus, when picking a protein powder, it is important to pick a simple one. You need to look at the ingredients at the back of the bottle to check the ingredients.

Even though a lot of vitamins, minerals, and others look good at the back and also increase the price, they are not necessarily worth it. Many times companies add flavors and ingredients just to increase its costs. Thus, instead of going for fancy protein powders, you can pick the basic ones that would cost you less.

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Classifications of Protein Powders

Here is an explanation of the classifications of a few protein powders that you can find in the market –

Type – You can pick protein powder from two different types – Isolate and Concentrate. Among the two, Isolate is more of a pure form since it is filtered and all the excess lactose, cholesterol and fat is removed from the protein. Concentrate protein is also low in fat and carbs and contains about a 1-2 grams per serving. When you look at the price, Isolate is much more expensive than Concentrate protein powder.

Organic or Non-Organic – You can find protein powder in organic and non-organic forms. Food that is organic come from grass-fed and pasture raised animals that are treated humanely. Thus, organic protein powder is much richer in omega-3 fatty acids and CLA.

Free of Preservatives – Most of the protein powders you find in the market do not contain any natural sweetener or artificial preservatives. But, some might contain lecithin that is used as an emulsifier to allow the protein to mix perfectly with a liquid.

Hormone-Free – Many times, cows are given growth hormones to help them grow much faster and become meatier. Sometimes, these hormones can be found in small quantities in products such as cheese, milk, and also protein powders. Thus, if it is something that you don’t like, it is best to use a protein powder that comes from hormone-free cows.

Undenatured – There are different methods that are used to extract whey from milk, and one of the methods used is denaturing which means heating. But, this process can break down the protein and destroy many beneficial antibodies and enzymes in the milk. Thus, it is best to opt for an undenatured protein that is a little expensive but has more nutrients.

Top Ways Protein Powder Shakes is Great for Weight Loss

Protein is important for a healthy diet and is a key component in losing weight. Thus, protein powder is one of the most popular choices among people looking to lose weight. Here are some of the top reasons why protein shakes are great for losing the extra pounds –

  • It Helps Replace the Carbs in the Body – Proteins are a great alternative to carbohydrates as they take time to digest making it perfect for the long It is best to drink a protein shake a few hours before working out.
  • It Does Not Add to the Waist Line – Protein help gain weight muscle unlike what many people think. Many believe that drinking protein shake will lead to weight, but it is only the protein powder with containing additives or sugar that leads to weight gain.
  • It Helps Build Muscle – Muscle helps burn calories, and it is the protein that aids in building muscle. Thus, consuming more protein will help strengthen the muscles over a period of time, and that will result in burning of fat.
  • It Helps Destroy Calories in the Body – Protein helps burn calories and gives healthy muscle that is necessary for weight loss. Many foods that one considers healthy such as salad contains hidden calories if you add too much dressing. Protein powder does not have any such hidden calories in it.
  • It Helps Control Appetite – Protein powder helps lower the levels of Ghrelin that is essential for lowering the sensation of hunger. Thus, it helps control the appetite and aids in weight loss.
  • It is the Easiest Way to Add Protein to your Diet – One can easily add protein to their diet without having to prepare an extra meal. One can easily find excellent protein shakes that fit perfectly into their diet in order to lose weight.
  • They are a Healthy Convenience Food – Many people end up eating frozen or processed food when they are feeling hungry and have no time to cook. Thus, instead of heading to a fast food joint, a protein shake is the best option for them as it takes very little time to prepare.
  • It is Supported by Researchers – There has been a number of studies that show that protein helps in weight loss. It also reduces fat mass and decreases cholesterol.

Weight loss using protein is a simple method. It is important to follow a strict routine including protein shake to see excellent results. But, you also need to like the taste of the protein shake that you are drinking.

You can start by adding protein powder to water when you start and then switching to milk once your body gets used to protein powder. Since not all protein shakes are made equal, you need to find the one that is best suited for you