Phentermine 375 reviews – Suggest Outstanding Results

phentermine375Years ago Phentermine was the hottest weight loss wonder drug on the market, creating a huge buzz due to its effectiveness.

It was considered the miracle weight loss pill, and it worked wonders for many, literally melting the pounds off.

There have been several imitations that came to market claiming to be the next big thing, but nothing could deliver the same kind of results that Phentermine did.

The newest craze in the world of weight loss and diet pills is a spawn form the original product, although now it is being referred to as Phen375, and it is in reference to the dosage.

These new pills come in a 37.5 mg dose, and it is currently the most popular dose available in the United States.

This is the easiest dosage of Phentermine hydrochloride to manufacture for both name brand and generic manufacturers, and this 37.5 mg dosage results to 30 mg of the base Phentermine active ingredient.

There are several Phen375 reviews out there on the Internet, but lack any actual testimonials or real life case studies. Our goal was to find an individual who successfully used the new Phentermine 37.5 mg pills and saw significant results using the product as directed.

We found a woman by the name of Gloria Stanton, an accountant from Los Angeles, California. “I first discovered Phentermine back in 2008 and immediately saw amazing results.

I workout about 4-5 times a week doing light weights and intense cardio in the form of spin classes and zumba. I was always able to maintain my weight, but I was never really able to shed all of the fat and get really defined and cut.

That changed when I first tried Phentermine, and within five weeks of taking the pills my lower stomach was toned, along with every other part of my body. I literally watched the fat melt away, and I considered this my miracle pill,” recalled Gloria.


Many individuals experienced the same results, and it was suddenly the hottest weight loss pill on the market. It was by available by prescription only and everyone was seeing their doctor claiming that they needed this medication.

The rave reviews far outweighed any of the reviews that noted the potential side effects caused by the pill. Many overlooked the upset stomachs, insomnia, and rapid heartbeats because they simply loved to see the weight loss results. Gloria Stanton was no exception to this trend.

If I took the Phentermine on an empty stomach I would feel extremely light headed and the increased heart beat was somewhat of a concern, but the pounds appeared to just melt off so I really never questioned it. I would even have a hard time falling asleep at night depending on what time of the day I took the pills.”

Gloria continued on with the use and even after she hit her ideal weight she continued to take the pills out of habit. “I feared that I would gain all of the weight back if I stopped taking the pills, and even saw multiple doctors to get multiple prescriptions to ensure that I would never run out of the Phen pills.

Then, just like many users of the original Phentermine Gloria hit a brick wall. “I was not sleeping, not eating enough, and I felt sick. I knew it was because of the pills, so I threw my remaining supply in the trash and decided to get back to a normal sleep and training schedule.

Over the next several months I got back into the swing of things and begin to feel much healthier, although I did regain a little bit of weight. I missed weight-loss-plateauthe amazing results, but at the same time the side effects were far too much to deal with for me, so I began to research other weight loss pills recently and came across several Phen375 reviews said Mrs. Stanton.

Just like Gloria, many consumers began to read stories about the new Phentermine 37.5 mg pills to hit the market. Many websites claimed that it was just as effective as the original, but in a more manageable dosage that didn’t have as harsh of side effects as it previously did.

Of course there is no way to fully eliminate side effects on a diet pill that is an appetite suppressor, but the decreased intensity of the side effects was very enticing to many. Like others, Gloria began to do some research on the new 37.5 mg Phentermine dosage pills.

“I was very curious, so I began to read all of the information that I could find. The overall opinion appeared to be the same, and that was the same great results as before just without the intense side effects.

This really appealed to me! I decided to give it a shot and scheduled a visit with my physician. I remained on the very same 4-5 day training schedule as before and the same diet that I utilized when I was taking the original Phentermine. I will get right to the point and let you know that the results were amazing!

After about four weeks my stomach once again had the toned look that I was after and overall my entire body looked better, from my arms to my legs. Best of all I was not losing any sleep and I was not as jittery during the day as I once was. It is safe to say that I will continue to use Phen375 to help me keep the figure that I desire,” stated Gloria Stanton.

The overall buzz and multiple Phen375 reviews all conclude the same: that the results are the same stellar results that users have become accustomed to, without the harsh level of side effects. As always, it is important to consult with your personal physician before beginning any weight loss program or taking any weight loss supplement.

In concluding it is safe to say that the current Phentermine 37.5 mg pills are just as effective as the original, with a decrease in the intensity of the side effects, making this a great option for those that wish to shed the pounds and lose weight.