Phen375 Ingredients – Both Original and EU Versions

Phen375 is a widely popular pharmaceutical grade fat burning weight loss supplement that is manufactured in an FDA approved facility based in California, ensuring that the consumers receive the most optimum quality of its produce.

As there are different legislations in different countries, in order to comply with the local laws, the makers of Phen375 have had to manufacture two different versions of this highly effective fat burner. The first one is the original version of Phen375, while the second one is a special formulation of Phen375 EU, which ships mainly to South Africa, New Zealand and EU countries.

Original Phen375 ingredientsphen375 ingredients

The original version of the Phen375 is a highly potent 800 mg tablet that is made with powerful appetite reducing and fat burning ingredients.

Following are the five important ingredients that are contained in the original Phen375, along with a short description of each one of the ingredients’ functionalities in simple layman language:

Calcium – Although it may sound a little confusing as to why an ingredient such as calcium (in its natural form) is included in a fat burning weight loss supplement, a thorough study will make you realize that calcium is actually a carrier of all important minerals. Calcium works as a transporting agent of all important nutrients and minerals throughout the human body and its inclusion in a powerful fat burner makes sure that the ingredients contained in it are distributed effectively throughout the body, precisely in the areas where they are most needed.

L-Carnitine – This natural ingredient is responsible for breaking down of the fat chains inside the body, thereby facilitating smooth conversion of body fat into energy. L-carnitine also plays a critical role in enhancing the muscle tone and increasing the cell activity, which in turn leads to burning of additional energy and an overall improvement in the fat burning activity inside the body.

1,3 – Dimethylpentylamine Hydrochloride – This is an ingredient which replaces Epehdra. Its main function is to enhance your cyclic AMP levels in order to increase your energy levels naturally and also boost the body’s natural thermogenic action, leading to an enhanced metabolism and an improved calorie burning rate.

Even though this ingredient can be technically categorised as a natural ingredient owing to the fact that it is present in Geranium oil, it is usually listed as a synthetic ingredient, for common purposes. It is interesting to note that 1,3 – dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride is popularly known as a party drug in New Zealand and hence the makers of Phen375 do not ship the supplement in its original form to New Zealand (because of this ingredient).

Furthermore, this ingredient is also listed as banned by the International Olympics committee (IOC) and hence must be avoided by athletes scheduled to undergo drug testing in competitive sports.

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine – A type of synthetic ingredient, this one is a competitive inhibitor of the cyclic AMP, that allows the effective working of the C AMP. It is also perceived as a fantastic stimulant that naturally increases the fat burning process and the energy levels inside the body. It can be technically considered as a natural ingredient despite being defined as a synthetic one.

Capsaicin – 1.12 – Listed as a natural ingredient, capsaicin – 1.12 is a highly concentrated version of the normal capsaicin that is present as a fiery ingredient commonly found in chilli. The function of capsaicin is to increase the body’s thermogenesis, thereby facilitating rapid calorie burning. Please note, capsaicin included in this type of tablet formulation does not result in any kind of gastric burns or irritation normally experienced in case of chilli consumption.

It is remarkable to note that capsaicin itself can burn close to 270 extra calories inside the human body every day. Capsaicin has been in use for a very long time in its natural form (in chilies). It used to be mainly consumed by some brave weight watchers who would normally offset the excess calorie intakes by its consumption. This is also the reason why foods normally having large amounts of chilli in them negate the calorie consumption effect, due to the calorie burning properties of chilli.

Long Jack Tongkat Ali – A natural ingredient Long Jack Tongkat Ali is the name given to DHEA contained in the Phen375, in order to make it legally importable in South Africa and Australia. Most of the websites list this ingredient as sympathomimetic amine instead. Tongkat Ali enhances the testosterone production inside the human body, thereby boosting the metabolism naturally and reducing the body’s natural ability to store fats.

It is the drop in testosterone levels which commonly leads to quick ageing, decreased fat burning ability and a reduced metabolism rate. Men normally have larger quantities of testosterone in comparison to women. It is the main hormone which is responsible for libido. Since men already have good quantities of testosterone inside their bodies, they comparatively feel less difference with injection of testosterone, compared to women who can immediately tell the difference.

Phen375 EU ingredients

As mentioned earlier Phen375 EU version is mainly shipped to South Africa, New Zealand and the countries falling in the European Union. Phen375 was modified slightly (without losing any of its benefits) and a minor change was made to its ingredients in order to comply with the local laws existing in the above-mentioned countries. Tongkat Ali and 1,3 – Dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride had to be excluded from the formulation. Those two ingredients were replaced by the following two new ingredients:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – Also popularly known as just Lipoic acid or ALA, this is a fatty acid that can be commonly found in the cells of the human body. Alpha Lipoic acid plays a very critical role in energy generation by converting the glucose inside the human body into energy, rather than fat. Hence, ALA enhances the fat burning ability of the body. Several clinical studies and research work has confirmed that ALA is a powerful antioxidant too, that repairs cell damages caused by the free radicals and stops the process of ageing.

Chromium Picolinate – It is a trace element whose small quantities are needed by the insulin for glucose utilization. Chromium picolinate is also effective in treating chronic depression and significantly reduces cravings for food items containing fats and carbohydrates, thereby making it a valuable appetite suppressant.


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