Overweight Most Common Problem!

Studies show that at least two-third of obese people suffer from sugar dependency. The symptoms are craving for sugar (in some cases an obsession), headaches, fatigue, weakness, muscle aches and soreness and depression.

Like any addiction, giving up sugar  has its difficulties. In many cases, cutting sugar from your diet can lead to withdrawal symptoms that can be quite severe. Many suffer from irritability, anxiety, depression, weakness, shakiness, fatigue and headache.

During the withdrawal period, which varies with the person and the extent of the addiction, the craving for sugar is stronger than ever because heavy sugar users are conditioned to burn sugar for energy, rather than fat.

The bright side is that if you can make it through the withdrawal period, you will be free of the sugar habit and all of its negative symptoms. With your sugar addiction gone, your insulin level will be stabilized. This will enable you to burn fat for energy, rather than sugar.

A key way to over come withdrawal symptoms is to concentrate on the image of yourself as a lean person. Once you cut on your sugar dependency, you will find that your craving for sugar diminishes. In many cases people lose their desire for sweet foods and develop a taste for healthy foods that promote the lean body they seek.

“NutraSweet”  May Raise Your SetPoint

If you are working to maintain a weight control program, NutraSweet may actually raise your Setpoint. that is because your craving for sweet tastes is maintained by the artificial sweetener. In addition to possibly raising your Setpoint, there is also some question about the effect of NutraSweet, despite a clean bill of health from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

NutraSweet is popular because it has virtually no calories and is thus considered a plus for those on weight control programs.

Research, however, shows that those using  NutraSweet, or Products containing NutraSweet instead of sugar, often gain weight. In a recent study by the American Cancer Society on more than 78.000 Americans, it was shown that artificial sweetener users were significantly more likely to gain weight than non users.

The taste for sweetness is one of the messages used by your brain in turning on and shutting off the eating drive. The sweet taste of the food or drink that has been consumed also influences the type of food that you choose to eat. It also influences the output of insulin, the hormone that makes you store fat.

Is it possible that this wonder substance is actually worse for you than plain table sugar?

The Key is to cut down on sugar, and start reprogramming your body to burn fat for energy instead of sugar, Include some regular exercises and watch your weight drop like magic, naturally!

There is No Way to “Spot Reduce”

Since fat tend to accumulate in spots, there has been a belief that a person can “spot reduce”. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fat cannot be bounced, sweated or vibrated out of a fat cell. Spot reducing is just another commercial gimmick that leads to the production of rollers, massage, vibration machines and plastic suits that claim to reduce fat in a specific area.

Your particular distribution of fat is determined by a pattern inherited from your ancestors. It will be deposited and burned up according to that pattern and has no relationship to the muscles that just happened to be near by.

Fat is not lost eventually. It is lost in reverse order from the way it was put on. If you put fat on your cheeks first, then your abdomen, then your hips, you will lose from your hips first, then your abdomen and finally from your cheeks.

To be successful at burning fat, you must use the large muscle group for extended period of Time.

Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging or bicycling are effective because they involve your entire body. They use the larger muscles in your hips and legs and involve continuous, repetitious movement for long periods of time. Once you get to a fitness level, aerobic exercises can all be done for a long period of time without stopping.

Doing exercises without stopping accelerates your ability to increase the fat burning enzymes. But even if you only exercise for five minutes at a time in the beginning, you are doing some good by burning energy. By lengthening your exercise period, you will eventually get rid of those spots of fat.
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