Niacin Max Detailed Review – Benefits, Side Effects, Does it work

It has been estimated that with most oral supplements with niacin, as much as 90% of it gets compromised by the digestive system acid, thus never reaching the organs needing it. Niacin Max developers claim that their supplement bypasses the regular route, feeding the cells and being finally able to “unleash one’s true potential”.

What is Niacin Max?niacin

The “high voltage vitamin”, Niacin Max is a fast acting supplement, scientifically formulated to alter important parameters that involve muscle tissue and brain nutrition, oxygenation and energy.

The highly potent niacin in it maximizes the nutrient as well as oxygen delivery to muscles and triggers a series of other important effects that improve overall performance.

Manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd., active for more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, the product delivers 75 mg pure bio structured niacin in one serving, with protective elements that keep it intact until it reaches its destination.

It comes in boxes, each containing 30 individually wrapped strips and can increase HGH levels with up to 600%. It affects the muscle and the fat ratio – as it boosts your metabolism, highly concentrated Niacin helps you burn fat with more ease and put on lean muscle.

Benefits of Niacin Max

With Niacin Max, it’s mainly the liposomal encapsulation that makes it more effective. Its succeeds to:

  • increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels;
  • boost the oxygen flow to muscles;
  • reduce fatigue and increases energy;
  • improve red blood cell production;
  • help you reach peak physical performance;
  • shorten recovery times;
  • help the body burn more fat and build muscle;
  • deliver more powerful Niacin that all similar supplements on the market.

running manHow Does It Work?

This is pure Niacin delivered right to your blood stream, through tongue strips that are quick to dissolve in your mouth.

While other supplements are absorbed via your digestive tract, often compromised by gastric juice, NiacinMax enters the bloodstream directly, via the thin mucous membrane of the mouth.

This means that the substance is unaltered and ready to be delivered where it’s needed, without having to pass through so many organs. It will not have to meet the powerful acids in your stomach.

In this form,. Niacin can help you reach your ideal physique and get in shape easier through dieting and exercising; it makes your efforts yield better results.

Also, Niacin improves the oxygen flow to the brain, thus increasing one’s ability to focus, react with greater speed and make decisions much quicker. This aspect is essential in sports, too. It’s what makes certain athletes be more competitive and have an edge over the others.


Niacin Max Ingredients

The supplement is based on pure Niacin wrapped in high quality protective phospholipids, other than the common soy lecithin. Instead, Niacin Max uses phosphatidylcholine of pharmaceutical grade, which gives highly powerful liposomes to nourish cells. All in all, the ingredients help niacin be absorbed in an average time of 5 minutes.

Besides the ingredients, it’s the unique delivery technology that maximizes availability and effects. The issue with other kinds of niacin supplements, even those that have a high concentration, is that they do not have the bio availability of Niacin Max, achieved through this technology. The dose may be high, but the active compound does not reach what it is supposed to, as your body eliminates most of it.

What about the  Side Effects ?

The product does not cause any gastro-intestinal symptoms, since it completely avoids this route. The niacin content may lead to a flush, but it is far milder and therefore less annoying. This is due to the lower dose; as people were ingesting more niacin with other supplements, they were initially ‘shocking’ their bodies and getting a severe flush.

niacin max reviewWhat Users Say About It ?

Consumers used to buy supplements with higher doses of niacin, hoping to get the desired effect. Since much of the substance would be destroyed and eliminated, they were rarely getting the benefits.

With Niacin Max, people discovered that there’s no reason to spend money on so-called high concentration supplements when a 75 mg dose delivered correctly can have the needed effect.

A Niacin Max strip is many times more effective and results are quick to show. Firstly, consumers have noticed an improvement in their energy levels.

Especially when compared to niacin in pill form, Niacin Max appears to be a highly potent supplement. People have noticed that it takes so much less of the product compared to previous versions, which helps them save a lot of money. Besides, the citrus taste is very pleasant. Consumers also appreciate this product for its money-back guarantee; other brands do not accept refunding. No sign of irritation or any other unpleasant symptom was reported.


The Recommended Dosage

Since you get to use as much as 90% of the niacin contained thanks to the exceptional delivery system, you can work with lower quantities. Only one strip taken in the morning is enough. This can be consumed whenever needed, without any liquid and even on an empty stomach. In fact this is the best method.

Where to Buy NiacinMax

NiacinMax can only be purchased safely on the brand’s official website. It is possible that many vendors claim to sell the original product, but deliver a fake, ineffective version, since the formulation has started to build a good reputation and many consumers are interested in it.

Just like with effective slimming products, this one too can be counterfeit just to help shady companies make money on unsuspecting clients. On the official website one will also find the cheapest prices. When they purchase more than one box, they can get another one or more for free. The shipping costs are 0 on all orders.

NiacinMax eliminates the guess work, as well as useless expenses. With it, you know how much niacin you get – no longer having to wonder how much of it ‘survives’ and makes it to the cells. It’s a Premium quality supplement for speed and endurance, power and agility, giving you that desirable competitive edge.

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  • Effectiveness - 9.5/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • User Feedback - 8.5/10
  • Price - 8/10
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