5 Most Popular Types of Diet Plans

diet-11Nowadays almost every other person is following one or the other type of diet plan, and is determined to shed all that unwanted weight as soon as possible.

Moreover, since the weight loss market is overflowing with all kinds of diet plans and so many choices, how do you determine which one is right for you? Following is a list of five important diet plans and the workings behind them. Hope it makes the task easier for you.

Planned menu diet – The planned menu diet plan is one wherein you have the option to select the food items from a menu available for each meal. For example, there are some snack options to choose from, few lunch options, some dinner varieties and few options of breakfasts.

With this kind of diet plan you will no longer be required to count calories as you will be free to select any meal option depending on your likes and dislikes.

However, with it you will never be able to learn about healthy eating habits as it will be all just about choosing, picking and eating. Therefore, once you achieve your weight loss targets and stop following the planned menu diet, you are most likely to put all the lost weight back on, since you never educated yourself about healthy eating and nutrition guidelines.

diet plansPrepackaged diet – If you are not inclined towards spending time in the kitchen in order to prepare your own meals or do not have the necessary time to learn about proper nutrition habits, then the prepackaged meals will be the best bet for you.

Such prepackaged meal diet plans work like this: you become a member of a certain prepackaged diet plan and the company running it will send you the regular supply of food items to last you for a period of at least 3 to 5 weeks at a time.

All food supplied is segregated into different categories such as snacks, dinner, lunch and breakfast. The prepackaged diet option works best for people who stay alone and do not like to cook.

The formula diet – In any kind of formula diet plan, you are simply required to replace one or more important meals of the day with a powdered drink mix, meal bar or a canned drink. All such formula diet options are consumed in order to keep you fuller for longer periods of time so that you do not experience any food cravings, but still continue to receive the same amount of nutrition which you were normally getting from your regular meals.

The only difference in the formula diet plan options is that you get all that nutrition with relatively lesser amount of calories. Although formula diets can work wonders if you wish to lose few quick pounds, they are not the best option for achieving long-term weight loss goals. As soon as you stop consuming the meal replacements and return to your old eating habits, you start putting back all the lost weight again.

Watch one diet – In this kind of diet plan, you are normally advised to regularly monitor and reduce your intake of either calories or fats (sometimes both). You are still allowed to eat whatever you like as long as you remain focused on consistently reducing your fat and/or calories intake.

Although cutting down calories and fats from your diet will help you lose considerable amount of weight, but focusing merely on these two factors will not provide you with long-term weight loss results.

In certain cases, it can even backfire and turn dangerous. It will be a much safer option to reduce your calories and fats intake while learning more about the right foods to eat and their nutrition factors.

The absolute no-no diet – This is the most-unhealthy kind of diet plan which you can ever opt for. Why so? Because any type of diet plan whichlose weightasks you to eat only one kind of food item and completely remove the others from your daily diet, can never prove to be healthy in the longer run.

As an example, you must never completely remove carbohydrates from your diet and eat only proteins.

Although you will undergo rapid weight loss in the beginning, since carbohydrates are the best source of natural fiber, you will soon start losing your energy levels apart from facing many other side effects.

Furthermore, with no carbohydrate intake your digestive and other important body systems will cease to function properly. Even your brain can get affected badly! In order to allow our bodies to function in a normal manner, we must make it a habit to consume all important food groups and their respective macronutrients in a controlled manner.

Regardless of the kind of diet plan options available nowadays, you surely can find the one right for you. Important is that you remain focused on your weight loss goals. You will definitely get there sooner or later!



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