Top Reason You Might not be Losing Weight on a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets have always been popular ways to lose weight. Fitness gurus, celebrities, and science all are in support of such diets. Still, many people do not lose weight by following a low carb diet.

People have no idea what they might be doing wrong. If you have been on a plateau and are wondering what might be going wrong with your low carb diet, here are some of the reasons for it and how you can lose those flabs the right way.

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You have Not Set a Realistic Goal

If you have set an unrealistic goal and you might want to lose too much weight within a short period. It might not work that way. You need to set realistic goals for yourself.

Healthily losing weight is more effective and sustainable. You should set smaller goals for yourself as they are not just achievable but will motivate you to lose even more.

You are Losing Weight but Not Realizing that You Are

Many times, when the scale does not move, you might feel that you are not losing weight. It can happen when you have excess body fat to lose.

If you have been exercising along with eating low carb food, the building muscle mass might be the reason for the weight scale to be stuck on a number. In addition, having bad body image can make you feel down even though you might have lost weight and look toned.

You are Not Lowering your Carbs Intake Enough

Many people are more sensitive to carbs than other people. Thus, eating the right amount of carb according to your body is important. Even veggies and fruits have a large amount of carbs, and their intake needs to be limited.

When you start the diet, it is best to eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day, and when you start plateauing, you can further reduce it to 20 grams of carbs per day. Ensure that you are eating healthy carbs and taking good supplements.

Your Dairy Intake is High

Dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt are rich in protein and can increase your insulin levels. Over a period of time, the body will become resistant to insulin, and the glucose in the blood will not get used by the body leading to no weight loss. Thus, it is essential to limit your dairy intake when you are on a low carb diet if you want to see good results.

You are Eating Unhealthy Food

Depending on processed and low carb foods and bars would hinder your weight loss. You need to increase the intake of real foods like eggs, veggies, fish, and others to provide the much-needed nourishment to your body. The best way to lose weight with low carb diets is only by matching it with as much real food as you can.

You are Cheating More Often

Even though some cheat days are allowed when you are on a low carb diet, many people cheat too often than allowed. It is important to stay strictly on low carb diet if you really want to lose weight. You can note down the cheat days in a diary to check how many cheat days you are actually having and if it is too much, lower it to the desired number.

You are Eating Too Many Fruits

Fruits are quite good, but they also have fruit sugar that can increase your sugar levels. Even though fruits are good for health, overeating fruits can also lead to increase in weight. It is crucial to eat a proper portion of fruits when you are on a low carb diet.

You are Not Exercising

If you want to lose weight, you cannot be lazy. You need to exercise at least 3-4 hours a week. You might not see any results with your low carb diet if you are not exercising enough. The more you exercise, the better results you are going to see with your diet.

You Sit Most of the Waking Hours

If you are sitting all the time whether it is in office, home or cafe, you are only gaining more weight. Sitting for long hours and being inactive can lead to increase in weight even if you are on a low carb diet. It is important to move around every couple of hours to keep the metabolism of the body active.

You are Stressed Most of the Time

If you are stressed, it can lead to a rise in cortisol level and lead to a number of health problems such as inflammation, improper digestion, belly fat gain and more. You need to identify the stress and try to work on lowering them using meditation or yoga. It is essential to set aside at least 20 minutes for yourself any time of the day.

You are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Many people work long hours and do not get enough sleep. Not getting rest can hinder your weight loss. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per day is essential. Instead of spending time on smartphone and laptop, it is important to go to sleep early and wake up early too.

You are Consuming Calories without Knowing

The packaged food contains a high amount of preservatives, artificial sugar, and preservatives. Eating too much-packaged food can hinder your weight loss goals. It is best to avoid packaged food and eat only meals cooked at home. You will not only feel better but will also save money.

You are Taking Medicines for Health Problems

You might also be not losing weight if you are taking regular medicines for some ailment. You need to talk to your doctor about the medicines and the side effects they have. If they are affecting your weight loss issue, it is best to ask the doctor to prescribe some other medicine.

Above are the top reasons why you might not be losing weight on a low carb diet. It is essential that you identify it and work on it to start losing weight.