Losing Weight from Weight Loss Foods

weight loss foodsHundreds of diet plans have emerged, weight loss programs, and even list and list of do’s and dont’s on what to eat and what not to eat.

At this point, we basically know the different food groups and what harm or good it can do to our health.

What we need to do is to keep these weight loss foods consistently on our grocery list. Create different menus out of them. The real super foods should be able to give several health benefits such as ; boost metabolism, fight off unhealthy cravings, and consistently shed the extra pounds.

Super Foods

Some of these foods may surprise you since they were most often not included in previous weight loss foods list because they are not considered so.

1. Eggs

Contrary to popular belief that eggs carry sufficient amounts of calories, well it contains more protein actually. To balance the calorie content from eggs, you can serve 2 eggs for breakfast with a toast bread and a fruit serving. Studies show that this diet kept the hunger craving off for the rest of the day.

2.  Salad 

To avoid stuffing yourself at meals, try eating a big bowl of low calorie salad. These will give you the feeling of fullness and prevent you from pigging out huge meals. Salad as an added bonus are high in folic acid, lycopene, vitamins A and C and carotenoids, all disease  fighters.

3.  Pears

Pears have higher fiber content than apples according to one recent study. Called the pectin fiber, it has the ability to decrease blood sugar levels helping you to avoid cravings. This was based on a study done on overweight women, who lost more weight in 12 weeks than the group who ate oatmeal cookies.

4.  Soup

A cup of soup literally curbs the appetite just like a whole chicken can do. It’s because the mind perceives it as a filling meal.

5.  Lean beef

Experts believe the amino acid leucine helped maintain calorie burning muscle which is abundant in protein  after conducting a study to 24 overweight women. Aside from losing more fat and weight than the other group consuming less protein, they also had less hunger pangs.

6.  Cinnamon

Just a quarter of a teaspoon a day, you get a lot of benefits from this tasty condiment. It doesn’t only help control post meal hunger spikes but also lower blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides level.

7.  Vinegar

Some researches found vinegar to not only  make you feel fuller but also it keeps blood sugar levels down, preventing you from having those after meal cravings.

8.  Tofu

It may be light but research found that tofu can make you feel full due to its being an appetite squashing protein.

9.  High fiber cereal

They are always known to be a high fiber food therefore it will always be included as a weight loss food.

10. Hot red pepper

Capsaicin, the component found on pepper that gives its spiciness also is one good  appetite suppressant.

These are found just right at any grocery stores or supermarkets. With a little imagination you can make great meals from sun up to sundown with these weight loss foods that are used to be prohibited as a weight loss food.

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