How to Lose Weight Without Losing Motivation ?

The Key to Fat Loss Is More Than Just Food and Exercise

If there is any thing which is a constant struggle and a continuing source of concern, it is reducing weight to its ideal level and then maintaining it there.

It is impossible to deny the importance of maintaining fitness and hence, looking and feeling healthy!

The following article discusses ways of not only staying healthy by eating and keeping fit, but also to stay motivated to get the best results.

Why Lose Weight?

It is important to understand why one wants to lose weight in the first place before beginning on a diet plan or a fitness routine. Once the reasons to weight loss are clear, keeping oneself motivated and focussed becomes easier.

  1. Losing weight is essential for ‘looking’ good – as blunt as it may sound, majority of the people would find and agree that a slender, fit body is more attractive than a flabby, and obese one.
  1. But more importantly, it is essential for ‘feeling’ good. A person with an ideal weight, as per his or her body mass, will most likely be more physically flexible, mentally active and have greater stamina.
  1. Feeling good is the key to having a healthy physical condition. Nutritionists and doctors agree, as do fitness experts, that a person feeling good about her or himself will have better heart conditions, blood circulation and ultimately over all health.
  1. Losing weight results in one looking fitter and thinner. It helps in boosting one’s confidence level and self-esteem. A fitter person is a more confident person.

How to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a combination of appropriate and healthy diet and enough exercise for the body. Combined, these help in forming a lifestyle that is healthy and promotes fitness. The only thing which will stop from one losing that extra fat then is lack of motivation. How to keep one motivated during a weight loss plan is covered after this section.

  1. ‘Should I stop eating?’ one might ask. The idea is not to starve one’s self but to eat less. If a person is over-weight, it obviously means that one is eating more than one should. The perfect diet plan is to not stop eating but to eat less than before.
  1. Nature has made all kinds of foods, vegetables, foods and herbs for body’s benefit. It is a good idea to eat everything and not abandon one type of food. One should eat everything but over all calories per day should be less than before.
  1. Cutting down on those sugars is essential! A sweet tooth can never be helpful – the best idea is to avoid sugars in coffee, and tea. If one regularly drinks fizzy drinks, cutting down on those alone will be a major help to reduced weight.
  1. More often than not office employees in order to control hunger end up eating candies, sweets or cookies. Stop the craving for that. Have fruits instead!
  1. No fitness plan can lead to reduced fat without exercise. A good combination of cardio and toning exercises will cut the fat and lead to a healthy, fit body.
  1. Losing weight and reducing fat requires not just a change of diet but a change in lifestyle. A motivated person who will eat what is good for the body and exercise to lose the fat and tone the body, will be a person leading a healthy lifestyle. Changing lifestyle also involves little tricks like walking to places which can be walked to, if one is not lazy. It also means avoiding escalators and elevators and taking stairs instead.
  1. A good idea is to also have one’s dinner early and not right before going to bed.
  1. Try to walk or stand around after eating a meal so that the food is well digested and not turned into useless fat.

How to Stay Motivated During a Weight Loss Diet or Fitness Plan?

The best form of weight loss is one which is consistent, rather than drastic. Drastic weight loss does not just mean that weight gain after the diet plan is more likely but it is also extremely bad for health. What one is looking for is a consistent weight plan which needs a bit of motivation.

  1. Set goals! Setting goals for one’s self keeps one motivated to continue the diet plan for weight loss. Take a shirt or dress you love and want to fit into, it could be a jeans that will look great or a dress that one aspires to fit into and measure one’s rate of success by seeing how it fits.
  1. Being a perfectionist works wonders. One should reach a stage when looking into the mirror and noticing the flabs should disgust one!
  1. It is possible to lose motivation during a regular exercise course – listening to music that works for one. For some it may be trance, or rock, or party music and for others it may be some other genre. Whichever works, an ipod is good company!
  1. Finally reward yourself after achieving each goal. Buy your favorite outfit or get a nice massage!

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