How to Lose 20 Pounds by Eating Soup ?

Easy to cook and to eat, soups can get you the nutrition your body needs and ensure proper hydration, as long as you’re not using too much salt. It’s true, you can even lose weight with soups. While you can cook soups with almost any ingredients you can think of, it’s wise to know what the best choices are if you’re planning to go slim.

lose weight eating soup

Why soup is good for you ?

Soup is watery and thus it gets to fill you up much quickly. You will not be filling your stomach with solid food but with water, which gets you a lot less calories and helps you feel satiated much sooner.

Besides, that water retains all the goodness of the greens, veggies etc. – anything you put in it won’t be wasted. This cannot be said about vegetables you boil, throwing the water away.

You’ll get all the vitamins and minerals stored naturally in the ingredients you use. Plus, you can season your soups with healthy spices and herbs that have weight loss properties (turmeric, ginger root, oregano, parsley).

What to avoid ?

To tell the truth, becoming slimmer is not as simple as “eating soup to lose weight”. If your soups have pasta and croutons, beans and other high calorie ingredients, or if they’re enriched with oils and cream, you could be easily getting hundreds of extra calories.

Also, cream soups are much denser and therefore fattening. Avoid adding flour, sugar or sauces to soups. Also, don’t enhance the flavor with sodium monoglutamate.

This chemical compound, used in countless processed foods, does wonders for the taste, but is unfortunately addictive, it simply makes you eat more, leading to overeating and packing pounds with ease.

Best soups for weight loss

You can lose up to 20 pounds when on a soup diet. Here’s a tip: vary your soups, not only to prevent boredom, but also to ensure you’re getting the whole spectrum of nutrients. See the recommended soups below:

  • Vegan black-eyes peas soup

Filled with protein and folic acid, black-eyed peas onion, carrots and celery, plus sweet potato and tomato puree. Season with salt, sage, cumin and chilli for added weight loss properties.

  • Indian fat-free lentil soup

Prepare it by letting the lentils (use any kind of lentils) soak in water for several hours or overnight, then boil these with an abundance of turmeric and ginger, plus onion, garlic, tomato puree, greens (celery, lettuce, watercress, spinach etc.) and lemon juice (add it once the soup is done cooking, so you’ll keep the Vitamin C intact).

  • Cabbage soup

The cabbage soup diet is famous in the world of fitness. You can learn more about it and the 7-day cabbage soup diet below. To make it, use broth, canned tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic and other spices, a bit of olive oil and loads of cut or shredded cabbage leaves.

  • Kale and vegetable soup

If you don’t like kale in smoothies or salads, have it cooked in soups. This recipe is low in calories and filled with fat burning spices. Get white and/or black beans, tomatoes, carrots, kale leaves, ginger, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, paprika and a bit of white wine vinegar (no more than 2 tablespoons).

  • Satiating barley vegetable soup

You won’t feel hungry too soon with this one. Boil and simmer pearl barley with baby carrots, celery, onion, green beans, corn and garlic and for extra flavor add fennel seeds, bay leaves, oregano, salt and pepper.

  • Butternut squash soup

Totally welcome in the cold season, butternut squash soup is very low in calories. Use chopped butternut squash, onion, vegetable broth, red chili flakes, salt, pepper, garlic and especially thyme, the latter two going exceptionally well with the squash.

  • Minestrone soup

If you’re not getting enough veggies daily, this soup can help you. Besides, it’s easily customizable. To reach only 200 calories per serving, you need to make it with the following ingredients: one can of diced tomatoes, 8 cups chicken stock that’s low on sodium, half a can of white beans, 8 oz green beans, 2 carrots, 1 zucchini, 2 garlic cloves, 1 onion, a bit of olive oil, thyme and pepper.

  • Broccoli & Cheddar soup

If you’re missing a rich, creamy soup, you’ll this one. Plus, it counts a little less than 300 calories. If you’re not following with another hearty meal, you can be sure to lose weight. Dice an onion, add a carrot, 2 garlic cloves and one broccoli head, all chopped. Add 2 cups milk and 1 cup beer, stir in a tablespoon of flour plus 1 cup of shredded Cheddar cheese and several drops of Tabasco sauce, plus a dash of pepper.

Lose 20 pounds of excessive weight with soup

The best kind for this target is cabbage soup. Seven days are enough to ensure a loss of 10 pounds. Cabbage is naturally very low in fat and high on the fiber and water scale.

Eat cabbage soup once a day, every day for 7 days. Apart from eat, eat whatever you like but try to limit your portions. In any case, cabbage is filling enough to prevent hunger and cravings that you cannot control.

Cabbage soup will get you rid of water weight mainly. It will not help you achieve permanent weight loss, but will get you to diminish your fat stores and get in shape for short-term goals like having a beach body or attending a wedding. It’s essential to understand that it won’t melt away bodily fat on its own – just reduce weight in excess that comes from too much water stored within.

To some people, it’s water that gets the scales to show they’re overweight. If you are alarmed by the number you see, you can begin to work on that and not by reducing your water intake; that is never the solution. Eliminating stored water is what makes many people observe a shocking weight loss – of even as much as 20 pounds.