The Leptin Diet: When Other Weight Loss Diets Fail

It’s true, most diets are harmful and people’s skepticism is legitimate in this area. Also, if one happens to be successful, it does not provide lasting results, the weight comes back once the protocol has ended. However, in certain cases dieting makes perfect sense. The science behind The Leptin Diet shows that you can do something for your figure, even when other diets failed, and it’s not even that restrictive.

leptin dietWhat is The Leptin Diet?

We are dealing with a new approach – a diet designed for permanent weight loss, meaning weight you don’t put back once you stop the diet, because your body is supposed to work in a different way.

The protocol is based on the link between obesity and leptin hormone resistance revealed by researchers. There are diets that don’t work even when you constantly eat as healthy as you can.

The reason must be searched deep within. Scientists have found why this happens: it’s because of a hormone that regulates hunger, as well as metabolic processes. No calorie counting and no portion control are involved. Instead, it’s about meal frequency and about what you eat, with a focus on protein, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. Your corrected meals will create the right environment, so that your body produces the leptin it needs (or is sensitized again).

The Leptin hormone: role and action

Labeled as “the fat hormone”, leptin was discovered in 1994, it is a hormone linked to metabolism and appetite control, influencing how your body produces energy, how it stores nutrients in excess and especially how hungry you are. Leptin lets you know when you’re needing food, triggering the sensation of hunger. Also, it tells you when you’re full. Normally, it prevents overeating.

When leptin works well, you consume and spend as many calories as needed. When it is out of balance, you won’t get these signals at the right time. The problem is with the receptors. If you interfere in this matter, you get to control your hunger and thus your eating, too.

The signs of leptin resistance

People may have enough leptin in their bodies but they experience something which is called leptin resistance. This means that their brain does not “get the message” delivered by leptin. Thus, they’re constantly in a state of hunger and they overeat.

They never feel full, when others would have felt stuffed already. This is how some people become obese, even when they’re doing their best to eat only healthy food. In addition, this imbalance also makes you unable to start exercising (many will call you lazy, but you’re simply feeling incapacitated). Frequent (especially late night) snacking is another sign that you might be leptin resistant.

Can one fix Leptin resistance?leptin losing weight

It is hard to maintain hormonal balance in a modern society. Stress, pollution, medications and many other products we use (such as cosmetics) are known to perturb our system and cause hormonal disruptions.

With diet and exercise however, you can reverse leptin resistance. The best way is to prevent leptin surges caused by bad foods. Just like diabetics mustn’t get a sugar spike.

If you are leptin deficient, you can take supplements with synthetic leptin. Still, as mentioned above, certain individuals have plenty of naturally occurring leptin, yet they feel constant hunger.

In this case, there is a different issue that needs to be addressed. The answer is dieting. The Leptin Diet is a food-based strategy that can influence the satiety hormone. Also, proper sleep can get your body to produce more leptin on its own and use it.

The big rules of the Leptin diet

The diet mainly consists of smart eating – portions are controlled only in terms of macronutrients. One can eat not only salads, but also eggs, steak, hearty soups, rice and so on. Below are the main rules:

  • Have only 3 meals a day

By giving your body the time to digest food properly, you’re avoiding the fattening process and  helping your body clear the blood. One of the consequences is that the leptin mechanism will work better. If you’re very hungry, have loads of fiber-rich vegetables with your meal, it will keep you full.

  • Have a protein-rich breakfast

Breakfast is really important to The Leptin Diet. When you eat protein with it, your metabolism increases even more. If you’re the type who can only have a light breakfast, opt for protein shakes.

  • Reduce the carbohydrates

Mainly you need to avoid the bad carbs. The Leptin Diet plan will teach you what to eat instead. A rule of thumb is to have 50% of your every meal consist of good quality carbs.

  • No eating after dinner

Schedule dinner at least 3 hours before your bed time. When you’re done with it, don’t come back to the fridge.

Do not worry if you’re feeling you’re not having enough energy in the beginning. It’s when your body starts to learn to use its own resources, stored as fat.

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What are people saying about The Leptin Diet?

This is a diet that involves a significant conscious effort. However, those who tried it say that it’s easier since it involves a lot less calculations and stress. The Leptin Diet has never put anyone’s health at risk. On the contrary, it’s been reported many times that it has improved blood sugar levels – something noticed as soon as the high protein breakfast was introduced.

The diet does not completely forbid certain foods. Cravings can be indulged, albeit to a small extent. It’s hard in the beginning to adjust to the meal schedule though, especially when one is used to having many snacks, but it’s not impossible. No habit has ever been easy to break, anyway. In time, the diet will also regulate your energy production and make you more efficient.

Schedule a meeting with a healthcare professional who knows your medical history before committing to the plan. Please note that The Leptin Diet is not good for pregnant women.



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