Is It Possible to Lose Weight Fast?

quick weight loss dietsLosing weight is a major headache with most people these days, but most of us do not have the patience to go through an entire routine.

There are some effective measures through which you can lose weight quickly.

A dieter will try to reduce the total number of calories consumed per day, but that might lead to long term problems and issues, like hunger pangs which often enhance your sugar cravings.

The method often leaves the individual feeling weak as their energy levels are reduced. This leads to uncontrollable binging. Simply reducing the total amount of calories will slow down your metabolism, causing the body to store additional fat.

How to Achieve Fast Weight Loss

  • If you burn 500 calories more than what you take in each day for a week, you can lose a couple of pounds.
  • To lose weight fast, you should eat less and work out more.
  • If you consume 1500 to 1200 calories a day and work out for an hour, you can lose 3 to 5 lbs. a week if you weigh over 250 lbs. Do not make the mistake of reducing calories further. That can be hazardous.
  • Limiting starches and salt also mean losing more weight initially, although these are mostly fluids rather than fats. Cutting down on starches and sodium makes you lose fluids and fluid retention that take up about 5 lbs. of fluids from the body.

Diet for Fast Weight Loss

  • Avoid White Carbs: You should steer clear of bread, rice, potatoes, cereals, fried foods with bread and pasta.
  • Eat in Small Portions Several Times: Successful dieters who want to gain muscle or lose fat consume the same few meals time and again. Each meal should be mixed and matched with ingredients from proteins, legumes, vegetables and healthy fat groups.
  • Avoid Drinking Calories: Drink lots of water and unsweetened iced tea, black coffee, tea, diet sodas and other no-calorie beverages. Avoid drinking milk, fruit juices or soft drinks. You can have just a glass of wine which helps in fat loss and aids sports recovery.
  • Take a Day off Each Week: It could be Saturday when you can binge on anything you want. Increasing your calorie intake dramatically once a week helps lose fat by adjusting your rate of metabolism from the extended calorie restriction.

Fast weight loss can be safe for your body if it is done in the right way. At times, doctors prescribe low calorie diets for quick weight loss if obesity causes serious health issues.

However, it is best to attain fast weight loss with an extreme diet under medical supervision. Some diets have a phase of initiation that helps you to get started with your weight loss.

You can lose weight quickly through such diet plans as they combine multiple strategies that are safe and healthy.

There are no extremes or gimmicks involved. Once the initial period is over, you can smoothly transition into the suggested weight loss of a couple of pounds per week. It is not only a safe option, but practicable and safe too in the long run.


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