How to Lose Weight in 7 Days

How to Lose Weight in 7 DaysWhen you need to lose weight fast–and that means really fast–there are actually several ways to do it…and do it safely.

“In theory, one could drop as much as 20 pounds in a week,” says Michael Dansinger, MD, the medical doctor for NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Of course, that kind of weight loss requires medical supervision. But there’s no reason why you can’t safely lose up to 7 pounds in week by yourself. You just need enough commitment and the right techniques.

Here are three of the best techniques to use if you want to lose weight in 7 days.

Revamp Your Diet

Contrary to what most people might think, you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight fast. Yes, there are some foods you should stop eating, but there are several foods you need to eat more of. Besides giving your body essential nutrients, certain foods can actually lessen your appetite and help you burn fat more easily.

Foods You Should Eat

Protein and fiber are a super-powered combo that almost every diet should have more of. Protein maintains lean muscle, which often dwindles during extreme weight loss; and fiber is essential for proper digestion. Both of these foods can lessen your appetite, but especially protein.

“When diets are inadequate in the amount of protein and don’t meet national recommendations, desire to eat increases,” reports Purdue University nutrition professor Wayne Campbell, PhD.

In a recent study at Purdue, Campbell and his colleagues found that an additional 20-30 grams of protein was enough to make people feel less hungry and eat fewer calories.

Other foods that make it easier for you to lose weight in 7 days are oatmeal, cayenne pepper, berries, green vegetables, and nuts.

Foods to Avoid

Carbohydrates are converted into sugar when they enter your bloodstream. Since your body doesn’t usually need all the energy that the sugar produces, it converts most of the energy into fat. The plummet in blood sugar levels that always follows a spike causes you to feel hungry for more sugar. If this cycle is continually repeated, you won’t be able to lose weight fast; in fact, you might gain weight.

A study that was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that potato chips, other potatoes, sugar-sweetened beverages, processed meats, and unprocessed red meats are also foods to avoid if you want to slim down quickly.

Exercise, Exercise, Exerciseindian-diet-to-lose-weighthealthy-diet-to-lose-weight-fast1200-calorie-diet-to-lose-weight-water-dietdiet-to-lose-weight-fastvegetable-dietdiet-planin-7-days-0

A 2009 study found that people who did 30 minutes of intense exercise, 5 days a week, lost more fat than people who did moderate exercise for 50 minutes.

So it appears that the tortoise was actually wrong: slow and steady is not the way to win the race against fat.

Your body is like an automobile, explains Robert H. Coker, PhD, who led the study. “[If] you drive faster, you burn more fuel in a shorter period of time.”

This is great news for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Shorter, intense workouts take less time and they are actually more efficient anyways. An “intense workout” doesn’t mean you have to break your back either. Participants in the study were still able to talk during their workouts.

Use 7-DFBX

“Lose weight in 7 days or your money-back guaranteed,” is the promise you’ll see on the official website of 7-DFBX. Now, this fat burner probably won’t help you drop 20 pounds in one week. That would be unrealistic. But 7-DFBX does have ingredients that eliminate toxins from your body, suppress your appetite, and make it easier for you to burn fat. In customer reviews, the average person reported losing anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds in just one week.

Eating the right foods; avoiding the wrong ones; doing intense exercise for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week; and using a powerful fat burner like 7-DFBX are the expert-recommended techniques you can start using today to safely lose weight in 7 days.