How to Lose 10 Pounds Quickly: 35 Easy Methods

lose weight fast ig4fitnessLosing weight takes time – but maybe not exactly the way you see it. Usually, it takes time to find out the method that can be truly effective in your case.

This is because the cause of gaining weight can be complex and different from one individual to the next.

It could be a hormonal imbalance, a slow metabolism, organ malfunctions, a sedentary lifestyle etc.

You cannot tell what works for you until you try it. It could be more exercise, cardio or strength training, a better diet, more water, a stress management program, diet pills, and so on – perhaps several of these solutions combined.

For this reason, we present you with 35 methods that can help you lose weight. Choose whichever suits you and start light – meaning do not commit to an inhuman effort right away, as it will quickly exhaust you.

  1. Start with portion control

Don’t begin dieting right away! It will make you feel deprived and put the body into fasting mode – a sure way to eventually gain more weight! After all, you probably don’t even know yet what’s making you fat.

  1. Replace coffee with tea

Coffee does it energizing business but when it’s done, it causes you to crash, it leaves you sluggish, drained, unable to focus. Most people reach for a sugary snack to overcome this stage. This is why it’s better to energize yourself with green, black or oolong tea. You can easily lose one pound a week if you just sip on such tea – no need for dieting or exercise.

  1. Track what you eat

It’s the obligatory step, no matter your approach to weight loss. You absolutely need to track what goes inside, to be able to cut calories and identify your unhealthy cravings as you keep a food diary. Otherwise, you won’t know what changes to make.

  1. Eat more protein

Protein won’t get you fat as carbohydrates do. It is the building block of muscle and your body needs it. However, this doesn’t mean you have to eat steak every day or eat meat with your every meal. You can get high-quality protein from lentils, beans, broccoli, eggs, dairy and many more foods.

  1. Get enough sleep

At least 6 hours of sleep are required in order to keep your body well rested so it can ‘reset’ itself. Poor sleep habits slow down the metabolism and interfere with fat burning/energy production cycles. Shortly put, not enough sleep might make you fat.

  1. Have breakfast

Include some protein in it, too. When you skip breakfast, your body remains in fasting mode and keeps the accumulated fat. Also, what you eat later is stored as well as adipose cells.

  1. Manage depression/anxiety

These conditions are fattening, as they signal the body to store resources as fat or make you eat more for comfort.

  1. Exercise intensely

Choose exercising in short but intense bursts to burn fat.

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  1. Eat little but often

This makes the metabolism faster.

  1. Eat simple

Simple foods are better than processed ones because they don’t have all that fat, salt and sugar.

  1. Consume nuts

Eating nuts instead of sweets or other snacks are fulfilling, get you protein and healthy fats.

  1. Plan ahead

Plan what you’ll eat, otherwise, you risk turning to quick, unhealthy foods.

  1. Eat more plants

Animal food tends to have plenty of fat. Plants are much lighter, yet will give you enough protein, plus fiber. Besides, veggies have a high water content.

  1. Low-carb dinners

Carbs at dinner will be stored as fat because your body won’t use them for energy production.

  1. More water

Water is filling, hydrating, and absolutely necessary to a fast, fat-burning metabolism.

  1. Add monosaturated fats

Fats from avocado, olive oil, or nuts for example can keep hunger away for longer. These promote weight loss.

  1. Have regular meals

Eat at the same hours every day and your body will do its job properly, including getting rid of extra weight.

  1. Ditch carbs

Not completely, though. Eat only complex carbs which are slow to digest.

  1. Small dinners

You no longer need energy for your daily activities, therefore it’s useless to stuff yourself before bed.

  1. Increase cradio

Do more cardio exercises such as (treadmill) running to burn calories.

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  1. Plain water, no soda

Drink enough water and don’t replace it with soda, coffee, alcohol, or soups, which will get you calories.

  1. Swim

Swimming sculpts your entire body and helps you lose weight fast. Also, it’s a very pleasant, re-creative activity.

  1. Walk, walk, walk

If you’re not inclined to do sports or you don’t have the right conditions, just walk as much as you can.

  1. Set your goal

Set a deadline for the 10 pounds and start your journey. Write down what you do every day or even blog about it to stay motivated.

  1. Stimulate

Use a stimulant different than coffee or coke. Choose a ginseng supplement or anything that boosts energy naturally.

  1. Dance

Go to parties or take dance classes to kill calories but don’t drink alcohol.

  1. Diet wiselylose weight fast

Choose a diet you can follow, maybe one that lets you keep the foods you love but avoid the rest.

  1. Plan a trip

Go hiking, climb a mountain, swim in the sea – all will get you rid of some extra weight.

  1. Stay cold

A slightly colder environment and cold drinks will force your body to compensate by burning more calories to raise its temperature.

  1. Spice up

Spices in food boost your metabolism and burn fat.

  1. Replace desserts

Have instead a fruit smoothie or a cappuccino.

  1. Skip fast food

Fast foods contain many more ingredients than you think and are extremely fattening.

  1. Cross training

Combine exercises to trigger overall weight loss.

  1. Whole grains

Eating whole grains will curb your hunger levels.

  1. Say no

Skip anything that prevents you from reaching your goal. Say no to events with loads of food, too dinner invitations etc.

Remember it’s only temporary. This in itself should help you stick to your goals and lose 10 pounds within a very short period of time. One pound of fat is estimated at 3,500 calories. Calculate ho much you can burn per day and compare it to your goal.

Roger Kruger
Roger Kruger
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