How Do Diet Pills Work?

How Do Diet Pills Work“More than 95% of diet pills don’t work,” the experts say.

On one hand, this means that finding an effective diet pill could be a big challenge. And your chances of going wrong are high.

On the other hand, this statistics shows that there are a small percentage of diet pills that actually work. So now the question is, why are some diet pills effective and others not? How do diet pills work?

Diet pills are generally supposed to do four things:

  • Curb Appetite
  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Energy
  • Cleanse

And here’s how effective diet pills do it:

How Do Diet Pills Work to Curb Appetite?

When it comes to successful weight loss, your diet may matter the most. Donald Hensrud, MD, seconds this by saying, “Cutting calories through dietary changes seems to promote weight loss more effectively than does exercise and physical activity.”

Since cutting calories or sticking to a diet is so important, many diet pills are designed to help you with this.

Irvingia Gabonensis and Chromium are two of the most powerful, natural appetite suppressors. According to researchers, Irvingia Gabonensis helps reduce hunger by increasing the body’s sensitivity to leptin — the hormone that tells you when you’re full. Chromium helps normalize blood sugar levels and in one study it helped people cut 365 calories a day.

Glucomannan and Hoodia are two popular appetite suppressors, but they may not be very powerful. In a clinical study, people had to take Glucomannan for 8 weeks to lose 5.5 lbs. There are no credible, published studies to back up Hoodia.

If you need helping controlling your hunger, a diet pill with clinically proven ingredients like Irvingia Gabonensis and Chromium should help.

How Does Diet Pills Work to Burn Fat?

diet pills weihght lossWeight loss can be a long, strenuous process. Fortunately, effective diet pills can help you burn fat faster than you could on your own.

But don’t be fooled by outrageous promises like, “Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Day!”

Not only could this be unsafe, it’s also impossible for most people. And a company who makes this claim may not be the most reliable.

Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea, and Raspberry Ketones are three powerful and proven fat burners. Caffeine Anhydrous burns fat by stimulating thermogenesis. This is a process where calories are burned to increase body temperature; instead of being stored as fat.

Green Tea has caffeine, but its real fat-burning power comes from Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG). This is an antioxidant which is proven to speed up the body’s rate of fat burn.

Raspberry Ketones prevents the body from absorbing fat and it breaks down fat cells; making it easier for the body to burn up fat.

A diet pill that uses these or other proven ingredients should help you burn fat faster — and safely.

How Does Diet Pills Work to Increase Energy?

Your diet may have a bigger influence on your weight loss than exercise, but exercise is still important. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle and the Mayo Clinic says it has a stronger effect on preventing weight gain than dieting. Since low energy levels may prevent you from getting the exercise you need, effective diet pills boost your energy.

Caffeine is the most popular energy booster because research shows that it can increase energy and improve focus. It comes in many forms like guarana, yerba mate, green tea, and green coffee bean extract. Synephrine and CoEnzyme Q10 are also effective energy boosters, but you won’t see them used as much as Caffeine.

The amount of energy you’ll get from a diet pill depends on how much is used. People who are sensitive to Caffeine may only need 100-200 mg. If you can handle the heat, several diet pills pack 200-400 mg of the stimulant.

How Do Diet Pills Work to Cleanse?

Americans eat 31% more packaged food than fresh food. Besides being loaded with calories, packaged foods are full of toxins. Your liver is responsible for detoxifying the body, but it also plays a huge role in fat metabolism.

If the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, it can affect your metabolism. Luckily, several diet pills are designed to cleanse the body of toxins, so you can get a fresh start on weight loss.

Dandelion root, uva ursi, cranberry, ginger root, noni, mangosteen, pomegranate, and grapefruit seeds are natural cleansers. Together they help purify the body, improve digestion, reduce water retention, and eradicate toxins.

If you feel like a cleanse could help you with weight loss, there are several top-notch diet pills to choose from.

How Do Diet Pills Work Safely?

Having a safe diet pill is just as important as having a diet pill that actually works. As you’re perusing through the available options, look for two things: clinically tested ingredients and safe doses. For example, Caffeine Anhydrous has been clinically tested and a safe dose is between 100-400 mg, says the Mayo Clinic.

Also, read the diet pill’s warning label to see if any of the cautions apply to you. Talking to your healthcare provider before using a diet pill is another great idea.

Finding Diet Pills That Actually Work

A small percentage of diet pills can and do work to suppress appetite, burn fat, increase energy, and cleanse. What separates them from diet pills that don’t work are ingredients and doses. Effective diet pills have clinically proven ingredients in safe, proven amounts.




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