Tips on Losing Weight with Herbalife Products

Herbalife is a well-known brand in the health and fitness niche. It does not only offer you a comprehensive weight loss diet plan but also offer you numerous supplements and weight loss products that offer a significant boost to your weight loss endeavors.

Their products not only repress your hunger but also load you with all essential nutrients that ensure your health remain in top condition. Here, we would walk you through using Herbalife products to lose weight in the right manner.

Various Herbalife weight loss products

Herbalife has a range of products that help you lose weight. Some of its leading products that have been popularly used to boost weight loss are formula 1 Shake, Whey Protein powder, tea mix, herbal aloe concentrate, TC formula and plenty of water.

Losing weight with Herbalife products

Using Herbalife products, you can jumpstart your lifestyle makeover. Simply using the supplement does not yield satisfactory results. It needs to be accompanied by proper exercise, adequate sleep, and other lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy and permanent weight loss. To ensure maximum results, it is best to include the following tips as part of your strategy. Read on:

1. Know body mass index (BMI)

BMI or body mass index is the way of measuring the total body fat, and the level one needs to persevere to lose weight. It is determined using your total body weight and your height.

You can also use body fat calipers to infer it. Using this number, one can easily create a body fat loss goal in a healthy manner. Generally, if you are overweight, your BMI would be at 25 or above. You are considered truly obese when you have a BMI of over 30.

While it is a very useful parameter, it is crucial to know of its limitations. If the muscle loss has been high, it may underestimate body fat. Similarly, in people with a muscular build, it may overestimate body fat. Thus, alongside, it is important to look into your overall energy and strength as your body is your best arsenal. It will always send you a signal if something is amiss.

Protein is touted as your best ally in losing weight. It is supplied by Herbalife Protein Drink Mix. One portion has about 15 gm of soy protein which promotes lean muscles build up along with ensuring optimal heart health.

Available in delicious plain and chocolate flavors, it restores lost electrolytes lost during the workout as well as supplies you with adequate protein without the intake of additional meals. You can even take it after a workout session easily.

2. Consult a physician

Consulting a physician before embarking on a weight loss program gives you an insight into your health status. This helps you in planning out your lifestyle and meal changes in a way which leaves a positive impact on your body. The doctor’s advice on including supplements proves crucial. This is essential since various factors impact both weight gain and weight loss like metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, etc.

If the doctor has checked all the included ingredients in the supplement, he will give you a clean chit that there are no ingredients which are not safe for you to consume. For instance, one of its ingredients, ma huang, is not recommended for people with heart conditions.

Moreover, the doctor can also check and ensure that the side effects of Herbalife products do not interact with the health history of the patient.

3. A healthy and balanced diet is the key

Like any other diet plan, a balanced diet with low calories intake is the success of a successful weight loss. The Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake is a fantastic and complete meal for both breakfast and lunch.

You can easily add in fresh milk, soy milk or fruit juices to it to enhance its flavor. Containing over 21 vitamins and minerals, the shake has adequate proteins and fibers as well to bracket it as a complete meal.  You can consume this shake at any stage of your weight loss program. It keeps you satiated with a remarkably low-calorie count with no hunger pangs or feeling of starvation.

4. Setting realistic goals

It is always sensible to set realistic weight loss goals and work steadily towards it. This will not only keep your energy levels high but also keep you motivated and feel good and confident about yourself. You would always have the feeling of achievement and not of a sense of loss. The best realistic goal is losing about 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week.

5. Boost your efforts with exercise

An effective exercise regimen based on your health and fitness level will help boost your weight loss efforts and keep you energized. The Herbalife23 Hydrate ensures that you not feel depleted of energy or water during a workout session.

Its power lies in its B group of vitamins. You can include various exercises to strike the right balance and achieve an all-around weight loss as well as a healthy body.

Cardiovascular exercises like running, treadmill, etc.; strength training exercises like resistance band exercise, weight lifting, etc.; balance training exercise routines like Tai chi, yoga, etc. and finally flexibility training exercises like yoga help you develop a strong and flexible body. Each exercise has its own pros and cons and combining them all together enables you to achieve a faster and permanent weight loss most comprehensively.

Wrapping up

With Herbalife weight loss solutions and its detailed health plan, one can take the first step towards weight loss and expect optimal results. The biggest confidence booster is that these supplements are absolutely safe to consume and very rarely manifest any side effects.

The supplements are easily available online. One can order it and then start making lifestyle changes slowly and in moderation. This will help you shed that extra flab and achieve your dream body in no time. The good news is that the weight loss recorded will be for a lifetime and you would have to face the stress of being overweight.