HCG Diet Plan Secret & Why It’s The Best For Fast Weight Loss

The hCG Diet Plan is based on a hormone present in the urine of pregnant women called hCG or human Chorionic Gonadatropin has been linked to fast weight loss along with a 500 calorie a day diet plan.

This sounds impossible but there is definitive proof that an hcg diet meal plan suppresses the appetite while directing the body to burn stubborn abnormal fat, usually residing around ones’ stomach and hips. Not only does this method target stubborn hard to burn fat, it virtually eliminates it, meaning that this fat won’t return.

What To Expect On The hCG Diet Plan

After years of trying different fast weight loss methods, only to be disappointed in the cost, the procedure and the lame results, always taking months to lose 10 or 15 pounds, only to gain half or all of it back, struggling to follow every little step required.hcg-diet-plan

This long, expensive journey to find diets for fast weight loss, lead me to drops diet plan, which fascinated me in the theory of this basically natural way to achieve my long exhausting journey to burn fat but more importantly to find a way to keep it off.

I had done much research on which hCG Diet Plan was the best for me, I knew that injections were out of the question, I wasn’t quite convinced that pills, gels or creams were the hCG ultra answer either, the drops had to be ingested six times a day and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep track of that.

The hCG Diet Plan I decided on was the spray. It sounded the easiest to me since it only had to be ingested 2 times a day and the list of foods required in the hCG Diet Plan was more in line with what I ate anyway.

I discovered a little known website where you can purchase HCG simply, very inexpensively and most of all legitimately. This particular hCG product was more of a homeopathic, natural method which gave me comfort in knowing I wasn’t consuming a dangerous unregulated drug.

My experience using this spray has spanned almost 3 years. The first year I used it, I lost 36 lbs over a 6 week period, unfortunately I did not take the 2 week maintenance rules seriously and I ended up gaining back about 15 lbs.

The second time I used weight loss spray, I lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks, after completed my second use of the spray, I was more conscious of the hCG diet plan maintenance program but didn’t adhere to the rules, as required, so as a result, I gained about 8 lbs.

I understood that the hCG diet plan was supposed to be permanent, but on two attempts, I’ve gained weight back and I knew why. The maintenance program is essential to success in achieving permanent weight loss.

Approximately nine months ago I decided try the hCG diet plan for the 3rd time but this time I’d follow the maintenance program exactly. I lost 24 lbs in 3 weeks and adhered to the maintenance program for 2 weeks after that. Not only have I kept the weight off, I’ve lost an additional 6 lbs over the past year, this includes making it through the holiday’s without gaining an ounce of weight, amazing!!

History of The hCG Diet Plan

Discovered in the late 1940’s by, London born, Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons, during his 18 year private medical practice, in India. While studying obesity and pituitary disorders in young men, Simeons noticed a curious link between the injections the men received to treat their disorders and some unexpected, positive effects. His patients’ ravenous appetites disappeared and, over a brief period of time, their hips reduced significantly in size.

Building upon this discovery of fast weight loss, he reasoned that, during pregnancy, it breaks down abnormal fat deposits in a woman’s body and redirects the released nutrients to her fetus in order to assure its constant nourishment.

He further experimented with restricting the diets of his young patients, developing hcg diet recipes, while giving daily hCG injections and found that they, not only weren’t hungry, but also, in a short period of time, their misshapen figures became “entirely normal.” His male patients lost, on average, 1 lb (.45 kg) per day. He had just unlocked the door to one of the most remarkable treatments for obesity ever discovered.

HCG Diet Plan Methods

A legitimate hCG Diet Plan is applied in various methods which are as follows: Injected by syringe, applied to the skin in a gel or cream, ingested in drops or spray. The method I’ve found to be the easiest, safest and most convenient is Homeotherapeutic  hCG or simply HhCG, this being just one of the methods used, which isn’t to say that other methods aren’t effective, just as long as the hCG method is authentic and follows the tenets laid out by Dr. Simeons, and the HhCG protocol works amazingly well.

For fast weight loss, you must follow an authentic hCG Diet Plan, involving a menu, you’ll shed .5 to 1lb per day if you’re a woman, and 1 to 2 lbs per day if you’re a man. In addition to seeing these extraordinary fast weight loss results while eating real food, that you purchase at your local grocery store, there are a few other benefits you can expect during an Diet Protocol which include, no prescriptions, no drugs, no syringes, needles or painful injections, nothing to mix, little or no hunger, no exercise required, improved mood, increased libido, decrease in cravings or addictions, improved sleep patterns and many people report a sense of euphoria and clear headedness during the HhCG protocol.

Make no mistake, this diet plan is not easy but if diets were easy, there wouldn’t be a multibillion dollar industry for fast weight loss. The only thing that I can promise you is that you will burn fat extremely fast, no other diet plan I’ve experienced, has burned fat as fast and effectively as the diet plan spray. I strongly advise anyone that undertakes this hCG diet plan, that after you do the 3 week or 6 week protocol, you follow the diet plan maintenance program exactly or you will gain back large amount of the fat you worked so hard to eliminate.