GM Diet Plan Secret, See How To Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days

What you should know about the GM Diet Plangm diet plan

The GM Diet Plan that helps you burn more calories than you take in within 7 days is called the GM Motors Diet Plan and another version is the GM Diet for Indians.

It is designed to help with dramatic weight loss and achieving the ideal figure.

A loss of at least ten pounds a week can be accomplished by someone who follows the diet. An improvement in attitude towards a person’s fitness and health is also a welcome change realized from following the plan.

The diet also has a system wide cleansing effect and this helps to produce the ultimate in emotional fulfillment.

The way the GM Diet works is that the dieters follow a seven day meal plan. Each day during the week, you eat a particular type of food, such as fruit and plenty of water. Those who have completed the seven days reported they lost at least ten pounds after completing the diet.

Anyone wanting to try the diet should keep in mind there may be side effects. Anyone who says the diet did not work most likely failed to follow the plan properly, and to continue despite the side effects. Some people, for instance, may say they gained more weight after ending the diet. These are people who did not control what they actually ate after the GM Diet Plan.

The Good & Bad of the GM Diet

Pros: The food is just right for people who have a low budget because it is inexpensive. The GM Motors Diet Plan can help anyone to lose pounds in a very short time and the food is easy to prepare. Also, the food will boost the immune system because it is very healthy.

Cons: The plan is restrictive and there is not a lot of variety. If weight loss occurs too quickly, it can be detrimental to the metabolism. The GM Diet Plan is not a long term solution for losing weight. There is no exercise plan to accompany the diet. Dieters on this plan may feel thirsty from dehydration and may feel weak. Headache, hunger pangs and dizziness have been reported by followers.

images1Although the General Motors Diet Plan was created several decades ago, the plan is still popular at present because it is effective.

Many people find it hard to stay motivated on plans that offer a steady weight loss of one or two pounds a week, because it takes too long to reach their goals.

When the GM Motors Diet Plan is correctly followed, you can lose more than ten pounds a week, which is very motivating.

For maximum effect, however, the nutrition experts suggest supplementing the plan with regular exercise.

While following the GM Diet Plan, consumption of alcohol must be avoided. On this diet, drinking a lot of water is necessary to flush the uric acid produced by the weight loss out of the system. Alcohol causes water retention, and that will prevent the diet from working properly. The GM Diet Plan is formulated to give you a feeling of well-being by detoxifying your entire system.

The GM Motors Diet Plan is good to use occasionally for one week, for cleansing the system. Choose a time when you can withstand the low energy, because you may not feel energetic with the allowed food intake.

Nearly every fast weight loss diet has side effects, and this one does as well. Since the muscles need protein, you may feel muscle weakness during the seven days. This problem should go away once you get accustomed to the change or when you can eat meat again.

The increased metabolic process may cause dehydration as another side effect. For this reason, consuming at least eight glasses of water daily is recommended. When using this diet plan with diligence and care, you can look forward to a pleasant experience, losing weight and become lighter at the end of the week.

The body tries to preserve the fat reserve on a low energy diet and will burn muscle instead of fat for energy. That is why daily activity and exercise is important.

When using this diet for a second time or subsequent attempts to lose weight, the body’s metabolic rate slows down and burns calories more slowly. The body can be depleted of important nutrition if this diet is followed repeatedly.

The functions of nutrients are all related and therefore cannot be supplied on different days in installments. That is why many people who followed the GM Motors Diet Plan have reported gaining back all the weight.

The recommended soup is unlimited during the seven day diet, and can be eaten in any amount and at any time of the day.

GM Diet Plan Soup

Combine 28 oz. of water, 2 green peppers, 6 large onions, canned or fresh whole tomatoes, 1 bunch of chopped celery, 1 head of cabbage, salt, pepper and herbs to taste, and 4 envelopes of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer until vegetables are tender.

GM Diet Plan Example


GM Diet Plan for Indians

The GM Diet Plan for Indians is not much different from the regular GM Motors Diet Plan. It is necessary to substitute another food, such as cottage cheese or fish for beef. Other foods rich in protein that would fit the GM Diet Plan for Indians are tofu, bean sprouts, spinach and kidney beans.

The basics of the GM Motors Diet Plan for Indians are actually the same basic plan as the GM Motors Diet Plan, with substitutes for foods that are acceptable in Indian religion and tradition.

Vegetarians wishing to try the GM Motors Diet Plan for Indians can also make the appropriate substitutions that will work for them. Following the principles in the GM Diet Plan and eating the right vegetables, fruits and protein substitutes are all that are required to achieve the weight loss goal and trim figure that you are expecting.

1st Day You will eat as much fruit as you want but no bananas. Eating melons will increase weight loss.

2nd day you will start with a large bowl of potatoes and rest the of day eat only vegetables,  as much you as want including cooked and raw vegetables.

3rd day will be a mixture of vegetables and fruits of your choice, but no bananas  or potatoes.

4th day you will drink three glasses of milk and eight bananas. For dinner you’ll have veg. soup but limited quantity.

5th day is rice and tomatoes day. Combine six whole tomatoes and one cup of rice. Excess uric acid will be produced by this time so you must increase water consumption.

6th day is a day to rice and vegetables. Combine all the cooked and uncooked vegetables you like and one cup of rice.

7th day eat brown rice, and all type of the vegetables & fruit juices.

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