Is There a Fast Way to Lose Weight?

It seems like everything these days is done at lightning speed – the Internet is faster than ever before, cars accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than five seconds, and children are maturing at alarming rates. So, why shouldn’t one choose a fast way to lose weight just to keep up with the Joneses?

While it may be very enticing to drop weight quickly, doing anything extreme to shed pounds should be avoided, especially with pre-existing health conditions,. Here is why:

4 Reasons to Slowly Lose Weight

1. It is a proven fact that those who lose weight slowly and in a healthy manner tend to keep it off for longer than those who take radical steps to lose weight.

2. When dramatic weight loss results in early stages of dieting, it is generally from losing water weight and not from the loss of fat. It is very likely that the water weight will be seen on the scale again, guaranteeing that all that lost “weight” comes right back. Let the yo-yo dieting commence!

3. For many, quick weight loss generally occurs when they starve their bodies by reducing their caloric intake to incredibly low levels. Shedding unwanted pounds from the body in this way is dangerous. In fact, the body will usually retaliate and put on more weight than what was taken off when the diet inevitably fails due to eating real food again.

4. When push comes to shove, some people will actually reach for diet pills, shakes, and diet bars in order to lose weight. These diet alternatives should never be consumed and are filled with ingredients that are unpronounceable as well as unnatural. Again, unnatural forms of weight loss never work.

The moral of the dieting story is this: there are fast ways to lose weight, but most of them are unhealthy and will only leave the dieter frustrated and still overweight. Instead, try natural ways to lose weight modestly. Try doing things like:

  • Exercising with cardio and resistance training at least three times a week
  • Ingesting only the most natural foods that have not been in any way processed
  • Buy organic foods and eat only grass-fed meats and free-roaming poultry
  • Try metabolic typing in order to best pinpoint the individual’s ideal exercise routine and food choices
  • Cut out whole grains and opt for sprouted grain products instead
  • Say no to sugar! Say no to artificial sweeteners as well
  • Eat whole, organic, free-roaming eggs
  • Eat only unrefined sea salt

By following these tips, those pounds should start to come off and stay off for good.

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